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April 2014 Newsletter -


									                                                                                  April 2014

                             PALS Newsletter
                             Special Event Edition
      In This Issue
        PALS Charites
                                       PALS CHARITIES
     All the Single Ladies

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  Volunteers Needed

      Have an interest in
 volunteering? We need you!
PALS Charities will be hosting
 their 27th Anniversary PALS
      Charities Fundraiser
   Celebration and is need of       Here comes April and the excitement is brewing.
volunteers to help set up and
clean up the venue and assist
                                      PALS CHARITIES is preparing to host the
 with silent auction and guest   27th Anniversary PALS Charities Fundraiser Celebration.
  sign in. The event will take
                                 This is a FREE event. Proceeds raised will be donated
 Thursday May 1st, 2014           to 3 local non-profit organizations to be used to assist
    Starfire Golf Club
 11500 N. Hayden Road                         them with their valuable causes.
  Scottsdale, AZ 85260
 We can't do it without you!
Volunteers receive a free meal      Gift Bags, Food Vouchers for the first 100 people
       Sign up now!
                                   and Adult Beverage Vouchers for the first 50 people! or call
      (602) 455-6677                             Thursday May 1st, 2014
 Donations for the
  PALS Charities
                                                    Starfire Gold Club
                                                  11500 N. Hayden Road
                                                  Scottsdale, AZ 85260

                                               DRINKS          FOOD
                                              SILENT AUCTION
                                            AUCTION PRIZES INCLUDE:
                                 THE PHOENIX SYMPHANY, ARIZONA BILTMORE GOLF,
                                 THE ARIZONA CARDINALS, ARIZONA DIAMONDBACKS
          Please join
  these local contributors in                    plus many more.
    raising funds for well
   deserving pet non-profit
                                  Join us in helping these 3 local animal based non-profits:

        Amazing Jakes
     Castels N' Coasters
  Desert Botanical Garden
    Phoenix Art Museum
  Phoenix Fire Department
   Custom Portrait by Lisa
  Second Home Pet Resort
    Arizona Biltmore Golf
      Celebrity Tanning          Friends Of Animal Care & Control is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit
      Ingo's Tasty Food          organization. As a "friends of" group, their goal is to raise money to
        True Blue Tax
                                 support Maricopa County Animal Care & Control (MCACC).
          Metta Yoga
        The Brush Bar            For any programs beyond MCACC's basic care and control
    Phoenix Flower Shop          functions, it must rely on donations from the public. As the
       Sun Up Brewery            fundraising agent for Maricopa County Animal Care & Control,
   Arizona Diamondbacks          "Friends" provides a valuable service by supporting their non-
 Scramble, A breakfast Joint
       OHSO Brewery              mandated programs. The largest (and believed most important) of
         As You Wish             these programs is SNAP (Spay/Neuter Assistance Program). SNAP
         Bikram Yoga             provides no-cost spay and neuter services to low-income residents
                                 of Maricopa County.
  VCA Animal Referral &
                                 Without "Friends" financial support, SNAP would not be as
Emergency Center of Arizona      successful as it is, and without your support, they would be unable
                                 to make a difference in the lives of animals in the community.
   VCA Paradise Valley
 Emergency Animal Hospital

   14801 N. Scottsdale Rd
    Scottsdale AZ, 85254

    Nothing Bundt Cakes

Chandra Nicole & Associates
                                 Brambley Hedge Rabbit Rescue, Inc., has been caring for
                                 abused, abandoned and homeless domestic rabbits since
For more information on how      1986. They are a not-for-profit, 501(c)3, domestic rabbit
       to be a sponsor           rescue organization and no-kill shelter, housing more than
   or contributor, email us      100 rabbits at any time. or call        Since 1986 they have placed over 2,500 rabbits with
       (602) 455-6677              caring, adoptive parents...159 last year alone. Brambley
                                   Hedge works together with county agencies to check on
                                   abuse situations and act as expert witnesses for trials and
       Featured Vet                also offer humane traps to the general public to capture
                                   stray rabbits. They only accept rabbits from other rescue
                                   agencies and work hand-in-hand with the Arizona Humane
                                   Society. They also partner with the southern Arizona rabbit
                                   rescue (Tucson) and the local wild rabbit rescue (AZ Fish &
                                   Game licensed).


   Animal Medical Center of
270 West Chandler Heights Rd
            Suite 3
      Chandler, AZ 85248
      Hours of Operation
 Mon-Fri: 8:00am - 5:30pm
   Sat: 8:00am - 12:00pm           M.A.I.N. is a group of volunteers that saw a need in our
 NW corner of Arizona Ave &        county's shelter system, the need for providing medical
 Chandler Heights in the CVS       care to the sick and injured animals brought into these
pharmacy complex across the
                                   shelters on a daily basis. They began working together to
  street from the post office.
                                   address and correct this issue.
  Animal Medical Center of         Each day, Maricopa County's (MCACC) animal shelters take
 Chandler (AMC of C) is the        in around 150 stray or unwanted dogs, meaning kennels
 vision of Andrea Stickland,       originally designed for one animal are typically packed with
DVM. Formerly of Power Road
  Animal Hospital and Riggs        four or more. MCACC is the nation's second largest shelter,
 Road Veterinary Clinic, Dr.       and sadly any available space must be given to healthy,
 Stickland chose to take the       adoptable animals.
    giant step becoming a          M.A.I.N. is there for the injured and sick that stand no
  veterinary practice owner.
                                   chance at all of being rescued in these shelters. They have
    Call for appointments at       developed close working relationships with both the east
 480-339-0406 or visit (FULL       and west locations and staff regularly call to alert them to
  WEB SITE) appointments at        any particular animals that need help. They are available
                                   to these shelters and to these dogs 24/7 - and in 2012,
It took some time to build but
   we didn't cut any corners.      more than 150 were saved from euthanasia as a result.
 You can count on the reliable     After rescue, these animals are provided needed, and often
 medical care and compassion       costly, medical care at our partner vet in Phoenix. The
from Dr. Stickland. Her vision     animals recover in loving foster homes and once medically
    for this new practice will
   exceed your expectations.       cleared, are placed up for adoption through M.A.I.N.
 AMC of C promises to be the
  premier learning facility for           To Donate and/or to RSVP please join us on
  clients offering the latest in               Facebook or call (602) 455-6677

    Pet Loss Support               Single Ladies put your hands up!
                                   Why Pets are better than boyfriends:
                                                                              Recently PetMD
                                                                              posted an article
                                                                              titled "Top Ten
                                                                              Reasons Dogs
  Pet Loss Support Group                                                      are Better than
 Every first Saturday of the                                                  Boyfriends" It was
  month 9 a.m- 11 a.m at                                                      a fun read and
    Hospice of the Valley                                                     was perfect for
 1510 E. Flower St., Bldg.1                                                   Valentines day,
    Phoenix, AZ 85014                                                         but why stop
                                                                                     there? Here's why
 For more information, please                                                        we think pets can
contact Hospice of the Valley's                                                      also be better
  Bereavement Department                                                             than...
        602-530-6970                                                                 Exterminators-
                                                                                     Both cats and
         April                                                                       dogs make great
   Petcentric Events                                                                 fly, spider
   around the Valley                                                                 and rodent
                                                                                     catchers. Once
                                                                                     they realize there's
                                  a creepy crawly in the house they go hunting and all it will cost
                                  you is some time to give them praise and maybe a treat.
                                  Gardeners- Pets always know the perfect location for those new
                                  flowers and plants you are out shopping for, and they usually dig
                                  the holes to show you where before you even get home. When it's
                                  time to change your landscaping, have no worries, they will dig the
   Puttin' 4 Pooches              plant back up, even without you having to ask.
 Saturday, April 5, 2014
                                  Interior Decorators- Cats know all new trends. Scratching up a
Chandler Harley Davidson          new wood gives it that rustic or shabby chic feel and the fur they
 6895 W. Chandler Blvd            leave on the sofa and chair cushions acts as a scotch guard.
  Chandler, AZ 85226              Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. The important thing is
                                  that they are trying.
    Ride for homeless pets!       Personal Trainers- We can all stand to lose a few pounds.
    Gear up for the Arizona       Have you ever chased your dog to get the remote back or shooed
     Humane Society's 6th         the cat to get off the kitchen counter? They even help each other
  annual Puttin' for Pooches      out. The dog wouldn't get nearly as much exercise if it wasn't for
 motorcycle ride. Cruise the
 Valley's scenic desert roads     the cat dashing across the room in front of him for motivation.
     to benefit the 17,000        Home Security Systems- Dogs and cats both have keen
homeless animals AHS saves        hearing. So if trouble ever arises they usually are the first to let
           each year.             you know. If trouble doesn't arise they will bark anyways just in
   Registration will be held      case.
    from 8:30am-9am and           Alarm clocks- Have you ever over slept on a Sunday morning?
     includes breakfast at        No problem, they will wake you up!
 Chandler Harley-Davidson,
   tour of AHS' Nina Mason
      Pulliam Campus for
Compassion, hearty Harold's
   Corral, four raffle tickets    It's Parvo Season Again!
and a limited edition Puttin'
  for Pooches t-shirt (while
         supplies last)
                                                          Spring is here! While we enjoy the nice
                                                          weather and the beautiful blooms of the
                                                          desert, we also see a spike in Parvovirus
                                                          cases in puppies. Parvovirus or Parvo is a
                                                          hearty virus that can survive in the
                                                          environment for many, many months. It is
                                                          passed in the feces (poop) of dogs shedding
                                                          the virus. The problem: the poop can be
  1st Annual Dog Crawl
 Saturday April 12, 2014                                  picked up, but the virus particles can remain
   Old Town Scottsdale            on the ground. The virus can attach to just about anything that
         8pm-2am                  comes it comes into contact with, a puppy's feet, a person's shoes,
                                  a person's hands, a toy, etc. Then it can be passed to the puppy
     Join the Barking Cat
  Newspaper Publication for       during innocent licking or chewing. Unprotected puppies and dogs
their pub-crawl inspired event    will then develop this horrible disease about 7-10 days after
to give pet parents a night out   exposure. Clinical signs include decrease or absent appetite,
on the town! A registration fee
  of $20 includes a souvenir      vomiting, diarrhea (often profuse, bloody and with an exceptionally
event glass. Receive drink and
                                 bad odor). The disease progresses rapidly and without early,
    appetizer specials when      aggressive intervention, most dogs will die.
 showing your wrist band at
  select dog crawl locations.    Puppies need a series of quality vaccinations before they are
  Don't miss out on the fun-     protected from parvo. Vaccination is started at 6-7 weeks of age
come for the night or stop in    and extends at regular intervals until 14-16 weeks of age. Until
for a few hours. A portion of
the proceeds will be donated     then, puppies should be kept away from areas that other dogs
 to a local animal rescue, or    frequent, such as dog parks, pet stores and regular parks. Puppies
   resource organization, by     should also be kept away from other sick dogs of any age. Not all
  voting on The Barking Cat
            website.             vaccines are created equal. Often, folks will purchase vaccines from
        *Please no pets          pharmacies, feed and pet supply stores or online, trying to save a
Visit The Barking Cat to place   few bucks. Giving an injection to an animal is fairly simple.
  your vote and for a list of
     locations and vendors       However, most of the vaccines from these locations have not been
                                 handled properly and are, therefore, ineffective. At my practice, we
                                 see a lot of parvo cases. It's so frustrating for us and for owners
                                 when their puppy develops parvo from bad or ineffective vaccines
                                 purchased from sources listed above and given at home. Your
                                 veterinary team is trained in vaccine quality control so that you can
                                 be assured that the vaccine given is effective. They are also highly
                                 trained to know when the vaccine should or should not be given,
                                 trained to look for subtle adverse health issues that could keep the
                                 puppy from responding properly to a vaccine. And they are trained
                                 to know what vaccine interval is appropriate for your puppy. Use
                                 them, use their knowledge.
                                 Parvo disease can be a heartbreaking experience. And it can be
                                 extremely expensive, too. A few extra bucks spent at a veterinary
                                 office can save you heartache and the hundreds to thousand-plus
                                 dollars it takes to trying save a puppy from parvovirus.
      Service Areas

 PALS offers pet and animal      For more information please contact us!
  cremation for the greater
 Phoenix metropolitan area       Melinda Striyle, DVM
including but not limited to:
                                 43 rd Ave. Animal Hospital
      Apache Junction  
        Casa Grande
         Cave Creek
        Gold Canyon
        Litchfield Park
          New River
        Queen Creek
           Sun City

**Special fees may apply to
   outlying service areas

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