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Flickr� Series “InPhoto” Information Sheets

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									In eDiscovery, are you being tricked rather than treated?
Avoid being tricked with OneO® at

Fully Integrated. Web Accessible. Forensically Sound.
eDiscovery with no Tricks @

The OneO® Discovery Platform

is an application-level integrated, web-accessible, forensically sound electronic discovery platform that enables online analytics, processing, and review of data from the security of a hosted centralized repository without the purchasing requirement of additional hardware and/or software. Based on its third-generation architecture, users can also easily transfer data to and from other solutions to take best advantage of the analytics, processing, and review from OneO®.

Analyze data to get an early understanding of the key files,
times, and people involved in potential litigation. • Data Indexing • Data Reduction and Organization • Data Understanding • Early Case Assessment

Process appropriate data as determined
• Data Filtering • Data Deduplication • Metadata Extraction • Full Text Extraction

during Early Case Assessment with key capabilities to include:

Review processed data with an integrated and intuitive
tool that provides reviewers with key features such as: • Foreign Language Support • Web Based Users Access • Integrated Collaboration • Audit and Report Customization

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