Modeling the Physical and Biochemical Influence of Ocean

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					Water Power Peer Review

Modeling the Physical and Biochemical    Patrick Grandelli, P.E.
Influence of Ocean Thermal Energy        Makai Ocean Engineering, Inc.
Conversion Plant Discharges into their, 540-439-8971
Adjacent Waters                          27 Sep 2011

1 | Program Name or Ancillary Text                            
 Purpose, Objectives, & Integration

How do we design an OTEC plant          For 100 MW:
  to sustainably and economically   420 m3/s WW (7 M gpm)
  process and discharge the         320 m3/s CW (5 M gpm)
  massive seawater flows
  associated with OTEC?

Use a numerical model to quantify
  OTEC discharge component
  design, OTEC performance, and
  environmental changes that
  may result from OTEC flows.

This bio-plume modeling supports
   other OTEC development efforts
   funded by NavFac, Lockheed,
   ONR and the State of Hawaii

 2 | Wind and Water Power Program                 
Technical Approach

Numerical ocean
  circulation model of
  Hawaii. (HIROM)
Numerical simulation of
  plankton growth caused                               80m, 20m wave
                                                       130m, 25m wave
  by nitrate enrichment.
  (in EFDC)
                                                        230m, 30m wave
Validate the circulation
  model with new (2010)
  current and density data.
      (e.g., temperatures at right   500m, 30m wave
      indicate vertical nutrient     850m, 40m wave
                                                      1000m, 50m wave

3 | Wind and Water Power Program                      
Plan, Schedule, & Budget

    •   Initiation date: 16 Sep 2010, (Final contract during Jan 2011)
    •   Planned completion date: 29 Feb 2012
    FY 11 Milestones:
    •   Dec 2010 - Retrieval of oceanographic mooring with 7 months of CTD and ADCP data
    •   April 2011 - Delivered oceanographic data to NOAA Liaison at the University of Hawaii
    •   May 2011 - Gave briefing to David Kennedy, Assistant Administrator for National Ocean Service
    •   Aug 2011 – Larger domain on Linux running successfully
    •   Sep 2011 – Biological module running successfully
    •   Sep 2011 –Presented paper at Marine Technology Society Oceans’11 conference

    Budget: $240 K DoE, $161 K Lockheed & Makai
    •  No significant budget variances. Subconsultants labor has been less than budgeted
    •  Expenditures as of 15 Sep 2011: $ 220,091

                                                Budget History
                     FY2009                           FY2010                           FY2011

            DOE               Cost-share        DOE            Cost-share        DOE            Cost-share

                                           $0            $0                 $ 120 K       $133 K

4 | Wind and Water Power Program                                                               

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