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									Coupar Angus Bulletin
Issue 1 November 2005

Welcome to the new Coupar Angus Bulletin
WELCOME to the first issue of the Coupar Angus Bulletin. This monthly newsletter brought to you by the Coupar Angus Regeneration Trust and the Coupar Angus, Bendochy and Ardler Community Council, has been launched to improve communication within our area. We hope that you will find the format fun and informative.
Funding for this free monthly publication has been secured in the short term by a grant from the Scottish Community Foundation and a successful coffee morning organised by the community with support from St Anne’s Church and the Athole Bakery. CART and the Community Council would like to extend a huge thank you to all who supported the coffee morning which raised £162. viduals to share information relating to the month ahead. The success of the Bulletin is dependant on the information contained within it. Please use it to advertise forthcoming events, news and appeals on behalf of community groups. Future issues of the Coupar Angus Bulletin will be available by collection from local outlets The possibility of circulating the Bulletin electronically to those in the town with internet access is also being considered, in order to reduce production costs. Please contact CART at if you are interested in receiving the bulletin electronically.

CART would like to extend an invitation to anyone who maybe interested in supporting the publication either by helping its The Bulletin will run as a monthly newspreparation, with ideas for future funding letter and is intended to be used by comand its circulation, to contact Rachel or munity groups, organisations and indiRona.

Dates for your diary
4th Nov at 7.30pm 7th Nov at 7.30pm 11th Nov at 7.30pm 14th Nov at 7.30pm 15th Nov at 7.30pm 22nd Nov 5pm-8pm 27th Nov at 8.30am 30th Nov at 7pm Heritage Association talk on Bee Keeping Bingo Tea - TocH Bingo Tea—CA Primary School Community Council Meeting Friends of Larghan Park Blood Transfusion Service Coupar Angus Illuminators CART Public Meeting TocH Hall Town Hall Town Hall Town Hall Town Hall Town Hall The Cross YWCA

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Friends of lar

Coupar Angus Bulletin
ghan park
Chair: Gordon Croll Secretary: Sharon Lamond Treasurer: Julie Dunlop Vice Chair: Steve Coram Group No. 19 PKC Parks Dev. Officer

From 30th August The Friends of Larghan Park will work alongside Perth & Kinross Council to discuss, advise and assist on a range of issues such as: Improving the Play Area Raising visitor numbers Improving safety to and within the park Provision for older/younger people Improving picnic/planting areas Sport/Recreational activities And Pavilion provision Toilets Larghan Park is YOUR park!

The Good Ol’ Days...
Tell us what you want to see there in the future; how it can better provide for you, your friends and your family. What, Where, When, How

Special points of

Lets put Larghan Park back on the map! No matter where your from, what you do or how old you are, your input, thoughts and ideas are valuable!

Got any IDEAS? Find out more!
Sharon Lamond (Sec) 627803 Erin Griffith (PKC Off.) 01738 475230

interest: YOUTH - we want to hear your voices! How can the park meet your needs? Next Meeting — 15 Nov 7:30pm Town Hall, All WELCOME How can the park be developed to BEST SUIT ALL residents of CA?

Be the change

you want to

November 2005

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Blairgowrie Freedom Coach Association
The Blairgowrie Freedom Coach Association is running a pilot project for 6 months designed to give people who are unable to access public transport because of reduced mobility or because there is only limited or no public transport available. The standard charge is £1.50 and the bus is available to pick people up from their door and take them to the destination of their choice within Coupar Angus and then return them back home. We are looking to extend the service to Meigle and Blairgowrie and arrange a fortnightly trip to Blairgowrie. Further information is available from Charlie Bisset, Blairgowrie Freedom Coach Association on 01250 874246 or Sue Cole, Strathmore & the Glens

Christmas Lights
The Coupar Angus Illuminators will be putting up the Christmas lights with the assistance of the Coupar Angus Fire Brigade on Sunday 27th November at 8.30am. All willing hands will be greatly appreciated and rewarded with breakfast!! The Christmas Lights will be officially switched on during the afternoon of Sunday 4th December. To coincide with the Christmas Light switch on RELAX will be holding a free family arts workshop to make Christmas lanterns. This workshop will be held on between 10-12 on Saturday 3rd December in the YWCA building. Please look out for posters nearer the time or contact Shirley McGregor on 628588 for further information.

RELAX Exhibition
RELAX will be holding an exhibition at 2 Causewayed for the week beginning 14th November. The theme of this exhibition is recycled fashion and was inspired by the G8 summit in July. Since then the group have been working with an art worker to create fashion items from household rubbish or things that would normally have been thrown out. Please come in to view our exhibits and pick up information about recycling. Almost twothirds of all UK household waste is packaging!!!! Relax meets on a Friday at Coupar Angus Primary School between 911.30am

Path Planning in Coupar Angus
nity to identify which routes are important within their own area and fit in well with Do you know of some good routes farming and other which might need a land management practices. Many bit of a tidy up to paths will already make them easier exist but might be and nicer to use? in need of attenWould you like to tion, others are yet see more paths to be created but created in and could provide usearound Coupar ful new links beAngus so you could tween paths or get off the roads places of interest.

Do you and your family like to walk or jog or ride bikes or horses?

and around Blairgowrie. Paths are being constructed, way marked and a promotional leaflet is being produced.

Paths networks are not just good for Coupar Angus those who live loRegeneration Trust cally, they can also Registered charity attract more visiSC 0349341 tors and tourists. Ground Floor Office A In time the core Royal Bank Building paths plan for Union Street Perth & Kinross will Coupar Angus link communities Phone: 01828 628569 identifying routes and away from the Email: Access Officers which are suitable traffic? from Perth & Kinfor walkers, cyclists Would your chilross Council are and other recreaworking with com- tional users. With Coupar in Clover dren walk to school if there was munity paths only 4 miles beDue to the retirement a suitably safe groups throughout tween Coupar Anof Jo Kettles, who route they could Perth and Kinross gus and Blairgowrie tirelessly worked to take? to help collect the the creation of a improve the image of information and safe route between Do you own land the town, there is no which offers some draw up the paths the communities longer a local “ingood access oppor- networks on paper. seems like a very bloom” community These plans are good idea! tunities? group. With widecalled core paths If you would like to spread concern over To conform with plans and will be play a part in planthe appearance of the Land Reform taken forward for our town this is one (Scotland) Act new formal adoption by ning your community paths please opportunity where networks of paths the Council in register your interwilling hands can are being planned 2008. There is alest by calling Robmake a difference. by communities ready a paths net- bie Gordon on and councils. It is Anyone interested in work taking shape 01738 475348. getting involved is up to each commu- on the ground in asked to contact Rona or Rachel at Community Council CART. Everyone is welcome to come and listen at CC meetings. You may be allowed to address the meeting though normally this will require 7 days written notice to the secretary. Our job is to represent your views to PKC , the Police and other authorities. Cllr Grant and local police usually attend. SecretaryRanda Itani, 11 Sidlaw Crescent Coupar Angus.

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