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Delegasyon, Oryantasyon, Atizana / Bluntschli, Nicolas
Delegations, Orientations, Local Production / Bluntschli, Nicolas tel: 011 (509) 511 - 5580

Curriculum Vitae 1992-2002


Supporting and coordinating groups that come from foreign countries with the intention of learning and experiencing to hear and feel first hand through DOA/BN's expertise, the Haitian reality within its true historical/social context. Includes providing all logistics, transportation, lodging, translation and coordination with the Haitian community for cultural exchanges and experiences as well as historical tours. Journalists as well as documentation and research is a part of the work. Seminars or tours that bring current reality into perspective through the lenses of the Haitian historical perceptions and experiences. Includes bus tours directly from the airport to intercultural seminars in non-governmental offices and embassies. (Local Production) Promoting all locally produced products of Haiti from food to art. Bringing the artisans of Haitian resources into access for foreigners to appreciate and consume the dignified sweat and creativity of this land and people. Carla Bluntschli (co-founder) a transforming North American changing through intense cultural immersion since 1985 whom Ayiti has given the honor to interpret the voice of her people's history and reality. Harry Nicolas (co-founder) an ordinary, everyday, run-of-the mill 'modern' Haitian passionately sharing his people's history & hospitality with the world through interpersonal cultural relationships & provocative insights. Jean Luc Dessables (founding friend and associate) a post-modern seeker of ancient wisdom integrating his multicultural Haitian roots, (African, Native, European) and translating primordial vision and spirituality into today's context. Our mission statement:






We, of DOA/BN, in the traditional spirit of hospitality, respect and dignity, welcome people from the four corners of the world and serve as their guides across the pathway that leads into the beauty of the unexpected gifts Haiti holds for the world.


Date D Dec 10-17 organization CPT origin #people USA 14 type of group and activities places visited in Haiti human rights/peace presence Cayes and Hinche
Christian Peacemaker Teams visit to Haiti organized to meet victims of human rights abuse and representatives of the Protestant church of Haiti. The delegation is a direct response to requests from Haiti for civilian observers.

O Mennonite Central Committee (MCC): orientation of @6 new volunteers and guesthouse management.
This is the work that DOA/BN was born out when Ari and Carla put their talents together to facilitate new volunteers' better assimilation into the country through discussion and experience with the people and culture.

A Self-Help Crafts Representative (MCC): MCC job description:
Relate to, monitor, evaluate, and visit regularly producer groups. Work at product development and design with groups and identify needs: Site Soley (AAR), Latibonite (OGAD), Grand Riviere du Nord (CAR). Coordinate visiting exerts and consultants. Promote groups and products to SHC and to other buyers. Find new groups. Troubleshoot for SHC producer groups on orders, shipments and packing problems. Education – Collect and forward information, stories, photos, etc. Report regularly to the SHC Producer Relations Department. Attend SHC regional meetings when possible. Accompany SHC Akron personnel on buying/visiting trips.

'92 Bluntschli and Nicolas Commentary: Carla, her husband and three daughters came to Haiti in January 1985 from the US as volunteers for the Mennonite Central Committee. Their first assignment was in a reforestation/soil conservation project in the Artibonite Valley (1985-1987). Their second assignment took them to the mountains of the Northeast to a tiny town called Bois de Laurence as part of a community development project (1987-1990). In 1990 their family moved to the capital in order to further the children's education in a more formal setting instead of home schooling. In Port-au-Prince their work revolved around administrative assignments, guesthouse management as well as the craft representative assignment for Carla. It was during this time that the Bluntschli family met Ari Nicolas. Ari began to compliment Carla's MCC work so that people who benefited from their combined activities and knowledge suggested that they open up a business, thus initiating the unique enterprise baptized: DOA/BN. Harry Nicolas was born and raised in Cape Haitian. He finished his education with a diploma from trade school in plumbing and electricity. He was active in literacy campaigns along with activities based on his involvement in church based youth movements. In 1991, he came to Port-au-Prince where he met and began to work with Carla in her work because of his enthusiasm and commitment to helping outsiders better understand his country in a more positive way. He was married in 1994, has two sons and currently lives in the community of Gwo Jan, a rural community in the district of Petionville. '92 DOA/BN registered visitors: 14 + 6 = 20 formal visitors, plus the informal work of developing personal relationships during a crucial time in the country and for the groundwork of the future vision.

Date D
March 20-31


origin #people
USA 12

type of group and activities
human rights/peace presence

places visited in Haiti

Witness for Peace and Christian Peacemaker Teams "a visit at the request of Haitian friends...with the purpose of providing a North American presence in Haiti during this time of emergency."

May 5-15




human rights/peace presence


"CPT visits at the request of Haitian pastors and church workers to participate with Haitian church people in a three day International Congress for Christian Solidarity and to provide a North American presence in Haiti during this time of emergency."

Sept 27-Oct 9



11 12

human rights/peace presence human rights/peace presence

Verrettes Port-au-Prince

Oct 22 – Nov. 1 CPT

"Purpose of participating with Haitian church people in a period of presence and non-violent response to potential threats to peace. The team will also provide a North American presence in Haiti during a critical period when the return of President Aristide is expected."

Long-term delegations: Sept-Nov Cry for Justice @50-100 participants human rights/peace presence An inter-organizational Peace Mission to Haiti from the US which included the International Liaison Office
for President Aristide, Witness for Peace, Haiti Communications Project, Pax Christi, Washington Office on Haiti, World Peacemakers, Sojourners, Christian Peacemaker Teams, Peace Brigades International., Global Exchange, etc. Between 50-150 participants over at 3-month period maintained a peace presence in areas of the country identified where repression was most severe. Participants rotated, a few for 3 months, others for a few weeks or just one week. Screening and training was essential. DOA/BN became part of the steering committee on the ground in Haiti, set-up committee as well as organizing logistics, translation and cultural orientations. Cape/Verrettes/Jeremie

December 93 CPT

(rotating) @4-6 member

long-term human rights presence


DOA/BN coordinated the presence and personnel of this movement aimed at maintaining a foreign presence in an area that was targeted by the military and para military forces against the population during the defacto government.

March, April May, June, July OAS/UN, International Civilian Mission in Haiti @20-30 each session cultural orientation seminars

7, 3 hour cultural seminars presented to new MICIVIH observers being trained in human rights abuse accounting. DOA/BN was hired to provide cultural sensitivity training to these new members.

May Shipment of 42 boxes of loufah sponge to Tear Fund, England
Women's revenue generating project designed to buy raw loufah sponges picked by organized women in mountain villages in order to create employment and revenue through women's organizations .


'93 /BN commentary:
DOA/BN had already been functioning while Bluntschli was still working as a volunteer with MCC as the Self-Help Crafts Representative and Guesthouse manager until the Bluntschli family ended their 8 ½ years of service with the Mennonite Central Committee in June 1993 to begin a new stage independent from any funding organization as of September of that year. Testimony of the beginning of the CPT presence in Jeremie December from Ari and Carla: "The moment that was most affirming to us was when we came into Jeremie in the truck with Lena and Kathy just as CPT was taking over from the Cry for Justice project that was ending. Joel was in Jeremie already, but nobody knew when we would be coming and the neighborhood was waiting with baited breath, afraid that they might be left alone before the others came." "As we drove into town in the dark, the word passed from person to person that replacements had come, and people ran along side the truck as we wound our way up to the presbytery. There was such a clamor when we arrived that we were almost thrown into the air because of so much relief and happiness. "That is a moment I will never forget" says Ari."

DOA/BN hosted and culturally oriented: #people visitor days @305 visitors @44 days of short term delegations @180 days of long term consultation work

places and departments Cape Haitian, North Cayes South Hinche Central Plateau Verrettes, Artibonite Jeremie, Grand Anse


Date organization WFP origin USA #people 8 type of group & activitiesplaces visited in Haiti peace and human rights Verrettes

Jan 11-20
To begin establishing formal ties to potential Haitian partners and to make recommendations to the Board of Directors regarding the details of a permanent presence of Witness for Peace in Haiti.

Jan 31-Feb 14




peace and human rights church group visit – educative peace and human rights

Bois de Laurence Mombin-Crochu Verrettes Jeremie Jacmel Port-au-Prince

Feb 5-12 Mar 31-Ap 10

Beyond Borders CPT USA

10 9

July 27-28

McNeil/Lehrer NEWSHOUR Elizabeth Farnsworth John Knoop Jaime Kibben


television reporting translation

Sept 14-Oct 12

NBC "fixing" plus office work (+single day translator for Tom Brokaw) NEW YORK TIMES Larry Rohter CPT 12 fixing/translation


Oct. 15-17

Petite Riviere

Oct. 19-30

peace presence/human rights

Cape Haitian Trou du Nord St. Michele de l'Attalataye Desarmes


NEW YORK TIMES Larry Rohter WFP CPT 6 10


Nov. 15-22 Dec 7-18 Long-term delegations Jan-Dec CPT

peace and human rights peace and human rights

St. Marc Jeremie & Cayes

rotating @4-6 member team

peace and human rights documentation Jeremie

Continued consultation and coordination of a rotation of volunteers was maintained in collaboration with grassroots organizations at the presbytery in St. Helen, Jeremie.

2-3 hour cultural/historical/political orientation seminars:


Mission Civile Internationale en Haiti (MICIVIH), Division des Droits Humains, Comite de Formation
Program of training and orientation for UNPM (United Nations Mounted Police) @40 members


Mennonite Central Committee

Louffa project continues buying, gathering, cleaning for continued shipments to Tear Fund, England 5

'94 /BN commentary:
The work of CPT during the year of 1994 was marked by accompaniment by the CPT volunteers in St. Helen, Jeremie, human rights violation reporting, physical presence in the community. Here are some quotes from their literature: Jan. 94 "The purpose of CPT is to preserve life, encourage justice, be friends of the poor and the victims, prevent abuse. At any time that we become a burden to Haitians we should get out. We share the risk, the vision, the hope and the pain. That's it. God be with Haiti and our small efforts. May 1994 "CPT is a project of Mennonites and Brethren that works for peace with justice in Haiti by sending learning/action teams and by maintaining a group of four or more human rights observers in Haiti to investigate violations, press for more adequate investigations by local authorities and encourage non violent solutions to the crisis." Sept 94 "CPT has maintained a peacemaking presence in Port-au-Prince, Jeremie for the past year. CPT's witness is rooted in the historic peace position of Mennonite and Brethren churches and a biblical faith in a God of peace and justice." In 1994 DOA/BN hosted and culturally oriented: #people visitor days @122 @252

places and departments Cape Haitian, North Trou de Nord, Northeast Bois de Laurence, " Mombin-Crochu, " St. Michel de l'Attalaye, Artibonite Verrettes, Desarmes, Petite Riviere St Marc Jacmel, Southeast Cayes, South Jeremie, Grand Anse



Date organization WFP USA origin #people 15 type of group and activities peace and human rights places visited in Haiti Gonaives

Jan 9-20
Interests: arms, justice, economic reform, elections, religious life, literacy, schools. Special requests: 1) a session with children, one artist-delegate can invite them to make drawings of their experiences; 2) a vodoun service or at least an interview demonstration with houngan or mambo 3) a non-violent direct action, especially with Haitians.

Feb 15-23 March 11-17

Global Exchange USA Weslyen University BBC

@8 10 USA 3 8

justice, politics cultural education fixing/translation/driving peace and justice

Port-au-Prince Leogane Visit Pres. Clinton Petit Riviere

March 27- April 1 June 3-13


"The purpose of the delegation was to help avert violence in the period immediately prior to the June 25 parliamentary election. CPT has maintained an ongoing presence in Haiti for the last 3 year including a team in the Artibonite Valley that seeks to encourage nonviolent means of problem solving in this very volatile period following military rule."

June18-July 1

Election Observer Delegation



Jointly organized by Witness for Peace, Voices for Haiti, Washington Office on Haiti and Global Exchange, officially recognized by the Haitian government Electoral Council.

Cape Haitian, Pignon, St. Raphael, Dondon Jeremie Pestel Dame Marie

Sept 22-28 Nov 4-15 Dec 10-18


3 8 3

Steering Committee review of CPT field work peace and justice Ti Riviere

BBC Bill Turnbull Long Term Delegation: May – December CPT

Radio & television coverage of presidential elections

2-4 rotating members

Lacoline, Northwest, Petite Riviere, Artibonite

To be present during the transition in these important areas: economics (privatization), elections, land issues, US Involvements, Violence.

O Feb – August Military Information Support Team (MIST) Translation, Radio personalities
Department of the USA Army cultural counselling
DOA/BN offered cultural advice to the US armed forces that were helping to encourage elections in the country as well as Creole translation and correction. We wrote and were radio personalities for spots about elections, voter registration and emergency phone numbers.

Oct 7-27

DOA/BN Speaking tour in the US

Denver, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, Chicago, Detroit

Witness for Peace sponsored speaking tour of DOA/BN presenting 3 main elements towards a better understanding of Haiti: 1) History of the struggle of the Haitian people for democracy, during slavery, after independence, and after the coup of 1991; History foreign intervention; 2) Class structure of Haitian society; 3) Perspective of the popular government and popular organizations in Haiti. DOA/BN presented in church services, high school classrooms, university forums and peace organizations. @300+

2-3 hour cultural/historical/political orientation seminars:
Nov 11 Nov 18 & 28 Dec 12 Quisqueya Chapel World Vision Witness for Peace "At Home in Haiti" seminar for newcomers to Haiti @40 @7 Political/Historical/Cultural orientation for Pres. Election Observers @11

May Shipment of 10,000 louffa sponges to England Tearfund


'95 /BN commentary and statistics:
January 23, 1995 CPT closed their presence in Jeremie. Here are some quotes from the closing evaluation from the community of St. Helen's in Jeremie: "They must return. Their work has been good. When the macoutes were beating people, they were always there to defend the innocent. Even in the night, they would get up and bring help. In the elections, if they're not here, nothing will go right. If they hadn't been here, we still wourldn't be able to talkwith you out in the open here on the street; things would still be bad. They should return; we need them." "They lifted our esteem in St. Helen's. They can't let us go now. They can leave, but they have to come back for the elections. If they aren't there to participate with us, it's like they've let us go like a crab without teeth." "They have left their beautiful countries, left their jobs and money, and come and shared their lives with those in distress. I believe their presence has left a mark with us in St. Helen. They will help people to learn more about Haiti, help them understan the situation that we are living in..." Continued CPT presence was requested and endorsed by the Ecumenical Committee for Peace and Justice. DOA/BN traveled to the Northeast and the Artibonite where their presence had been requested by various groups. This is their statement of committment for this second presence project: "CPT maintained a presence in the southern coastal town of Jeremie for 16 months until January of this year. In the face of continuing tension and violence, CPT has been encouraged to return to Haiti to "witness, report, and denounce these things and thus bring needed Christian solidarity to the people." CPT will respond by sending a violence reduction team to Haiti for four or more months. Two members, both participants in the Jeremie project will be based in Port-au-Prince and will travel to other parts of Haiti to document specific cases of violence, intervene with local officials, and bring these cases to the attention of the Haitian media, international observer bodies, foreign embassies and North American churches. More people may be added to the team later. "We believe that an independent church-based team with strong connections in the Haitian community can play a critical role regarding international policy towards Haiti in matters of security, human rights, nonviolence and economic aid."

In 1995 DOA/BN hosted and culturally oriented: #people #people in US visitor days @153 @+400 @185

places and departments North: Cape Haitian, Pignon, St. Raphael, Dondon. Northwest: Colinlester Artibonite: Gonaïves, Petite Riviere Grand Anse: Jeremie, Pestel, Dame Marie West: Leogane



Date organization origin #people type of group and activities places visited in Haiti

D Feb 16

National Association of Social Workers 15 Cruise ship Royal Caribbean Cape Haitian

Set-up for social workers on a cruise to be transported to Cape Haitian for lunch, cultural/political orientation, dance show, tour of city, meetings with city officials and health care workers plus transportation. Cruise line discouraged participation on the day resulting in only half of the participations attending, causing deficit.

May 12-18 June 8-19 July 10-25 Oct 20-30 Nov 1-10

Davidson College,
North Carolina, USA

10 8

university students peace & justice

Lavale Jacmel Lavale, Jacmel Verrettes/ Aquin Lavale, Jacmel Cape Haitian Ivwa Bayonè Dezanm Cape Haitian Dondon


C.C.F.D 16. French youth (Contre la Faim et pour le Développement) CPT World Neighbors 6 7 peace & justice study visit

Celebrating 30 years of development work, visit model gardens, villages, peasant leaders and groups working in health and agriculture.

Nov 11-17



peace & justice

Long-term delegation: Jan- March CPT March-December

3 4

Peace presence Peace presence/election observers

Petit Rivère Dondon Cape Haitian Jeremie

2-3 hour cultural/historical/political orientation seminars:  January Union Theological Seminary @7 World Relief Canad @5  Mar 30/Ap 1 CRWRC First bus tour, "Day with the People" debriefing @20  June 17 Journey Into Freedom Historical/Cultural Seminar @8 6 week cultural immersion experiences for new volunteers  Sept 5-Oct 17 CRWRC 4 6 week cultural immersion
Christian Reformed World Relief Committee

Cape Haitian,Limonade Pine Forest, Hinche Papaye, Lavale, Jacmel

A TearFund, England and Self-Help Crafts Continuing the louffa project, looking for local markets and expanding international markets as well as developing other ideas such as the "Gift Basket of Haiti", a miniature winnowing basket (laye) filled with a bed of vètivè (native root used for perfume making) with miniature authentic Haitian crafts embedded in the roots.

In 1995 DOA/BN hosted and culturally oriented: #people visitor days @115 103

places and departments North: Cape Haitian,Dondon, Limonade Artibonite: Desarmes, Verrettes Ivwa, Bayonè West: Pine Forest Central Plateau: Hinche, Papaye South: Aquin Southeast: Lavale, Jacmel Grande Anse: Jeremie

'96 /BN commentary and statistics:
In 1996, DOA/BN explored a new avenue of revenue that complimented their work of receiving visitors, a 3 bedroom apartment where we hosted guests for '96 and '97. It became too burdensome financially and ultimately too small.



Date organization origin #people type of group and activities places visited in Haiti

D Feb 28-Mar 8 WFP Mar – April MCTV6


14 2

University of Juniata students Pilat, Ravine Tronpèt Documentary film St Michel de l'Attalaye Dedin, Lavale Jacmel St Michel de l'Attalaye Jeremie Fon Parisien

Community Television Station in Massachutes

April 7-25 April 2-13 June 5-8 June 15-18 Aug 4-14 Oct 18-24 Dec 12-21



32 4

Participatory Evaluation Election Observation Cultural education

Canadian Council for International Co-operation

Goshen College USA/St. Dominque 27 CCCI WFP BBC CPT CAN/HAI USA USA USA 23 7 2 3

"Local Capacities for Peace Project Port-au-Prince Peace & Justice Documentary Film "Assembly Factories" St. Michel de l'Attalaye Pernier, Petionville Port-au-Prince

British Broadcasting Company

Lougawou/Zonbi correspondent film

Long-term delegation: March-June CPT



peace presence

Petite Rivière Jeremie Dedin

        Feb Mar June June Aug Sept Oct Peace Brigade International, MCC Dayton College, USA University students Mixed group from Ohio, USA Airport pick-up & tour, cultural/historical seminar Journey Into Freedom Hôpital Albert Schweitzer Cultural Orientation Consultation Missionary Fellowship Aviation Cultural Immersion Orientation Experience Representative House of Representatives, John Conyers Consultation by DOA/BN Quisqueya Chapel "At Home in Haiti" History and Culture (etiquette) in Haiti Peace Corps "History and Culture of Haiti" Volunteers for Peace "Historical/Cultural Orientation" World Vision Cultural immersion experiences, orientation Hôpital Albert Schweitzer Creole and Cultural Lessons and Orientation


Sept 5 TNH "Bonjour Les Amis" DOA/BN Presentation of Haitian production on National TV


In 1997 DOA/BN hosted and culturally oriented: #people visitor days @180 162

places and departments North: Pilat, Ravine Trompèt Artibonite: St. Michel de l'Attalaye Petite Rivière, Dedin West: Fon Parisien Southeast: Lavale, Jacmel Grand Anse: Jeremie

'97 /BN commentary
CPT's work included observations on land reform in the Artibonite observing parliament and local election, encouragin internation support for factory workers in Port-au-Prince who are struggling for better pay and working conditions. While in Haiti, the team maintained contacts with progressive church leaders as well as individuals and organ opposing economic changes insisted on by the IMF/World Bank and donor countries as conditions for aid. In over 20 articles and stories released in North Amercia, CPT provided information on popular resistance to these economic programs as well as the news of CPT's work.



Date organization origin #people type of group and activities places visited in Haiti

D 12/97-1/98

Davidson University Davidson, N.C. USA Bucknell University


University students

Gwo Jan, Pernier

Jan 9-19 Feb 19-22 Mar 5-17


University students University/Peace & Justice Environmental Justice

St Michel de l'Atalaye Port-au-Prince Gonaives, Jan Rabel, Mole St Nicolas, Ma Rouje Gwo Jan, Pernier P-a-P Cape Haitian Gr Rivier St. Michel, Cape Haitian, Jacmel

Boston College Law School 16 WFP USA 11

Mar 25-30 May 18-26 Aug 11Sept 3 Sept 16Oct 7 *Dec 7-14

Mennonite Church Group


Church group, encounters Culture/Economics

Universities of North Carolina Group 62

BBC – Discovery Channel Documentary filming "Buried Alive" shown on Discovery Channel Canal Plus " FR 4 Documentary Filming

The Interfaith Pilgrimage of the Middle Passage
"Retracing the journey of slavery. US – Caribbean – Brazil – West Africa – South Africa

42 pilgrims

Cape Haitian, Milot, Gonaives, Arcahaie Port-au-Prince Deschapelles

Dec.11-22 O  Jan   




Peace, justice and ecology


CRWRC (Christian Reformed World Relief Committee) Cultural/Historical Orientation Seminar MCC (Mennonite Central Committee) Cultural Orientation Seminar Pastors from North Carolina Culture and Spirituality Seminar / Visits in the city MEDA (Mennonite Economic Development Agency) Bus tour and History/Culture Seminar Journey Into Freedom Historical/Cultural Orientation Seminar MCC Orientation trip to Cape Haitian for new volunteers Swedish Development Workers (3 wks) Creole Lessons "Doctors of the World" Aspen, Colorado USA High School students, airport pick-up, tour and orientation Quisqueya Chapel "At Home in Haiti" seminar in Haitian etiquette "Ministry of Money" Women's Delegation

Mar April



June-July Accompany as manager on tour to France and Belgium of traditional "troubadour" group Wanga Negès with Ti Coca along with Madanm Nerval's vodou dance troupe.

In 1998 DOA/BN hosted and culturally oriented: #people visitor days @275 126

places and departments North: Cape Haitian, Gr. Rivière, Milot Northeast: Jean Rabel, Ma Rouge Mole St Nicolas Artibonite: St. Michel l'Attalye Gonaives, Deschapelles West: Arcahaie, Pernie Southeast: Jacmel

'98 / BN commentary and statistics:
*"The Interfaith Pilgrimage Of The Middle Passage", retracing the journey of slavery. Unite States – Caribbean – Brazil – Brazil – West Africa – South Africa "If we do not acknowledge our history we cannot learn from it. The Interfaith Pilgrimage of the Middle Pasage is a remarkable opportunity to confornt the reality of the horrors of slavery both in the context of the times when slavery was common practice, and in examining our attitudes and prejudices in the present day." The Most Reverend Desmond M. Tutu
Archbishop Emeritus and Chairperson Truth and Reconciliation Commission

"Nowhere in the annals of history has a people experienced such a long and traumatic ordeal as Africans during the Atlantic slave trade. Over the nearly four centuries of the slave trade-which continued until the end of the Civil War in the US-millions of African men, women, and children were savagely torn from their homeland, herded onto ships, and dispersed all over the so-calle New World. Although there is no way to compute exactly how many people perished, it has been estimated that between thirty and sixty million Africans were subjected to this horrendous triagular trade system and only one third-if that- of those people survived. The triangular trade system was so named becasue the ships embarked from European ports, stopped in Africa to gather the captives, after which they set out for the New world to deliver their human cargo, and then returned to the port of origin. The Middle Passage was that leg of the slave trade triangle that brought the human cargo from West Africa to North American, South America and the Caribbean. This perilous trip was the most cruel and terrifying part of the triangular trade system, and its crippling effects are still very much with us today." Dr. John Henrik Clarke Introduction to The Middle Passage by Tom Feelings We Blacks also have a soul That feels tormented and groans From the gaping wounds of thelong bondage. We Blacks also have a soul That yearns and quests for freedom, equality and justice. And enraged – we rise and defy The evil chains of bondage, inequality and injustice. Wielding forever thesword of love, Justice and peace for all. R.G. Mugabe, Prime Minister, Zimbabwe Ïn Tribute to Martin Luther King, Jr. November 12, 1983 For DOA/BN, this was one of the highest points of our carreer. We were awed and humbled by their testimony and courage. Their committment and actions of healing prayers at sites of pain of the African people led to our future vision: "N a Sonje".

Date organization origin #people type of group and activities places visited in Haiti

Dec29-Jan9 Davidson U. USA Jan 11-22 Calvin College USA Feb 2-11 Edmonton Journal CAN 14Tourists April 4-7 MCC 17-24 Tourists 26-27 Presbyterian May 1&4 MCC 3 Tourists USA CAN USA USA CAN FR USA 7 2 1 USA USA 4 13 9 USA USA 2 28 8 21 2 2 8 2 7 university students university students journalists travellers, immersion volunteers –cultural orientation travellers, cultural experience church people/tour of P-a-P Gwo Jan Segen Lavale, Jacmel Gwo Jan Cape Haitian Jacmel Gwo Jan

church "Day with the People", orientation visit Port-au-Prince research in vodou Kenscoff Gwo Jan

11-28 Private

14-15 Ministry of Money 17-28 Rice University

women's/Day with the People orientation P-a-P university students/ culture education P-a-P cultural immersion Gwo Jan

19-28 Davidson Methodist USA June 1-5 Grassroots Int 3-6 Goshen College

video documentary on Haitian pigs P-a-P university semester in DR-Haiti Fon Parisien Gwo Jan Gwo Jan GwoJan

13/17 WRPC USA July 3-4 Stella Petroni CAN 9-10 1st Presbyterian

9 20 USA 9

church youth group mixed group, cultural experience

medical students, tour, urban neighborhood visits, orientation mother/father/3 children, cultural immersion Gwo Jan/Jacmel Bus tour, urban neighborhood visits, orientation "fixing" for journalist, culture, and politics couple visiting the country, Gwo Jan, Cape Haitian, Pignon

11-23 Tourist Visitors 16&17 Youth Group 19-23 Toronto Star Sept 30-4 Tourists

CAN 5 USA 13


26-28 Intnl Day of Tourism 12 coordinate a tour sponsored by Secretary of Tuourismof Cape Haitian

Oct. 28-29 Concern Worldwide IRELAND 1 Nov 30-2 DOA/BN arranged trip to Cape Haitian 7-9

new volunteer cultural orientation and immersion 17 participants visit sites historic

DOA/BN planning for boat trip to Mole St. Nicolas sponsored by Secretarie de Tourisme

    Jan Methodist Church Group Visit Gwo Jan, historical/cultural orientation seminar Mixed group Delmas historical/cultural orientation seminar United Theological Seminary historical/cultural orientation seminar Mennonite Central Committee Duke University historical/cultural orientation seminar North Carolina University historical/cultural orientation seminar Women's church group historical/cultural orientation seminar Church group historical/cultural orientation seminar University of Dayton Ohio Gwo Jan, historical/cultural orientation seminar Journey Into Freedom Gwo Jan, historical/cultural orientation seminar ADHAFI historical/cultural orientation seminar Mixed Church and University group Gwo Jan, historical/cultural orientation University Group Delaware, 11 Gwo Jan, historical/cultural orientation seminar Group from Ohio Gwo Jan, historical/cultural orientation seminar BBC 4 translation for documentary film on vodou, Leogane Ministry of Money 14 visit factories and factory workers' association Quisqueya Chapel International @40 Cultural orientation & etiquette(do's and don'ts)


March June

  

July August October

April 8-10 DOA/BN participated in the Conference for Christian Development sponsored jointly by the CCDI (Christian Center for Integrated Development SKDE), MCC (Mennonite Central Committee) and CRWRC (Christian Reformed World Relief Committee) in a workshop under Alternative Economy: Promotion of Local Resources

In 1999 DOA/BN hosted and culturally oriented: #people visitor days @247

places and departments

'99 / BN commentary and statistics:


Date organization origin #people type of group and activities places visited in Haiti

Jan 3 5 13 13 26 28-14 Feb 1 14 15-17 18 20 & 21 22 28-29-1 March 4-10 8-9 10 13-14 15 24 May 3&8 10 Charlie Najman Tourists Church group Epica Fr 2 film maker visits factory visits urban walking visit 8 1 44 planning for major film La Gonave Port-au-Prince Port-au-Prince

CAN 2 USA USA 14 18

Union Theological Seminary USA Professional photographer Coco Tours MEDA USA

orientation, Gwo Jan, seminar on vodou Gwo Jan, Pine Forest tourists tour of Port-au-Prince


organization administration tour of P-a-P consultation and translation St. Mark/Gonaives women's group airport & tour tourists tour Port-au-Prince

Professional Historian CAN 2 Ministry of Money Coco Tours USA 7


Port-au-Prince historical/cultural seminar

Ministry of Money UNESCO HAITI USA 12 1

women's group

historical tourism meetings Moulin Sur Mer 8 church visits tourists 2 5 students, cultural and educational immersion Gwo Jan historical/cultural seminar Gwo Jan, tour of downtown P-a-P tour Port-au-Prince research on vodou, Gwo Jan Gwo Jan historical/cultural seminar

University North Carolina Jubilee Church Tourist Coco Tours USA

Ivory Coast


"Sunday Times" Journey Into Freedom

INFORDOM Guadeloupe University of Ohio USA University of Muncie USA Earlham University USA

airport pick-up & socio/politic tour of P-a-P Gwo Jan historical/cultural seminar Gwo Jan historical/cultural seminar

12-24 17-18

13"Culture and Development in Haiti" Gwo Jan/LaTounel univ students Gwo Jan historical/cultural seminar

Inter-Collegiate Presbyterian 25

17-19 29-2 June 15 18 22 23 26-30 July 3-4

NPR (National Public Radio) MCC Ohio Youth Group Church group USA Journey Into Freedom USA

1 4 17 6

Pre-election coverage


new volunteer immersion experience in Gwo Jan Gwo Jan historical/cultural seminar historical/cultural orientation seminar historical/cultural orientation seminar, Gwo Jan 28 ecology and cultural seminar

Forestry Agents, Damien Haiti AFVP Mixed Group FR 1

cultural new volunteer immersion experience in Gwo Jan Day in the mountains, full cultural participation historical/cultural orientation seminar consultant for Traidcraft Exchange Haiti Feasibility

CAN 45

17 Youth Group USA 12 September 2-12 Traidcraft ENG 2 Study: Needs/Situational analysis Report 25-28 30 Oct 2-4 2-7 Nov 5 Christian Aid ENG 1 Quisqueya Chapel MIX +40


Vallue, Petite Goave

History, culture behavior translation Vallue, Petite Goave

Christian Aid ENG 1 AFVP FIDA CANA FR 8 USA 2 1 4

new volunteer immersion experience in Gwo Jan historical/cultural orientation seminar translation and cultural orientation translation and "fixing" work for radio journalist new volunteer immersion experience in Gwo Jan

16-17 World Neighbors

27 National Public Radio USA Dec 17-23 AFVP FR 4

In 2000 DOA/BN hosted and culturally oriented: #people visitor days @460 293

departments and places Artibonite: St. Marc, Gonaive West: Leogane, Gwo Jan, Latonel Petite Goave


'00 / BN commentary and statistics:
Training for alternative tourism by INFORDOM, Guadeloupe Vision "N a Sonje"


Date organization origin #people type of group activities & places visited in Haiti

Jan 7 8 Ministry of Money Mixed group USA USA USA 7 14 8 women's group visitors church group church group church group church groups historical/cultural seminar historical/cultural seminar week of coordination and seminars historical/cultural seminar debriefing historical/cultural seminar historical/cultural seminar educational trip to Miami Gwo Jan lunch and seminar airport pick up / tour GJ sem

13-20 Jan Hus Church 28 30 Feb 26 Mar 2-12 FIDA Presbyterian church Mixed group FPH

CAN 10 USA USA 6 7


community radio journalist high school students 9 university students 7 18 1 visitors students volunteer

Fédération de la Presse Haïtienne

15 Catholic Diocese CAN 14 15 - 18University of Wisconsin USA 16 16 Journey Into Freedom University of Ohio USA FR USA 16 USA

Gwo Jan lunch and seminar historical/cultural orientation seminar cultural immersion and Creole

18-24 AFVP 22 30 ICC

student group historical/cultural orientation seminar Port-au-Prince Port-au-Prince +20 +20 inter-cultural seminar for mixed staff inter-cultural seminar for mixed staff

(AM)American Embassy (PM)American Consulate

April 2-6 PROTOS BELG (NGO from Belgium) 7 8 9-14 Mixed Church Group USA " DOA/BN to the USA

4 15

Week long immersion experiences and various encounters Airport pick up & "First-Look Tour" of Port-au-Prince Day in the mountains of Gwo Jan + traditional lunch Keynote speakers for "Umoja" conference at Earlham University Special speakers at Wright State University

Richmond, Indiana Dayton, Ohio

21 21 22 23

Tony Campolo Church Group "



Airport pick up & "First-Look Tour" of Port-au-Prince traditional lunch & historical/cultural orientation seminar Day in Gwo Jan, meal preparation, vodou seminar/ceremony Tour of Historical sites, remains of sugar/slave plantations

USA 12


May 3

Doctors & Specialists USA

USA 18


orientation seminar


12-31 Earlham College

airport pick up with Haitian youth community immediate encounter with ENARTS Historical/Cultural Orientation and Creole lessons Bus to Cape Haitian, family stays in the city Stays in LaTonèl and Gwo Jan Vodou ceremony Appear on TNH program "Sans Frontier" with Herold Israel Meeting with students at Damien Historical/cultural orientation seminar

25 June 1 7 8-10

Methodist group



Medical Social Workers American Embassy DOA/BN



Historical/cultural orientation seminar +30 Inter-cultural seminar for mixed staff

Port-au-Prince 15 2 28 10 11

Lavale, Jacmel ENG HAI

training for Haitian community youth new volunteer immersion cultural, Gwo Jan

13-15 CONCERN 14 16 30 Damien

forestry agents, Historical/cultural orientation seminar Historical/cultural orientation seminar Historical/cultural orientation seminar Tour of Historical sites, remains of sugar/slave plantations

Mixed Church Group USA PROTOS BELG

July 3,4,5 7 8 19 20 28

Mixed Group CAN CCFD " " " ICC FR

68 15

Full cultural day in Gwo Jan Historical/cultural orientation Airport pick-up, "First-Look Tour" Historical/cultural orientation seminar + traditional meal Orientation vodou, traditional activities Trip to the iron market and souvenir shopping Historical/cultural orientation seminar



Aug 20-Sept 1 Oct 5 6 11-15



Speakers at "Agape International Political Camp"

Beyond Borders Quisqueya Chapel Family visit

2 + 40

New volunteer orientation seminar "At Home in Haiti" seminar for new missionaries/volunteers 3 Airport pick-up, Day in Gwo Jan, orientation seminar

13 17 21-(Nov) 20 28 Nov. 9 25-28 Dec 2 3 15 26-29 31

Mixed Group of foreigners in Haiti Missionary School teachers USA University candidate USA "Adventure Tour" FIDA 1

8 9

Day in Gwo Jan, orientation seminar Historical presentation and tour

cultural immersion experience and Creole lessons half day in Gwo Jan, orientation seminar


Mixed Church Group USA


Historical/cultural orientation seminar Immersion experience Gwo Jan


CAN 10

(Canadian Food and Grains Bank)

airport, tour, orientation meetings 1 2 3 Newsweek journalist visiting WN projects Ivwa

World Neighbors Visiting couple OIA


airport pick-up, tour of Port-au-Prince, orientation Orientation cultural/social

In 2001 DOA/BN hosted and culturally oriented: #people #people outside Haiti @508 @220

visitor days 149

departments and places North: Cape Haitian West: Port-au-Prince, Gwo Jan, Leogane, Ivwa outside of Haiti Miami, Florida, USA Richmond, Indiana, USA Dayton, Ohio, USA Italy

'01 / BN commentary and statistics:
Supplementary work of DOA/BN:
3 10 Bayyinah Bello HA Bell Angelot HA +25 +20 Historical seminar for Gwo Jan community Historical seminar for Gwo Jan community


Jan 3 6 9-12 11-12 18-23 20 Feb 7 14 15 16 27 "Newsweek" Journalist USA with World Neighbors University of Wisconsin USA Transformational Travel USA Union Theological Seminary National Public Radio ICC
International Child Care


Visit Ivwa, translation and visit WN health program Visit Gwo Jan, orientation presentation Accompany "La Woch", Camp Perrin, cultural & language translation 7 Visit Gwo Jan, historical & cultural seminar 1 Local interviews for American radio program 11 historical and cultural orientation seminar

ICC ICC Mixed group Church youth group PCH
Productive Co-operatives Haiti


8 10 13 28 12

Historical and cultural orientation seminar Historical and cultural orientation seminar Visit remains of sugar plantation, Santo Airport-lodging transportation arranged Visit Gwo Jan, historical/cultural seminar

28 March 2 2-10

ICC Church youth group Global Exchange


10 20 3

Historical and cultural orientation seminar Tour of Port-au-Prince Special Women's Delegation for International Women's Day, Visit Cape Haitian, women's groups Historical and cultural orientation seminar

14 15-16 19

ICC Oxfam *Howard University
*DOA/BN's first entirely black group!



20-24 22 29 April 1 4 5

AFVP "Journey into Freedom" USA Mixed group


(Association Francaise des Volontaires du Progres)

French document translation into English Visit historical ruins of slave/sugar plantations Visit Gwo Jan, traditional lunch Historical and cultural orientation seminar 1 Cultural immersion experiences in Gwo Jan for new volunteer Historical and cultural orientation seminar & lunch 16 Tour of Port-au-Prince from airport 10

" " " "

" " "

6 7 7 15-18

ICC MEDA "Daily Mail" Church World Service

Historical and cultural orientation seminar & lunch Tour of P-a-P from airport Tour of slave/sugar plantation remains in Kwadebouke, visit cut iron shops " " Visit and sleep-over in Gwo Jan, Pernier USA 12 Historical and cultural orientation seminar CAN ENG USA 3 1 30 Historical/socio-politico-cultural tour of P-a-P "Fixing" for London newspaper Historical and cultural orientation seminar 23

" USA "

" 19 16

(Mennonite Economic Development Association)

23 May 1 4

Church group Beyond Borders University Ohio USA USA

CAN 1 14


Oral translation Creole to English Historical and cultural orientation seminar

Historical and cultural orientation seminar Visit Gwo Jan participate in traditional participation in food preparations, waterfalls Historical and cultural orientation seminar USA 10 Historical and cultural orientation seminar


Presbyterian chapter from various North Carolina universities

19June 6 June 2July 2 10 15 18 20 21 2527 27 29 July 2 36 10 11 1216 17-20 30 August 6 27 Aug –3 Sept

Earlham University USA 13 Richmond, Indiana Senegal 1 Jordon, Egypt, China 3 Internship, university student Pepperdine University Mixed group Limyè Lavi Youth group ICC Journey into Freedom Limyè Lavi Journey into Freedom ICC ICC Church group Mixed youth group USA 1

3 week historical and cultural exchange program Home stays and visits to Cape Haitian, LaTounel, (Petit Guave) Lavale (Jacmel) Internship in Public Policy studies


7 9 8 10 9 9 7 6

Historical and cultural orientation seminar + lunch Historical and cultural orientation seminar in Dahabon Historical and cultural orientation seminar at the Montana Historical and cultural orientation seminar Historical and cultural orientation seminar Gwo Jan & traditional lunch Translation and cultural orientation Kaglo Historical and cultural orientation seminar Historical and cultural orientation seminar Historical/socio-politico-cultural tour of P-a-P Airport pick up and orientation accompaniment to Lavale, Jacmel historical/cultural orientation seminar Historical/socio-politico-cultural tour of P-a-P Tour from airport, historical tour, visit to Gwo Jan Visit to Jacmel Master of Ceremonies/Translation

Korea 15 USA 7

Mixed group ICC Donald Guillaume (drummer for Wycliffe) Beenie Man Christian Aid Church group New Volunteer


13 10 2


Tour P-a-P, historical sites, Gwo Jan Historical and cultural orientation seminar Week long cultural orientation experience


Oct 5-9 16-17 19-25 25 27 28Nov 3 9 10 12-19 17-24 Dec 3-7 9 10-13

AFVP Green Valley Media "Zembla" Canadian Embassy


1 1 2 10

Cultural immersion

Gwo Jan

Historical documentary filming P-a-P Gwo Jan Documentary filming about adoption P-a-P

Full cultural experience, historical orientation Gwo Jan

New volunteer



Full cultural experience, historical orientation Gwo Jan
Cultural immersion and Creole lessons

Mixed Group PCH Jubilee Church New Volunteer AFVP World Neighbors


4 10 10 1 2 5

Cultural experience "Violon" Contradance Leogane Half day Gwo Jan, historical/cultural orientation seminar Total coordination, historical & cultural experiences Week long cultural orientation experience Week long cultural orientation experience Gwo Jan Airport pick up – tour – orientation Translation accompaniment to Ivwa, Bayonè

'02 / BND commentary and statistics:
Supplementary work done by DOA/BN: March 15-16 Translation of French text into English for Oxfam April 5 Hosted "Day of Reflection" for Destination DjonDjon (alternative tourism group) October 19 Presentation for the 14th Annual Haitian Studies Association Conference October 26 "Role and importance of culture in the life of a people" presentation for CEDAL
(Collectif d'Éducation Pour un Développement Alternatif)

Statistics for 2002
Total days per month: J=15 F=5 M=19 A=11 M=14 J=41 J=15 A=5 S=0 O=20 N= 13 D=10 J=46 F=69 M=66 A=105 M=41 J=66 J= 52 A=14 S=0 O=29 N=16 D=7 = 186 visitor/doabn days

Total visitors per month :


511 visitors in Haiti

Total countries: USA, Canada, England, Jamaica, Korea, France, Senegal, Egypt, Jordon