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									                                       TVR Tamora

This car was launched originally in 2002. Over the years, there have been tweaking and
refining. And what we have at our hands no is certainly one of TVR’s finest cars in the TVR
Tamora. The TVR was built as a 2-seater, limited to two doors. The TVR Tamora filled the void
left by the two older models namely Griffith and Chimaera. This six-cylindered train was also
called as Speed Six, as it featured DOHC cylinder. The TVR Tamora also had an
insurmountable horsepower of 350bhp. The car also has a 290ft lb torque.
The brake rotors are rated as 12 inches n the front. The rear tires are however, 11.1 inches
giving it a raised and uplifted appearance. All the four corners look uplifted and the suspension
features a double wishbone setup. The tires have 16×7 inches. The TVR Tamora has good
speed. It can go from 0mph to 60mph within a matter 4.2 seconds. Traction controls and ABS in
addition to the ABS are sadly missing in this car. This car features excellent music system which
includes a USB port for your iPod.
You feel like an entirely different person riding the car. The leather cushion in the car is so
comfortable that you can drive long distances without any back pains. This two-seater car feels
so spacious offering you more legroom. When you drive this car, we can assure you of a mind
blowing ride in a car that can make heads turn your way. Feel the wind blowing through your
hair while driving the TVR Tamora. The car is unique in design, offering you excellent features
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