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					National Wage, Working Hours &
Contribution Survey Results ‘07

   Spur: We are here to give……
   “People a taste for life”
   Only possible if you have……
   “People with a taste for life”
            BCEA = Hygiene???
o   Good hygiene will not attract excess guests, as it is
    expected that food outlets are clean & healthy
                        o   So…..

o   Sound BCE will not attract people however, if they are
    lacking, they will deter people from seeking
    employment or from planning long term employment
    in your establishment
What is it that Employees want?
o   Role clarity – what is expected from
o   Care – someone is concerned for my
    well being
o   Fair treatment
o   Improvement – development
    n   Feedback:
        o   R+R=R? Appreciation for a job
        o   How can I improve?
Very Basic Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs:





        FOOD & DRINK
Look as Maslow’s Hierarchy:
  Are we meeting basic needs?
o   Food & drink
    n   Can all who work for us provide for themselves and families????
o   Safety & Shelter
    n   Safety: if I break a leg? 2 months out of action, how am I going to pay my
        rent, feed myself?
        o    Medical, provident, UIF?
    n   Time to pay bills: electricity, rent, etc
o   Love & Friends
    n   Do I have time to have a relationship?
    n   Do I have time to see my children
        o    Divorce rate in Spurs?
o   Feel Good & Have Pride
    n   Am I told daily “what’s good about what I do?”
    n   Am I told daily how I can achieve more for the business & myself?

Purpose of Management is to channel the behaviour of all personnel to
    accomplish the Businesses’ mission and objective, while simultaneously
    helping them accomplish their own career & personal objectives.
“Organizations do not succeed while their people are
Interesting Facts: Production Staff
o    Basic purchases per day:
     n    2 x Loaves of bread:                       R11 (brown)
     n    2lt of milk:                               R12
     n    1 Cabbage                                  R 6
     n    Total:                                     R29 per day
     n    Per month x 30 days                        R870
     n    12.5kg pap                                 R44
     n    Taxi – round trip R14 x 16 days            R336
     n    Total                                      R1250 basics per month
This excludes: rent (room R250), schooling, medical, meat, marg, clothing, deo, soap,
      toilet rolls, etc
Average minimum wage:
    n   General staff member:               R1 500
    n   Senior staff member:                R2 000
    n   Dishwasher/cleaner:                 R1 100

o    Of stores 74 surveyed: no store has medical benefit for staff (aids/ poor health?)

Stat: On average, every working person in this country supports 14 others!

One store confessed to paying dishwasher R25 per day x 6days x 4 weeks = 600 p.m

Interesting Facts:
    Managers working hours:
o   Lowest Hours                48 per week
o   Highest Hours               81 to 95 week
o   Average hours               65 per week
    n   BCEA 45 hours per week – for all
    n   Max 10 (JHB 16) hours overtime – for all
        o Total hours to be worked a week: 55
        o All, on average work 10 hours p/week- over
          time (65 hours)
            n   Over time: anything over 45 hours per week is paid
                out - time and a half
        o   Therefore – most mangers would be paid time &
            a half for 20 over time hours per week
65 hours per week
o   If a manger is working 65 hours a
    week – he is working 10 hours a day
    n   He at least has, on average 14 hours off
        time a day
        o   8 hours sleep
        o   1 hour shopping, pay bills, traveling, etc
        o   2 hours bathing, personal issues, laundry,
            cleaning, hobbies
        o   3 hours family time
72 hours per week
o   72 hours per week / 6 days a week =
    n  Works 12 hours a day on average
       o   8 hours sleep
       o   1 hours shopping, pay bills, traveling etc
       o   2 hour bathing, personal issues, cleaning house,
       o   1 hour family time per day

o   Most managers work night shifts – do they get to see
    their people
o   Operators take Sunday off, do other mangers have
    time off on this day, once in a while?
Hours between shifts
o   If a manger closes at 24h00
       & opens at 8h00
    n   8 hours between shifts
        o  6 hours sleep
        o  1 hour personal issues, bathing, laundry
        o  1 hour travel, bills, purchases (if a shop is

    n   BCEA states that all are entitled to 12
        consecutive hours between shifts!!?
Our managers are entitled to:
    n   Have a life
    n   Pay their bills
    n   Have relationships
        o   Spend time with their families & friends
    n   Have hobbies: exercise, out door, movies, study etc
    n   Have rest & enjoyment
        o   The happier one is in their personal life, the better
            employees they are!

o   This is why people leave us to look for a real job with
    ‘normal’ working hours
o   Exit interview – 70% of managers leave due to time!
Managers are NOT entitled to
overtime in Pretoria if they earn:
Pretoria BC
  n   R45 000 per annum – R3 750 per month
Max hours per week, including overtime: 61
  hrs per week
  n   Basic working hours 45 per week, max
  n   Over time:16 hours over time per week
Overtime rate:
  n   Any overtime is to be paid at rate 1½ x hourly
  n   Over time paid at R28.43 per hour x 16 =
      R454.80 x 4 =1 819.20 should be paid in
      overtime if salary is R 3 600 p.m.
JHB Bargaining Council
JHB B.C. silent on max working hours & salaries that
   exclude overtime, i.e–comply with BCEA
Hourly rate stipulated by JHB B.C:
o   Min mgmt salary @ 16.88 = R3038.40
o   Min assistant salary @ 11.84 = R2131.20
o   Supervisor salary @ R10.33 = R1859.40

Overtime – paid at 1½ x hourly rate
BCEA – all those NOT located in
JHB & Pretoria region
Basic Manager’s Salary:
o R115 000 P.A. or R9 600 P.M

Any person earning under this is entitled to
  overtime at their hourly rate x 1½

Therefore in general, on average, only
  the owner/operator is NOT entitled to
What’s the solution?
Work smarter not harder
o Restructure hours – or pay overtime?
o Up grade technology & equipment
o Employ casual labour at an hourly rate to
  work over peak times:
  n Host – door
  n Floor service supervisor
  n Adim clerk/ cashier

o   Owners may have to start putting in
    more hours or pay overtime?!
o   Happy well trained managers =
    happy well trained staff/ waiters =
    well run business

o   Ultimately for managers it’s a job &
    the Owners “shadow is definitely the
    best fertilizer!” Stu Leonard
  National Wage, Working
Hours & Contribution Survey
        Results ‘07

   Results of the 74 stores that were
      surveyed Nationally……………

 Excel spread sheet…..

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