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									   Hythro Power
Corporation Limited.
                                                   Hythro: Inception & Background

•   Hythro was established in the year 1989. 
•   Part of ‘Tecpro Group’, a leading EPC business house providing comprehensive range of services in 
    power,  steel,  mining,  cement  &  other  industries  in  Infrastructure  sector  &  balance  of  Plants  for 
    Power  Sector.  Tecpro  Systems  Limited,  a  flagship  company  of  Tecpro  Group,  which  is  listed  on 
    Indian Stock Exchanges with a market capitalisation of approximately US $ 200 Million. The group
    turn over including listed & other entities is approximately US $ 800 Million.
•   One  of  the  prominent  EPC  (Engineering,  Procurement  &  Construction)  player  in  all  the  power 
    sector segments i.e. from Power Generation to Power Transmission to Power Distribution. 
•   Undertaking large EPC contracts for many projects from various prestigious organizations. And its 
    manufacturing facility of towers has played an important role for its stupendous success in Power 
    Transmission segment.
•   With  the  in-house  engineering/technical  competency  &  organic/inorganic  growth  strategy  the 
    company is all set to emerge out as the key player in the Global Power industry.
                                                                           Vision & Mission

Our ‘aspiration to grow’ & our ‘focus on customers/ timely delivery’ & ‘focus on quality/safety’
has been our guidelines in doing our business. Our Vision & Mission statements capture them all:

                    Vision                                             Mission
 “To become one of the leading company in the      “To be most preferred supplier by adding value to
 field of Turnkey projects up to 800 KV EHV        the customer’s project focusing on Quality, Cost,
 Transmission Lines and Sub-Stations in National   Innovation and Productivity with due regard to
 and International markets”                        occupational health, safety and environment”
         Business : From Power Generation to Load Centers

                  E-BOP                              NON-CONVENTIONAL/RENEWABLE ENERGY
       Electrical Balance of Plant for          Creating Power Evacuation System for Renewable Energy
                Power Plants                                            Supply
                                   TRANSMISSION & DISTRIBUTION
                            EHV                                    MV, LV
TOWER PARTS                                    EHV
                            TRANSMISSION                           Distribution           RAILWAYS
MANUFACTURING                                  SUBSTATIONS
                            LINES                                  Lines

State of art manufacturing                                       Rural Electrification,   Traction-overhead
plant situated at Bhiwadi, Turnkey projects    Turnkey projects RGGVY, APDRP,             systems, switching
Rajasthan having capacity upto 765 kV Class    upto 400 kV class Feeder Separation        stations, traction
of 30000 MT /annum                                               Projects, Etc.           substations, etc.

                                            LOAD CENTERS
               Creating electrical infrastructure for the manufacturing/commercial entities.
                                          Quality Management System With
                                         Health, Safety & Environment Policy

•   We,  as  Hythro  Power  Corporation 
    Ltd., lay high emphasis on the quality 
    management to ensure the quality in 
    every  respect.  We  have  been 
    accredited  with  ISO-9001-2008 
•   Also  we  do  take  care  of  all  the 
    necessary  safety  measurements  & 
    established  our  HSE  policy  for  the 
    same. We have been accredited with 
    ISO-14001-2004  &  BS  OHSAS  18001-
    2007 for our endeavors in this regard.
                                                                                                                    Design Capability

Project Type         Design Capability
Substations          Electrical 
                     Bus Configuration, Metering & Relaying Diagram, Layout Design, Selection Of Relays , Ct / Pt Calculation, Vendor Drawing Review, Battery & 
                     Charger  Sizing,  AC  /  DC  Schematic  Engineering,  Fault  Level  Analysis,  Relay  Setting  Calculation,  Substation  Automation  &  Communication 

                     Civil & Structurals
                     Structural Steel, RCC Design, Foundation Design & Analysis, RCC Building Design, Detailing Of RCC and Structural Steel

                     Fire Fighting System
                     P&I Diagram, Fire Alarm & MCC Fire System, Hydrant System
                     CO2 System

                     Heat Load Calculation, Selection Of Air-Conditioning & Distribution System, Selection Of Fire Alarm Panel & Control System
E-BOP                Metering, Relaying & Control System For Generator, Generator Transformer, Excitation & Unit Auxiliary Transformer.
                     Detailed  Engineering  Include  Cable  Sizing,  Cable  Routing  &  Control  Schematics  For:Coal  Handling  System,  Ash  Handling  System,  Water 
                     Treatment Plant, Electrostatic Precipitator, Selection Of PCC & MCC  For Plant Electrics, Power Plant Earthing Design, Lighting & Lightning Design, 
                     Fault Level Analysis, Relay Coordination/Recommendation And Instrumentation Engineering
Transmission Lines   Tower Spotting, Sag Tension Calculation, Sag Template,  Clearance Diagram, Stringing Chart, Structural Analysis & Design Of Tower And 
                     Foundation Analysis & Design
                                                                          Project Management

•   The  key  to  success  in  EPC  projects  is  the  ability  to  manage  the  resources  to  provide  quality  and 
    delivery, meeting client’s requirement. This aspect of project management can be achieved only by 
•   Our  company  has  in  its  roles-  successful  and  cohesive  team  to  manage  projects  from  Survey  to 
    commissioning  with  experienced  professionals  with  decades  of  experience  behind  them  in 
    executing contracts of varied nature and sizes. 
•   The  combined  experience  of  our  executives  in  Turnkey  Projects  shall  ensure  that  our  client  gets 
    best in Technology and Quality at competitive cost. 
•   The project management team uses latest software and an internally developed project reporting 
    system to provide the clients with progress and plan for project execution and management.
Manufacturing Plant
                                                    Consolidated Financial Capability-
                                                      Hythro Power & Its Subsidiaries

*Considering  1 USD = 50 INR
* Including proportionate Finance of subsidiaries
                                                                              Our Accomplishments

         •      Executed  several  E-BOP  projects  ranging  from  28  MW  to  2  x  600  MW  on  turnkey  /  partial 
                turnkey basis.
         •      Laid more than 10,000 ckt. kms of transmission & distribution lines. Have expertise to lay the 
                lines through difficult terrains (e.g. hilly regions, deserts, river crossings, snow capped regions, 
                cultivated  land,  urban  areas  etc.)  and  already  executed  such  projects  for  our  prestigious 
                clients including  government organisations & private parties.
         •      Constructed    over  500  substations  /  switchyard  projects    from  33kV  to  400kV  level  in 
                different  parts  of  the  country  under  different  environmental  conditions  for  the  prestigious 
                clients including  government organisations & private parties.
         •      Continuous  growth  of  the  Hythro  Group  from  USD  12.9  Million  in  FY  2006-07  to  USD  167 
                Million in FY 2010-11. 

(** Accomplishments by Hythro Power & its subsidiaries)
                                                                                 Contact Details

                                          CONTACT ADDRESSES
               TECPRO HOUSE,                                  Ph:   +91 124 4880100/200/300/400
Head Office:   Plot 78, Sector 34,NH-8,                       Fax: +91 124 4880354
               Gurgaon-122001                                 Email: 
                                                                         Project Glimpse

Transmission Lines   S.No. Client               Project Details
                     400kV Class & Above
                        1   Shree Cement        D/S/E/T/C  of  D/C line at Beawar ( Rajasthan)

                       2    Adani   Power       E/T/C of D/C Mundra-Zerda  Transmission line of GETCO

                       3    PGCIL               E/T/C of LILO D/C & S/C  Singrauli –Kanpur  Line

                       4    Aster               E/T/C of D/C Mundra - Varsana Transmission line of GETCO

                       5    Areva               D/C & S/C line associated with NTPC Sipat 

                       6    Sravanthi Infratech D/S of Quad Moose TL for 220MW Gas based Power Project 

                       7    KWPCL               D/S/E/T/C of TL for 2x600 MW KWPCL Raigarh Project, 
                            (Avantha  Power)    Chhattisgarh

                       8    Jyoti Structure     S/E/T/C of TL at WRSS-Maharashtra of RETL.
                                                                    Project Glimpse

Transmission Lines   S.No.   Client        Project Details
                     220 kV Class
                       1     UPPTCL        S/E/T/C of  D/C  Parichha- Mainpuri Line 
                       2     RSEB          E/T/C of S/C Bhilwara to Kankroli Line
                       3     UPPTCL        S/E/T/C of  D/C Transmission Line
                       4     PTCUL         S/E/T/C of  Rishikesh - Dharasu (I) & chamba - Dharasu 
                                           Transmission Line
                       5     HPPTCL        D/S/E/T/C of S/C TL from 220KV Palchan S/S  to 220KV A.D. 
                                           Hydro Switchyard 
                       6     Jaiprakash    S/E/T/C of D/C over line from Kunihar 220KV substation to JHCP 
                             Associates    Baga.
                       7     PTCUL         S/E/T/C of D/C line of Single Zebra (Rudrapur-Srinagar via 
                       8     RSEB          Ratangarh -Sikar -Rengus
                       9     KPTCL         D/S/E/T/C of Bastipura-Kushalnagara D/C T/L.
                       10    KPTCL         D/S/E/T/C of Shimoga-Huygonahalli LILO T/L.
                                                               Project Glimpse

Substation   S.No. Client                Project Details
             400kV Class
                1   PGCIL                D,S,E,T,C for bay extension works at 400kV Fatehabad S/S.
                2   PGCIL                D,S,E,T,C for bay extension works at 400kV Sonepat S/S -I, II 
                                         and125 MVAR Bus Reactor Bay .
               3   PGCIL                 D,S,E,T,C for bay extension works at 400kV Hosur S/S.
               4   PGCIL                 D,S,E,T,C for bay extension works at 400kV Madurai S/S for 
                                         63 MVar Karaikudi line reactor.
               5   PGCIL                 D,S,E,T,C for bay extension works at 400kV Trichy S/S.
               6   PGCIL                 D,S,E,T,C for bay extension works at 400kV Udumalpeth S/S.
               7   PGCIL (Thru BHEL)     E,T,C of 400/220 kV Thiruvananthapuram S/S.
               8   PGCIL (Thru BHEL)     E,T,C of 400 kV Madurai S/S (extension bays).
               9   TNEB (Thru BHEL)      E,T,C of 400/30/110 kV Alamathy switchyard.
              10   PGCIL (Thru ABB)      E,T,C of 400/220 kV Hiriyur S/S.
              11   KPTCL( Thru BHEL)     E,T,C of 400 kV Guttur switchyard (extension bays)
              12   IRCON International   E,T,C of 400 kV Mapusa S/S
              13   PGCIL(Thru Alstom)    E,T,C of 400 kV Upper Indravati S/S.
              14   NLC (Thru TATA        E,T,C of 400/220/33 kV Neyveli S/S.
              15   UPCL (Thru Alstom)    E,T,C of 400/220 kV Muzzafarnagar switchyard.
                                                                  Project Glimpse

Substation   S.No.   Client                 Project Details
             220 KV Class
               1    KPTCL (Thru Alstom)     S,E,T,C of 220/110/66kV MRS Shimoga switchyard.
               2     KPTCL                  D,S,E,T,C of 220/66/11 kV Huygonahalli substation.
               3     KPTCL                  D,S,E,T,C of 220/66 kV & 66/11 kV Naganathapura S/S.
               4     KPTCL                  D,S,E,T,C of establishing 220/66 kV Kushalnagar substation.
               5     Delhi TRANSCO Ltd.     E,T,C for 230/33 kV switchyard.
                     (Thru BHEL)
               6     NLC (Thru L&T)         E,T,C of 220/11 kV Neyvelli switchtyard.
               7     GRIDCO, Orissa         E,T,C for 220/33 kV Barkote & Rairak switchyard.
                     (Thru TATA Projects)
               8     Tanir Bavi Power       E,T,C of 220 kV Mangalore S/S.
                     Company(Thru ABB)
               9     BGR Energy             E/T/C of 230/11kV GIS Substation at Hyundai Motors India 
              10     BSES Limited           E/T/C of 220/11 KV , 2x40 MVA , 2 bay switchyard
                     Our Accomplishments

Mr.  Amul  Gabrani, 
Chairman  &  Managing 
Director(L)  and  Mr.  Ajay 
Kumar  Bishnoi,  Director(R) 
receiving  the “SME of the
Year”  & “Most Promising
SME in Power & Telecom
Sector”  – CRISIL  powered 
Emerging India Awards
2012,on  behalf  of  Hythro 
Power Corporation Ltd.
Working Experience In Snow

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