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					                               Vocation Biography Literature Circles
                                Vera – Vocation Unit – Spring 2010

Everybody’s vocation looks different, but I’ve also found that whenever I come across somebody who is
authentically striving to live out their vocation, no matter how different their life may be from mine,
seeing their love of their vocation strengthens me in my own particular path to holiness. This is one of
the many benefits of the Catholic Church’s focus on the Communion of Saints – we focus on how others
have lived out God’s call for their lives so that we can be encouraged in our own call. You will select/be
placed into a lit circle that will read portions of saint or holy person’s biography. You will read about
100pgs in preparation for your lit circle meeting. Before the meeting, you will have time to individually
read those texts and write an individual response on that chunk of text. Your response should include: a
basic summary of what happened, your deep thoughts and analysis on the text in light of our main
themes here, and 2 discussion questions. You must turn this in by the end of class (or end of the day at
the latest) on the day BEFORE your lit circle meeting.

During the day of lit circle meetings, I will pull each group aside for a 10-15 minute discussion. I will be
grading each individual for their contributions to the discussion. In my grading I will be looking for the
following things:
      Do you help jump-start discussion by bringing up topics and asking follow-up questions?
      Do you respond to other people’s questions and comments?
      Do you make meaningful points?
      Do you support your thoughts with examples from the book?
I will not be leading the discussion -- I am simply a (grading) observer. The goal of the discussion is to
see different ways that this text and this person's life reveal their vocation, their call to God, and the
specific ways that s/he lives out that call. What did living a saintly life look like for them? What did they
do to try to maintain their relationship with God and live their vocation for God’s glory? How can some
of these things be relevant to our own lives? I will probably be able to meet with 3 groups per class
period while the rest of the class continues working on their reading and response sheets. At the end of
the whole deal, we will have one large group discussion. Each group will be responsible for preparing 2
large group discussion questions the day before our large group discussion. I will type up your
questions (and add a few of my own), and the questions will be drawn out of a hat. I will grade each
individual based on their participation in that discussion -- everybody is expected to contribute at LEAST

Your Book: _______________________________
 Your Group Members:
 __________________________________ _________________________________
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 Discussion Day: ______day, ___/___/___ Required Pgs:_____
 Large Group Discussion: ______day, ___/___/___

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