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Infographics are highly appealing because they present information via attractive
images so that it is easily understood. They are highly interactive tools that can get
the message across far more than words. How do they help your SEO campaign? A
good infographic will be shared a lot and thus help in building your link portfolio. A
professional SEO company can help you with excellent infographics that will help
to get your message across clearly and concisely.

Let us look at some smart infographic tools available.


iCharts is a very useful tool that helps you develop infographics from Google Drive
documents, manual data or Excel spreadsheets. There are interactive features
automatically included plus features such as design templates that are pre-defined as
well as format charts of any design and size. You will be able to update charts in
almost any location on the web with new information. iCharts offers free basic charts
but there are paid plans beginning at $25 per month. The Platinum plan comes with
your personalized branded charts with usage analytics, custom templates, and other
features. – Infographics and Data Visualizations is a one-stop destination for infographics and data visualizations. It is
powered by a community of over 35,000 illustrators, designers and journalists so
you can get assistance in design, data analysis, etc. also has a project
timeline feature that enables you to monitor your project’s progress and enable it to
stay on time and budget. This is a paid tool and pricing begins at $999.

Great Themes and Graphics with Piktochart

Another great web app with great themes and graphics customization of the drag-
and-drop kind is Piktochart. With the free package you get access to six themes, but
the premium account gets you access to more than 1,500 graphics and 110 themes.
The premium plans begin at $14 per month.

Google Charts – Free and Efficient
If you are looking for an efficient free infographic tool, Google Charts is an ideal
solution. It offers a range of chart types including hierarchical tree maps and basic
line charts in its chart gallery. All you need to do is load a Google Chart library,
select the data you need to include in your chart, choose customization options and
in the end generate a chart object with an ID of your choice.

IBM’s Many Eyes

Another great free web app for data visualization is Many Eyes from IBM. All you
need to do is select a data set, choose its visualization and share it. You are offered
much visualization which compares value sets; track falls and rises, and so on. There
are also heat maps and view-in-context charts. You can check out datasets and
member visualizations and also carry out research on these through articles. That’s
quite a lot for a free app. is another free theme-based app for data visualizations and infographics.
You can drag a theme or other artwork to the canvas and then enter the information.
You can also customize, change and edit objects.

Dipity – the Timeline Website
Dipity is a timeline website where users can share, create and embed interactive
timelines with audio, video, text, images, social media, time stamps and links all
embedded. All these come with the free package. The premium plans that are
available starting from $4.95 per month also offer customized background, branding,
iPhone apps and analytics.

These are some of the great tools out there though there are many more. A
professional SEO company will offer the service of creative SEO professionals who
will clearly understand the message you wish to convey and design the right
infographics for you.

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