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					Royal Cayman Islands Police Service – Commissioner of Police
Conditions of Service The position of Commissioner of Police for the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service is offered on a fixed term contract or secondment for a period of three years with the possibility of renewal or extension dependent on performance and objective delivery. This is a uniformed position and you will be expected to dress in such appropriate uniform during your attendance to the office. A business suit may be worn for the appropriate occasion. Remuneration Salary The Grade and salary scale for this post is – ‘D’, starting at CI$93312 to a maximum of CI$110916. The point at you are appointed will depend on how closely your skills and experience match the requirements of this role. Progression along the scale will depend on performance which is assessed annually. Allowances All allowances will be paid in accordance with Police Law. The allowances relevant for this post are:  Uniform Allowance of CI$1100 per annum  Housing Allowance of CI$7800 per annum  Motor Vehicle Upkeep of CI$1500 per annum Transportation The Commissioner of Police will be provided with a vehicle for personal and official use. Relocation Expenses The successful candidate if appointed from outside the Cayman Islands will be provided with the following assistance: 1) Passage The Government shall provide the person engaged with a passage to the Cayman Islands and, if married, for the spouse and not more than TWO dependent children (see General Orders) provided that they either accompany the person engaged to the Cayman Islands or travel to the Cayman Islands within twelve months of the date on which the person engaged departed from the country of recruitment and remain in the Cayman Islands for at least six months of the tour of duty. Upon completion of a tour of service the Government shall

provide the person engaged with a free passage back to the country of recruitment and, if married, for the spouse and not more than TWO children provided that they all went to the Cayman Islands under this Agreement or were born during the period of the tour of service; and provided that the person engaged claims and uses such return passages within one month of the completion of resident service. 2) Baggage The person engaged shall be entitled to:(a) payment by Government of the cost of transporting 120 cubic feet or 1000 pounds (whichever is greater) of personal effects by the cheapest means, plus the cost of packing materials, professional packing and crating to a maximum of CI$750 and the cost of insurance up to a maximum value of CI$10000. (b) excess accompanied baggage by air at the rate of 10 kilos, upon the production of receipts. 3) Hotel Accommodation On arrival in the Islands at the start of the term of engagement, the Government will pay the hotel bills (excluding any bar expenses and overseas telephone calls) for the person engaged and the family, for a period of up to seven (7) days accommodation and on completion of a tour for a period of up to two (2) days accommodation. Government will also meet the cost of two (2) days hotel bills on returning from end of tour leave. 4) Settlement Allowance In addition to basic salary paid, an allowance of equal value to the first month’s salary will be paid during the first week of resident service in the Cayman Islands. In the event that the tour of service is terminated by the person engaged during the tour an amount pro-rated to the outstanding contract period shall be repaid to Government by the person engaged. Such repayment may be deducted from salary. Hours of work You will be required to work 37.5 hours per week excluding lunch breaks. You will however be expected to work in excess of those hours when required. You must be willing to undertake regular travel both within the Caribbean region and internationally.

Annual Leave Entitlement

Annual leave entitlement will be 42 calendar days per annum. In addition all Government employees are entitled to 12 paid Public Holidays if that would have been their normal working day. Notice Period The Government may at any time terminate employment on giving three months notice in writing or on paying one month’s salary and the Government will provide a free passage to the country of domicile for the person and if married for the spouse and not more than two children. At any time the you may terminate your contract on giving three months notice or on paying the Government one month’s salary and repay the cost of passage to the Cayman Islands and those of your spouse and children. There is no entitlement to free return passage to the country from which recruited. Pension As an employee of Government the person engaged shall participate in the Public Services Pension Plan as an active defined contribution participant and shall be entitled to receive pension benefits in accordance with the Public Service Pensions Law (2003 Revised) and in particular, Part lll there of. The proportion of pensionable earnings will be determined at 12% paid by Government. Secondees will remain pensionable under their current scheme. Medical Benefits You, your spouse and dependant children are entitled to free medical, dental and optical benefits, provided that the Cayman Islands Government is your principal employer, in accordance with the health insurance provider – CINICO. Sick Leave In the event of illness or injury you will be entitled to 10 working days paid sick leave per leave year together with additional sick leave as provided under General Orders. Conflict of interest Should you or your spouse have any business interest which can be classed as a conflict of interest with the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service you will be expected to declare this at interview stage.