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January 10, 2008

Welcome to a new year! And one that brings me such excitement and anxiety. As your new district president, I am excited to think of new opportunities for ministry and worship. My anxiety comes because of following in Virginia's footsteps. When I attended the NC conference executive meeting in September in Raleigh, the conference officers spoke so highly of the work Virginia has done in the Sanford District. I hope I don't let you down! So, please covenant to pray for me as we start this year together. When I became my local unit's president, I truly studied the purpose statement of UMW for the first time. I realized that it is a recipe to living a life as God intended. If you notice, it starts with worship with God and fellowship with other Christians. Then it leads to study and action. Sometimes we get so busy doing things in UMW that we forget why or who we are doing them for. Sometimes we spend so much time studying or reading and not doing enough action that we become self-righteous. Remember, God wants to be involved in our lives, our full and balanced lives. He wants to be with us in fellowship times, study times and action times. So, this year, as we move through the business of UMW, let's focus on God's love and care in our lives. And, as we gather to study and worship, let's all determine how we can be the hands and feet and heart of Jesus in this world. After all, He is the reason we are all here. In Him, Tanya

Good Morning It's hard to believe that we are beginning another year 2008. Seems like yesterday we were starting 2007. Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and looking for a great New Year. We have several things coming up in January as this coming Sunday from 3-5 PM Healthy Congregation will be at St Luke UMC. All Church officers are ask to attend. On Jan 20th The District Executive Meeting will be at First UMC in Pittsboro at 3 PM. On the 26th at 9 am District Mission Studies is at St Luke UMC in Sanford. On the 27th from 3-5 the District Lay Rally is at East Montgomery High School in Biscoe, NC. I teach a teens Sunday School Class at our church and we receive the DEVO zine. It is a devotional magazine for teens and teens write articles for the magazine. I would like to share a article written by a 19 year old:


NOT ABOUT ME I am sorry, Lord, for the times when I have been stuck up, thinking I was better than other people, saying hateful things about them so I would look cool, when I did not lend a hand for fear of being stereotyped. I am sorry, Lord, for being selfish. I am ashamed of myself when I realize you weren't stuck up at all, and you could have been so easily. Instead, you were a friend to the outsiders. You responded to hate with words of love. You put others before yourself. You were unselfish, even when you were beaten, tortured, and hung on the cross for sinners to mock. You wore a crown of thorns and streaks of blood ran down your face. You could so easily have made it end by calling on angels to take you down, But you didn't. Unselfish and faithful, you died for us, for our sins. REFLECT ON JESUS' WORDS; "This is my body,......broken for you" (1 Corinthians 11:24b) What does this selfless gift of love mean to you? May God bless each of us as we work together in this New Year 2008 to bring about unity and peace. you with a quote from Jim Hendrix, a musician, singer and songwriter I leave

"When the POWER

Love in Christ Peggy Brewer

Sanford District Secretary:
I'm Phyllis Madison and I would like to introduce myself to some of you whom I have yet to meet. I am sure we will really get acquainted this next year, as we will all need to work together to be able to do our best at our jobs in the Sanford District for the UMW. I realize I am following a lady who has done a really good job these last four years and I hope to be able to draw on her knowledge until I get my feet on the ground. Just remember what our ultimate goal is------ to do the best we can for our creator. May God continue to bless each of us in our endeavor to improve Sanford District UMW each and every month. Thank you, Phyllis Madison

Treasurer “Money Matters”:
Happy New Year to everyone! The Sanford District exceeded the 2007 pledge with a total of $37,415.04 sent to the conference. We are asking each unit to increase their pledge by 2% in 2008. Our Special Project for mission will center on "Come to the Potter for Love." More details will follow later. In the mean-time read Mark 12:30-31. I bid you Love, Peace, and Joy. Alberta Settle 2

Spiritual Growth:
To everything there is a season. January is cool and with the possibility of snow, in December we look forward to the Christmas Cantatas at the different churches, at Smyrna the highlight was the Christmas offering. It was a new beginning for us. God has promised, “I will even make a way in the wilderness and rivers in the desert.” Isaiah 43:19 God desires to release His power like pure, refreshing, rivers in the barren, waste of our lives where we have suffered pain & loss, He will bring new life restoration, deliverance, healing & supernatural provisions. Jesus is the reason for the season. In the New Year, please mark your calendars for: January 26th 9am District Mission Studies at St. Luke UMC January 27th 3-5 pm Sanford District Lay Rally at East Montgomery High School. God Bless you in 2008 Carrie Ritter Sanford District Spiritual Growth Coordinator

Program Resource Coordinator
Happy New Year to all my Sisters in Christ! I am Susan Laudate from St. Luke United Methodist Church and I am looking forward to being your Program Resource Coordinator. I enjoyed meeting several of you at the Officers’ Training Session in the fall and I hope to see more of you at the Mission Studies to be held at my home church in January. Although I don’t know much about my “official” duties at this point, I do know that I want to be a resource to those of you who participate in our Reading Program. I have the most up-to-date list of books as well as past selections that I will be glad to share with you. I would also like to serve as a “go-between” for churches in the district that might want to share books. It would be a wonderful idea to have a database of which churches have which books so that we could pool our resources. Let me know what you think of this idea, and let me know what I can do to help you spread the love of reading among your United Methodist Women. My email address is Happy Reading!

Book Nook
I love to read. Always have. As a kid I loved to participate in the county library's summer reading program. I loved the certificates that I got at the end of the summer when I had read so many books. I tend to read historical Christian fiction. Because of my need to forget about the busy world, when I first joined UMW, I didn't actively embrace the reading program. Too many of the books seemed to be about real life issues and I simply didn't want to face reality. I wanted to escape. But there are so many wonderful books on the reading list currently. Yes, some still deal with real world issues but as a Christian, I can't play ostrich and hide my head in the sand. I need to know what is "out there". But there are also many good books about faith and parenting and health issues, as well as some wonderful novels. I am hoping to have people share their thoughts and reviews of the books that they have read from the reading program. If you read a great book from the program list, write a review and send it in to the Sun editor. Share what it meant to you and why you would recommend it to someone else. Watch the newsletter for some of my favorites in future Sun editions. Tanya


Membership, Nurture & Outreach – Janice Britson
As we reflect this week on our Epiphany Sunday sermons, take time to think how UMW brings light to our local churches, communities and beyond – taking us where God calls us to be. Think about the Nativity and its similarity to the world we should embrace with His light. We see the Star, the Son of God who is also a peasant disadvantaged baby, a displaced family, an unwed mother, the royal gifts left by the believing foreign magi who were received despite their astrology practices forbidden by the Jewish faith, and the lowly shepherds standing tall, astounded by being first to receive the good news from an angel and confirmed by the mighty praise song of the multitude. May this scene remain with us as we grow, nurture and reach out this year as organized units of UMW. At Annual Conference, our Sanford District received recognition for membership totals and for having gained Meroney’s United Methodist Church as a reestablished unit. We welcome the women from Meroney’s and appreciate the support of their minister, Rev. Jim Whitaker, who came to their informational meeting. Meroney’s is pleased to have been a unit this year and is actively seeking new members. Their newest member is a newcomer who has offered to serve as an officer for the coming year! They had a joint women’s tea with their sister church, West End in Siler City. One local mission project was inviting other churches to join them for a baby shower for nearby Gulf Pregnancy Crisis Center where Meroney’s Boy Scouts did yard work. As a result, the Center graciously offered space for the Boy Scout group to meet, and their yard work will be ongoing and helping them earn badges while they are making a difference to the community. UMW is all about growing in our faith to better serve and care for “the least of these” as we build and strengthen relationships, families and communities. We are continually humbled by the spiritual gifts we receive in the process. Please contact me if I can be of help, and remind me if I am not quick enough to respond (919) 542-9928!

Communication Coordinator:
Dear Sister’s In Christ; This will be my last year as The Sanford District Communication Coordinator, a position that at times I have enjoyed immensely but at others I’ve wonder what did I get myself into? I have given a lot of thought as to what makes for good communication. The literature indicates that good communication entails a lot of listening & verifying that we understand what has been said; and not so much on talking. I urge each of you in this New Year to take the time & really listen to what God is saying to us & verifying with him that we understand what it is that we are being told. If you don’t have this kind of relationship with the Lord I encourage you to work on obtaining that sort of relationship. I have often compared the love that a mother has for her child as the closest thing we will ever have to understanding the love God has for each of us. Mothers don’t always like their children or their children’s actions but I know as a mom there is nothing my child could do to cause me to quit loving him. Now take that kind of understanding and multiply it by the highest number you can conceive & that is how much our Heavenly Father loves each of us. May each of you have a Blessed & Prosperous New Year. Love in Christ, Wannetta Harrington 2437 Windblow Road Jackson Springs, NC 27281 Phone :910-974-7930 e-mail: 4

News from Education and Interpretation Coordinator:
Welcome new E&I officers for 2008. Greetings also to those continuing for their local units in 2008. Our year will begin with our Sanford District Mission Studies for 2008. Each study will be taught on 1/26/08 at St Luke's UMC in Sanford. Israel/Palestine will be taught by Rev. Gene Cobb. Music and Mission will be taught by LaNella Smith. Globalization will be taught by Steve Taylor. A limited number of books for each class for purchase will be available on the study day. The books are available on a first come, first serve basis. You can always order them from the Service Center if you miss the study day on the 26th. Study registration begins at 8:45a. Classes will begin at 9a and will be completed by 1p. All attendees are reminded to bring a bag lunch. Drinks will be provided. Child care is also provided (don’t forget a lunch for your child!). Participation and attendance in every study from each unit is crucial to continue to spread the good news of our Lord and all that He provides. Please encourage someone from your unit to attend each study. The information learned from the studies will be invaluable to share with the local unit. Educating others with the mission studies is a wonderful way to encourage others to continue to participate and support UMW. The stronger and more active we are in our local units, the greater of an opportunity to witness and share God's word and works with others. For those that are working on their Mission Today status, attendance at a mission study is one of the key areas that must be done. Eligible studies can be chosen from 2006, 2007 and 2008 if your unit is interested in conducting a mission study. That means that your unit has seven different studies that you can choose from in order to meet your requirements if you do not have someone attend District Study day. Also, at Annual meeting each October, a district is awarded a Study Jewel. This award is given to the district who has the largest percentage of participants in mission studies. Let's see if Sanford can win the Study Jewel this fall. Thanks again to each and everyone of you wonderful ladies who give of your time and talents. Without each of you, our UMW organization would not be as strong and visible as it is today. Our participation and visibility witnesses our love for others an fro our Lord. "They will know we are Christians by our love…" If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me at 919-742-4285 Linda Fields District Education and Interpretation Coordinator

News from the Younger Side (39 & UNDER):
Calling all Young Women! The 39 and under event is fast approaching and you will want to take advantage of this educational and fellowship opportunity. See the attached information and registration form. There are classes/sessions focusing on different topics of interest. Teen women are encouraged to attend the sessions on learning to love God through service. Also, all participants are invited to bring a gift that is a reflection of them that can be used in a gift exchange. Usually this is a fun time for all who attend. Attendance at the 39 and Under Event is a new option for those working on Mission Today status. If someone from your unit attends or your unit sponsors a participant, you will be able to include that in your report.


If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact Melissa Sherman, the District 39 and Under Coordinator.

Mission Today Unit The Challenge: Basic…Silver…Gold United Methodist Women… Do we want a prize? Recognition? OR are we happy just striving to be the hands, face, and heart of Christ in North Carolina? In the past, these things were important…but “Going for the Gold” is NOT about pride in being number ONE. “Going for the Gold” (Mission Today Unit) is about making a pact with God that we will do everything we can to advance the Kingdom. It’s about living the Word. We are a very small local unit and each year we strive to learn more about the District and Conference UMW. We have never been disappointed! This new awareness has allowed us to participate more fully with our sisters in Christ. Our Bynum local unit would like to thank the District UMW Officers and the Conference UMW Officers for providing a list of “things to do” that will provide us with guidance for our energies. We would like to thank you for the time and energy you have put into making it possible for all UMW Local Units to be a part of something that gives us a greater focus…something that gives us an opportunity to participate at all levels. Bynum United Methodist Women Sanford District Jane Winner, Contributor UMW Groups Really Are United! In 2006 the women of El Camino UMC in Siler City, NC invited the women of Brown's Chapel UMC in Pittsboro, NC to dinner. In 2007, the women of Brown's Chapel reciprocated. Several women of El Camino journeyed to Brown's Chapel where they were treated to a southern dinner of BBQ (cooked at Brown's Chapel annual BBQ) and all the trimmings. When they arrived, both groups were a bit nervous due to potential language barriers. There were some present who could speak both languages, including Ariel Glosson in the 3rd grade at a Perry Harrison Elementary School in Pittsboro. She was interested in attending with her mom because she was learning Spanish at school. The evening began with reciting the UMW purpose in both Spanish and English. During dinner the women were invited to share about their families and their missions. Each woman was given a "conversation guide" printed in both Spanish and English. There were some challenging times in translation but overall the women found that they shared many things in common. Many tables had lots of chatter and laughter (as women are known to do when gathering!) The evening ended with the presidents of each group sharing what they are doing in mission. When it came time to go home, the groups were no longer nervous. There were lots of hugs and smiles. One attendee summed it up by saying, "They came as friends and left as sisters". Mary Hall, President, Brown's Chapel UMW


You are cordially invited!
Don't you just love those words? Don't you love it when you open your mailbox and get an invitation to an event. You wonder who else has been invited and what you should wear and what foods will be served. Such anticipation. Well you are invited. The Southeastern Jurisdiction UMW will be meeting in Hampton, VA on April 4-6, 2008 and all UMW members in our district are invited. And the theme is "Called by Name", an even more personal invitation from our Potter. All the info that you need can be found at the following link: If you don't have internet access, contact Tanya and she will send you a packet. This will be a historical meeting because this is the last quadrennial meeting that will occur independently. The next meeting in 2012 will have a different format. So, please mark your calendars and plan to attend. The Sanford district officers who will be attending will be staying at the Embassy Suites. We are working out carpool plans and would love to have you join the party. The registration form is included in this newsletter.


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