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									Town Council Minutes Public Hearings and Regular Town Council Meeting July 14, 2009 Council Members (C/M) present: C/M Walker, C/M Moss, C/M James, V/M Paige. C/M Harris (7:12) C/M absent: C/M Corona Others present: Mayor Toney, Peggy Johnson, Clerk; Tana Knott, Farmville Herald; Sandra Moss, resident; Margaret Stout, business owner. The meeting was held at the Town Hall building at 1030 Main Street, Dillwyn, VA, on July 14, 2009, at 7:00 p.m. The invocation was by C/M Walker and the Pledge of Allegiance was led by Mayor Toney. The Mayor asked the council if there were any changes or corrections to the June minutes. V/M Paige noted on page 2, under Committee reassignments that ‘elections’ should be ‘election’; the removal of a period (.) after ‘It was agreed to move item 8.’ And add a comma after ‘8’ and ‘Comprehensive Plan’; page 3 under Ordinances, add ‘response from’ after ‘Still waiting on’. Motion made by C/M Moss and seconded by V/M Paige to accept the minutes as corrected. Motion passed unanimously. Ayes: C/M Moss, C/M Walker, C/M James, V/M Paige Nays: none Mayor Toney greeted the visitors. Mayor Toney opened the floor for the public hearing on the 2009-2010 Budget. C/M Harris arrived. V/M Paige stated that the budget committee had met and that the finances are tight, but there would not be an increase in taxes. The Mayor asked if there was any further discussion. As there were no comments, Mayor Toney closed the public hearing Budget Committee: V/M Paige made a recommendation to the council for the budget committee to accept the budget report as presented by the budget committee, as submitted and presented in the public hearing. Motion was made by C/M Walker and seconded by V/M Paige to accept the budget as submitted. Motion passed unanimously. Ayes: C/M Moss, C/M Harris, C/M Walker, C/M James, V/M Paige Nays: none Comprehensive Plan: Mayor stated that the plan was adopted in the June meeting and asked if there were any questions or comments since that meeting. Transportation Enhancement Project: The Clerk stated that LPDA has submitted final plans to VDOT, Carolyn France, on Thursday, July 9, 2009, with all the comments addressed per the reviews. Ordinance Committee: C/M Moss stated that there was nothing to report at this time. Page 1, July 14, 2009

Litter Committee: C/M Walker advised that she is in possession of the award for Thomas Insurance Agency and will deliver this to them shortly. It was noted that this was the only submission this year, no resident entries and only one business entry. The committee is to review other options next year. Street Maintenance Committee: - Street lights: There was nothing to report at this time. - Ground hogs: The Clerk advised that Donald Shumaker has offered to set traps in sections over a five (5) day period for $85.00 per day, total $425.00. Motion made by C/M Moss and seconded by C/M Walker, to accept offer with an action plan and authorize Mr. Shumaker to do the job. The Clerk was requested to send a letter to all residents about this effort. The motion passed as follows: Ayes: C/M James, C/M Harris, C/M Walker, C/M Moss Nays: V/M Paige. C/M James wanted it to be known that this is a one-time service. - Yards, etc.: C/M Harris stated that the strip on Hancock Street has not been mowed (Dot Seay’s property). Part of this land belongs to the town. Since this is part of the right of way belonging to Dominion Virginia Power, the Clerk was asked to send a letter to Dominion Virginia Power, with copy to Mrs. Seay, asking if they could clean up the property. The Clerk stated that all other property owners, with the exception of White Oak Land and Mr. Spessard have mowed the grass. C/M Moss stated that the back yard of the Wilbanks/Cramer house still needs to be mowed. The Clerk stated that she has contacted Bank of America about this property. V/M Paige stated that she has been contacted by a Mr. Otto Washington concerning the land between Mr. Booker and Mr. Powell which belongs to the late Mr. B. E. Walker (Executor Paul Gillis). She will report to the contact advising that the property has been mowed. C/M James will notify the neighbors around the property about the mowing. The Clerk is checking with Talbott Lawn Care for quotes on mowing the properties belonging to White Oak Land and Mr. Spessard. The quotes will be included in the letter to each of these property owners. The Clerk also noted that Koppers needs to trim around the piles of lumber on their lot. C/M Moss recommended a letter be sent to Mary Ross for the effort she has made in keeping her yard clean. Ellis Acres Memorial Park: C/M James advised that the park has held two (2) picnics and has had a good response to both. The executive board is seeking bids, for the repair of the exterior of the shop building, which are due July 23. CATA (Charlottesville Area Tennis Association) still wants to meet on July 21 with the park’s executive board about tennis courts. The tables, trash can holders, etc. now have donation plaques attached to show who donated the items. UNFINISHED BUSINESS: Ordinances/Sheriff Dept: V/ M Paige had talked some with Sheriff Kidd and needs to get back with him again. Page 2, July 14, 2009

R. G. Moss Electric, Christmas lights: Motion made by C/M Walker and seconded by C/M James for the Clerk to contact Mr. Moss about setting a date to meet with the council and address the repairs to the town Christmas lights. Motion passed unanimously. Ayes: C/M Moss, C/M Harris, C/M Walker, C/M James, V/M Paige Nays: none Flag hangings: Mayor Toney stated that Mr. Adams has advised that the Boy Scouts will continue hanging the flags. NEW BUSINESS: Upcoming meetings: Main Street Toolkit, Winchester, VA, July 29-30, 2009. Motion made by C/M Walker and seconded by C/M James for the town to pay the expenses (conference fees, hotel and travel) for C/M Moss to attend this meeting. Motion passed unanimously. Ayes: C/M Moss, C/M Harris, C/M Walker, C/M James, V/M Paige Nays: none Outstanding business licenses: The Clerk was advised to start legal action to collect the money owed for these licenses. Other items: The Clerk advised of the zoning permit approved for Mr. Newton for repairs to the porch at 99 Conner Street. The Clerk also presented the FEMA Unified Hazard Mitigation Grant Program and a map of the Virginia broadband coverage. Mayor Toney advised that the county is applying for Tobacco funds for a sign announcing the broadband at the Industrial Park. The Clerk advised that the June CD from Bank of America renewed at 1.25%, and that two other CDs are up for renewal: July 17 at Central Virginia Bank (CVB) and July 27 at Bank of America (BOA). The Clerk is to check interest rates and advise council. C/M Walker suggested for the Clerk to look at BOA’s opt-up program. Trails grant meeting, July 17 VA Cooperative Extension offering Poverty Reduction Taskforce’s Conversations on Poverty to be held at each community college July 18, 10 AM to 12 noon. The Clerk advised that Maxey-Hines & Associates has notified the town of a survey they are doing for Mrs. Staton and is offering their services to the other property owners in the block. The Clerk is to call Maxey-Hines and to ask for a quote. The Clerk stated that Mr. John O’Bryant, Dillwyn Fire Dept.Treasurer, has returned the fire grant application and it has been notarized and mailed. The Clerk presented the paperwork for a Pay Request from DHCD in the amount of $31,500.00 of the $35,000.00 planning grant. Motion made by C/M Moss and seconded by C/M Walker to give authorization to the Mayor to sign papers for the request. Motion passed

Page 3, July 14, 2009

unanimously. Ayes: C/M Moss, C/M Harris, C/M Walker, C/M James, V/M Paige Nays: none V/M Paige made a motion and seconded by C/M James to go to closed session to discuss personal matters not related to public business in an effort to protect the privacy of an individual under Code of Virginia, 2.2.3711.A.4. Motion passed unanimously. Ayes: C/M Moss, C/M Harris, C/M Walker, C/M James, V/M Paige Nays: none Return to regular session. Certification that to the best of each member’s knowledge only public business matters as were identified by the motion by which the closed meeting was convened were heard, discussed, and considered. There was no action taken as the result of the closed session. As there was no further discussion, Mayor Toney entertained a motion for adjourning the meeting. Meeting adjourned at 8:30 PM by motion made by C/M Moss and seconded by V/M Paige. Motion passed unanimously. Ayes: C/M Moss, V/M Paige, C/M Harris, C/M Walker, C/M James Nays: none Minutes scribed by,

Peggy N. Johnson Clerk/Treasurer

Page 4, July14, 2009

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