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Description: First Research is the leading industry intelligence company that helps sales teams perform faster and smarter, open doors, and close more deals. First Research performs the "heavy lifting" by synthesizing hundreds of sources into an easy to digest format that a sales person can consume very quickly to better understand a prospect's business issues. Executive Summary Brief Excerpt from Industry Overview Chapter: The US florist industry includes about 22,000 retail flower shops with combined annual revenue of about $7 billion. No major companies dominate; independent florists are usually linked into national wire services providers FTD and Teleflora, which connect customers with florists. The industry is highly fragmented: the 50 largest companies hold just 6 percent of the market. COMPETITIVE LANDSCAPE Demand for flowers depends on discretionary consumer spending. The profitability of individual shops depends on effective marketing. Companies focus on a local or regional market and compete based on convenient location, price, and customer service. Florists also compete with supermarkets and mass merchandisers selling flowers, which can often sell at lower prices because of volume purchases from growers or wholesalers. The industry is labor-intensive: annual sales per employee are about $60,000. PRODUCTS, OPERATIONS & TECHNOLOGY Major products are cut flower arrangements, potted plants, and loose cut flowers. Flower arrangements account for 55 percent of industry revenue, potted plants for 15 percent. Stores may also sell vases, artificial flowers, and other gift items. The top-selling flowers are roses, carnations, and lilies. Florists buy product from one, or several, of 1,000 wholesalers and importers, who in turn buy from several thousand growers. Imports, mainly from South America, account for about 70 percent of cut flowers. Wholesalers typically deliver cut flowers several times per week. Store operations consist of caring for flowers, putting together flower arrangements, taking orders, serving walk-in ...


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