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					Humane Society of Pulaski County
Volunteer Application
Please send completed application to:

                           Last Name              First Name            Age (if under 18)     Today’s Date
Please be as complete
as possible in your        Click here to enter    Click here to enter   Click here to enter   Click here to enter
answers.                   text.                  text.                 text.                 a date.
Junior applicants
                           Address                City                State                  Zip Code
(under 18) please
answer as many             Click here to enter    Click here to enter Click here to enter    Click here to enter
questions as you can.      text.                  text.               text.                  text.
Be sure to print your      Home Phone                    Work Phone                  Cell Phone
answers clearly in         (     )     -                 (      ) -                  (     )     -
blue or black ink.
                           Email Address:
                           Click here to enter text.

                           Requested Orientation Date:
                           You will be contacted via email when a volunteer orientation has been scheduled.

                           Name of local person to contact in case of emergency:
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                           Contact Phone:
                           (  )    -

Tell us why (besides a     Click here to enter text.
love for animals) you
want to volunteer at the
HSPC Shelter.


Check the areas in         Animal Experience:
which you have
                           ☐Veterinary Hospital          ☐ Horses                      ☐ Animal Breeding
                           ☐ Dog Grooming                ☐ Obedience/Training          ☐ Dog or Cat Shows
                           ☐ Cat Grooming                ☐ Dog Agility Training        ☐ Emergency Services
                           ☐ Horse Grooming              ☐ Wildlife rehabilitation     ☐ Farm Animals
                           ☐ Pet Sitting/Boarding        ☐ Boarding Kennel
                           Other Experience, Special Skills, Strengths, and Talents:

                           ☐ Gardening                   ☐ Painting                    ☐ Sewing
                           ☐ Sales                       ☐ Landscaping                 ☐ Teaching
                           ☐ Farm equipment              ☐ Supervision                 ☐ Working with children
Experience (cont’d)
                          Humane Society of Pulaski County Volunteer Application

                           ☐ Graphic Arts                  ☐ Carpentry                  ☐ Special events
                           ☐ Clerical                      ☐ Public relations           ☐ Marketing
                           ☐ Web design                    ☐ Fundraising                ☐ Volunteer coordination
                           ☐ Writing                       ☐ Photography                ☐ Calligraphy
                           ☐ Computers                     ☐ Crafts                     ☐ Public speaking

Areas of Interest
Please check               ☐ Dog Walking/Socializing           ☐ Adoption Assistant           ☐ Public Relations
all areas
                           ☐ Cat Attendance/Socializing        ☐ Fundraising                  ☐ Landscaping
of interest
                           ☐ Dog Bather/Grooming               ☐ Events: Day of Event         ☐ Housekeeping
                           ☐ Feeding                           ☐ Antique Booth/Yard Sales     ☐ Carpentry
                           ☐ Pet-assisted therapy              ☐ Puppy Love                   ☐ Painting
                           ☐ Foster Care                       ☐ Humane Education             ☐ Receptionist
                           ☐Shelter Birthday Parties           ☐Office Support                ☐Information desk


Please read the     1.   Those interested in becoming volunteers should plan to attend an orientation session
volunteer                to learn about the various opportunities available to HSPC volunteers followed by a
guidelines at            tour of the shelter. Immediately following the orientation and tour, there will be in-
right carefully.         shelter training for volunteers who want to work hands-on with the animals in the
They contain             kennels or who are just planning to escort them to community events. It is also
important                recommended that new in-shelter volunteers continue to work with mentors (Senior
information              Volunteers) until they are comfortable and reasonably acquainted with its residents.
the Shelter’s       2.   The key to success and personal fulfillment with working in-shelter is committing time
rules and                each week when possible to learn the various personalities of the animals. There is
policies.                nothing like the special bonds that form between shelter animals and the volunteers
                         that nurture them.

                    3.   The minimum age to volunteer is 18 years old in order to lead/control animals. Shelter
                         volunteers that are under 18 years of age must volunteer with their parent or legal
                         guardian, who shall also be a shelter volunteer, at all times. These youth volunteers
                         may interact with animals inside the dog park, home again room, cat room and in other
                         controlled environments.

                    4.   In order to safely control shelter animals, it is recommended that volunteers use an
                         HSPC-approved slip lead on most dogs. In the case of some special breeds with large
                         necks and flat noses, clip leads may be more appropriate. Slip leads may be
                         purchased at the shelter or online.

                    5.   Volunteers should be polite and helpful at all times. All people and animals are to be
                         treated with respect and courtesy. For their own safety and in the best interest of the
                         animals, volunteers should adhere to the rules explained in the training as it pertains to
                         animals handling.

                    6.   Volunteers should refer questions from the public regarding HSPC Shelter policies to
                         the HSPC Shelter Manager, Board members or supervisory staff and maintain
                         confidentiality in regards to Shelter clients and business.

                    7.   We know there will always be questions and concerns, and please feel free to contact

                            Humane Society of Pulaski County Volunteer Application

                          any of the Board members or Senior Volunteers for guidance. If you prefer, you may
Guidelines                contact the Board President at Your name will remain
(cont’d)                  confidential if you wish.

                     8.   Volunteers should be willing to accept the guidance and decisions of the staff person
                          responsible for volunteer activities. Problems and disagreements should be brought to
                          the attention of the HSPC Manager or a Board member.

                     9.   In order to keep track of volunteer hours which may qualify us for grants, we ask that
                          volunteers log in/out daily in the lobby of the HSPC Shelter.

                    10.   As you know, working with animals at the shelter is different from working in an office.
                          It requires the kind of attire that you would wear doing any work where you could get
                          dirty, wet, muddy, scratched, etc. Such items as short shorts, sandals, and dangling
                          jewelry add to the risk of injuries.

                    11.   Smoking is allowed only in designated areas (see HSPC Supervisor).

                    12.   Volunteers should leave all valuables locked in vehicle’s trunk or at home.

                    13.   In order to easily identify volunteers who work in a public access area, we suggest the
                          purchase and wearing of an HSPC Volunteer T-shirt (approx. $10 which may be
                          purchased or special ordered the day of orientation) or a name badge.

                    14.   Due to quarantines and certain abuse cases, some areas of the shelter are accessible
                          to staff and specially trained volunteers only.

                    15.   Guests of volunteers should be introduced to the Shelter Supervisor upon arrival. The
                          volunteer is responsible for the conduct of his/her guest.

                    16.   Volunteers are considered extremely valuable. However, a volunteer may be
                          disqualified from further participation for unsafe practices, misconduct or serious failure
                          to follow rules and policies.

                    17.   A parent or legal guardian is required to sign paperwork for volunteers under 18 years
                          of age. We reserve the right to release a volunteer under 18 years of age from his or
                          her volunteer position if we feel the situation is potentially unsafe for the child or the

                    18.   Accidents or injuries to either a person or animal should be reported to the HSPC
                          Manager or Supervisory Personnel immediately.

Volunteer Initials: Click here to enter text. Date: Click here to enter a date.

                             Humane Society of Pulaski County Volunteer Application

Waiver and Release of Liability

For adult               -   Tetanus Information: I understand that because I or my child (if applicant is under 18)
volunteers or               may handle animals, it is important to discuss the tetanus vaccine with my physician.
parents/legal           -   I release Humane Society of Pulaski County from all responsibility that may occur
guardians of                because of my not pursuing this matter further and I understand whatever decision I
volunteers under            make is at my own risk.
the age                 -   I have read, understand and agree to the above tetanus information.
of 18:                  -   In the event of an emergency, I hereby give Humane Society of Pulaski County
Please read                 permission to seek medical attention for myself or my child (if applicant is under 18.)
this information &      -   I give permission for Humane Society of Pulaski County to photograph me or my child
sign your consent           for use in any HSPC publication, educational, or advertising purposes the HSPC may
if you accept               designate.
these terms.            -   I acknowledge and understand that as a volunteer of Humane Society of Pulaski
                            County, I, or my child (if applicant is under 18) are not covered by Humane Society of
                            Pulaski County’s workers compensation or any other insurance policy for any damages
                            or injuries I, or my child, may sustain during volunteer activities.
                        -   On behalf of myself, my children, my heirs, assignees, guardians, personal and
                            legal representatives and executors, I hereby release, discharge, indemnify and
                            hold harmless Humane Society of Pulaski County, its officers, directors, and
                            employees for any and all claims, demands, losses, costs, liabilities, damages,
                            personal injuries and property damage, connected with my or my child’s
                            volunteer services to Humane Society of Pulaski County whether caused directly
                            or indirectly by any negligence (active or passive) attributable to Humane
                            Society of Pulaski County, its officers, directors or employees.

Click here to enter text.                                                              Click here to enter a date.
Volunteer Signature, or if under 18 years, Parent or Guardian Signature                Date


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