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High School Specialty Camp: Passing, Defense, and Serving

Camp Date: July 15, 16, 17, & 18

At Brandywine Volleyball Club we are proud to run some of the most successful and popular summer camps in the
area. All of our camps are open to any high school player, regardless of school or club affiliation. Our camps are all
instructed by our USAV-certified Brandywine coaches, and we emphasize a rotating schedule of training drills so that
all players will be instructed by each coach at various points in the practice sessions.

One important feature of all of our camps is a quality player : coach ratio, usually around 6 : 1. We feel that it in
order to get the most out of a camp experience, all players should have the opportunity to get individualized
attention from each coach. We do this by limiting the number of campers (so that they can be placed in small groups)
and by rotating coaches so each coach can work with each player

Coaching Staff

All of our camp coaches are USAV-certified Brandywine Volleyball coaches. Camp head instructors include:

All of our camp coaches are USAV-certified Brandywine Volleyball coaches. Camp instructors includes coaches from
our Brandywine Volleyball Club Season Staff. All coaches are IMPACT certified and have received the highest level of
training here at Brandywine Volleyball Club

Camp Curriculum

At this specialty camp, we focus on the important “first contact” skills of passing, defense, and serving. At any level of
volleyball, the team that controls the ball best is usually the team that wins, so any player with strong ball control is
automatically more valuable to his or her team.
A sample practice session:

6:30 – 7:30, Ball Control Circuit

            Underhand/forearm passing mechanics and technique
            Overhand passing mechanics and technique
            Floor skills (diving, sprawling, pancake)
            Court-coverage and movement
            Digging hard-driven spikes

7:30 - 8:30, Serving and Passing

           Small-group passing activites
           Individual serving instruction
           Learning to serve short and deep, as well as jump-serving
           Common serve-receive patterns
           Reading the server, communicating, transition to coverage

8:30 – 9:30, Game-Situation Defense Training

           Small-group (2 or 3-person) games
           Learning how to “read” the hitter
           Court coverage and areas of responsibility
           Applying technical skills to game situations
           Full 6-person defense training against live hitters

Our goal is to help each player as an individual. Please let us know the specific skills you want to improve the most
and we will find individual time for personalized instruction to help you get better!
Summer Camp 2013 Registration Form

Please mail all payment ($250 per camp) to:

107 Center Court
Wilmington, DE 19810

Player Name:                                                    School/Grade:
                                                                (Fall 2013)

Mother’s Name:                                                  Father’s Name:

Mother’s email and                                              Father’s email and
phone #:                                                        phone #:

Address:                                                        Insurance

Playing Experience:

Shirt Size:                                                     Height:
(S, M, L, XL)
Please indicate below which camps you intend to participate in:
Defense, Passing, and Serving (July 15 - 18):
Hitting and Blocking (July 22 - 25)
Setting (July 22 - 25)
All-Skills (August 5 - 8)
Since our camps fill every year, we can offer no refunds after June 1, 2013, as we would have to turn away players for that
camp spot. Please sign below indicating that you understand and agree to this policy. By signing below, you also indicate
that you are medically cleared to play by a licensed physician and you understand the risks of participating in sport, and
agree to receive instruction from Brandywine Volleyball Club and its coaches and hereby release Brandywine Volleyball
Club and its agents, administrators, trustees, and coaching staff from all liability from personal injury, death, and property
damage or loss which may arise from the participation in activities and do further agree to demand, indemnify, and save
harmless Brandywine Volleyball Club from any and all claims.


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