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Jan 19 2013 - Source by hedongchenchen


									Allan Ralph Andrews, Bakersfield, CA 93308
Born Sept 13th 1939 Long Beach CA, 4:03 AM
The following written Jan 13th 2013. On pages 702 and
703 of his history of Western Philosophy, Bertrand
Russell points out that a complete solipsism is the natural
conclusion of the works of Berkeley, Hume, Locke and
Leibnitz. My awareness is a windowless monad. I
believe in the world and interact with it as a construct of
my windowless monad. I have no reason to give up my
monad. The solution is in the complementarity shown in
Kant and its later development in Hegel. My inability to
handle the antimony between the simple and the
complex and the infinite and the finite and the
contingent and the necessary, the open and the
determinate, as shown in Kant’s Critique of Pure Reason,
suggests no need for a window in my monad, but rather
as Leibnitz, to allow for another world complementary to
my internal world, not because any rational principle
suggests it, but for practical reason because it gives me
pleasure to do so. Like any child, I allow for things
happening beyond my private world because it helps me
experience what satisfies my longings. The world of
ordinary language is such a world. I have no need to
follow the rules of this world of ordinary language except
to gain things that I want, and as Julius Kovesi points out,
in his work Moral Notions, this ordinary language world,
the youngest daughter yin complementary to my
youngest son yang monad, is able to satisfy my notions
associated with human needs fulfillment, but this system
of needs fulfillment carries with it a language community
based system of moral rules.

Suppose I accept a Hegel and Kant based metaphysics to
complement my private rational world because of the
needs fulfilling satisfaction it can give me. Suppose I use
the framework of the I Ching, suggested in my previous
writings, with the Finite as Earth Trigram complementary
to the Infinite as Heaven, the simple impression as
Mountain complementary to the complex as Lake, the
necessary ideal as Wind complementary to the
contingent as Thunder, the open as Flame
complementary to systems order and the determinate as
Water Pit.
This order begins with an infinite flux in the Heaven
Trigram of eldest son yang energy and the middle son
yang boundless infinite whole that generates the
improbable in youngest son yang. The smallest amount
of the improbable possible is the most probable
improbable, hence youngest son yang begins with the
infinitesimal isolated almost nothing that is so tiny that it
turns upon itself and reverts within itself turning energy
into passion and system into information, turning
integration into pleasure and disintegration into pain.
Isolated it is the infinitesimal moment of here and now
time, associated with other moments it become time and
space and ultimately relativistic space time as youngest
son yang converts to youngest daughter yin and the
integration of all things in middle son yang becomes the
disintegration of all things in middle daughter yin as the
quantum particular of the atomic world.

Thus, I accept the world of science and its associated
areas of technology, evolution, and social science in
order to satisfy my private needs, but the magical private
world of the isolated self, its existential freedom in Flame
Trigram, its ideals and purpose in Wind, its impressions
and notions in Mountain, and its romantic hopes and
inspirations in Heaven Trigram, these are all necessarily
prior to the rational world of Water Pit Trigram, the
scientific world of Earth Trigram, the practical world of
Thunder Trigram, and the mythological realm of Lake. A
healthy metaphysics is a balance between all of these
which avoids an excess of any temper, realistic in Earth
and romantic in Heaven, radical in Flame and traditional
in Water Pit, classical in Wind and expressionist in
Thunder, impressionist in Mountain and post-
impressionist in Lake. Not because any of these are true
or false, but because any excess traps the participant in
the unhealthy histrionic places we see Protestants take
up, Buddhist schizoid practice, Hindu schizotypal, Daoist
avoidant, Orthodox Christian and Shiite masochism and
Zen Buddhist and Shinto sadism, borderline Catholic
Christianity, dependent Islam, compulsive Jewish
religion, paranoid Jainism, narcissistic New Age,
antisocial cults like the old Thuggi of India, the skeptic is
trapped in a negativistic passive aggressive mode and the
believer in a dogmatic depression. The public world is
ruled by utilitarian and pragmatic practice, we do what
we do not because of theoretical reason, but because of
practical necessity.

This system is ruled by Whitehead’s God out of a Heaven
Trigram where Shiva is flux, Vishnu is its infinite
extension, and Brahma is the improbable emerging
through the cognitive system associated with the
anthropic monad of the creative observer, calling up an
improbable Eternal Object in Wind Trigram out of
contrast in Flame and prehensions in Mountain,
generated out of actual occasions in Earth and events in
Thunder associated with propositions in Water Pit and
nexi in Lake. Middle son yang is Vishnu is the Hen One of
Plotinus and the Nous it creates is the eldest daughter
yin information system dialed up by the energy of eldest
son yang. Together these are the Nous and the mother
father aspect of the Hen One Elohim Dao Brahman
Nirvana Allah God. But these are not in doubt. Even the
atheist does not doubt the scientist’s ability to apply the
Nous of mathematics to the Hen One of the cosmos. It is
the nature of the psyche pneuma, the youngest son yang
creative infinitesimal existential inexistence that is in

I see a gradual evolution in which the expanding monads
of the hidden private world of the isolated infinitesimal
gradually become public and expand their attachments
to associate with the evolution of new systems and new
worlds in the progressive expansion of universal
intelligence and life. These attachments develop in
systems of internal development not unlike the
suggestions made in Daoist, Buddhist, and Hindu
metaphysics. In general, North America and Europe
appear to be more sophisticated in their approach to the
finite realm of science and Earth Trigram and East and
South Asia to the infinite realm of the romantic and the
possible in Heaven Trigram. The aboriginal areas of the
world appear to be more sophisticated in their
understanding, both of the radical possibility in the world
and its complex implications. The sophisticated cultures
have a finer awareness, however, of the need for
skepticism and careful reason in the consideration of the
above. So in the end, all are right and none are right,
because the whole issue is too complex for any simple or
final resolution. It is an elephant that is too large to
swallow, one culture getting a bite at its head and
another at its tail, but none coming up with much that is
very satisfying in explaining what it really is after all.

Allan Ralph Andrews, Bakersfield, CA.
Now this fits the infinite flux hypothesis. What do I wake
up as but as a human, a species with the only significant
cultural development on the planet, in a family where my
cousins have made significant cultural contributions to
that planet, but nowhere is there a species with the
accomplishments of a human, a planet with human like
beings on it. I am isolated and alone, which is what you
except if I am the infinitesimal monad of the improbable
called up out of the improbable in order to attach to the

Why can’t I remember my past lives, because my body is
a boat of souls with various past lives and their memories
conflict with mine. All are fighting to gain control of the
ship that gives them pleasure. Why does this body give
pleasure, because any kind of integration yields harmony
and pleasure, thus souls bringing their unique immortal
improbables together in the probable will generate joy
and pleasure that pushes against the pain and
displeasure that is the entropic mortal fate of the
probable. Yet the complex attachment prevents
resolution and clarity, my self knowledge is an
improbable that is drowned in the sea of the probable,
the noise of entropy that is the source of the
evolutionary complexity to which the soul has attached
in pursuit of pleasure.

The genetic knowledge and cultural information in the
body is knowledge of the practical world of the probable,
not of the magical world of the infinite flux out of which
my infinitesimal improbable has come. I am attracted to
the world because of its difference, because it is the
complementary objective practical opposite to my
imaginary subjective impractical excessiveness.
Futhermore, in dreams I return to the dreamships from
which my souls came, skeletal souls to the earths center,
cerebral executive area souls to the Sun and medulla and
autonomic souls to the Moon, or sympathetic nervous
system to Uranus and parasympathetic to Neptune, Left
Brain notions to Jupiter and Right Hemisphere
depression to Saturn, along with the souls of Kidney and
eliminative structures. My subjectivity is a integration of
an infinitely diverse smoke of infinitesimal bits that
returns in dreams to the Dreamtime timeless void of
possibility from which they came.

I am immortal because the infinitesimal cannot be
broken or destroyed by the contingency and brokenness
of the probable, my monad source is all ready too
refined, it passes through the probable without
significant effect. Besides, my monad memory is from
the infinite and cannot be effectively related to the finite.
What I attached to, and where I attach, is a reflection of
its immortal character forged in the infinity of time.
This monad of passion and awareness is the aristocracy
of existence. It is the isolated elite that generates the
world. But the world is its reflection in time and space,
its associations, the community of its attachments. It
relives its past lives in these attachments and
associations. In its dreams it returns to its boundless
origins in the cosmic becoming, in its awakening, it
repeats previous awakenings in the forms with which it
associates and in which it dissolves. The Moon may
contribute the souls of the circulatory system and
medulla, the Sun may contribute the souls of the
assimilatory system and the higher souls that rule the
executive areas of the cerebrum. Mars contributes
motor souls and Neptune souls of the parasympathetic
nervous system and lymphatic ducts. Uranus gives the
souls of the sense organs and the immune system,
Jupiter the pleasure centers, the left hemisphere of the
cerebrum, the mouth and respiratory system, Saturn, the
right hemisphere, pain, the anus and excretory system.
Mercury contributes souls of the nerves and Venus, souls
of the hypothalamus, pituitary, and endocrine glands.
Eris is the female reproductive system and Pluto is the
male. The souls of the skeleton come from deep within
the Earth itself.

Allan Andrews, Bakersfield, CA, Jan 13, 2013

Confucianism correctly points out the importance of
ancestry in dealing with Heaven Trigram origins because
souls tend to attach to families and ancestral lineages.
Daoism correctly points out the importance of rebirth in
various systems of lineages. It correctly points to the
souls present everywhere in everything, so that passion
indwells energy and primitive mind indwells information
structures, pleasure indwells harmonious construction
and pain and suffering indwell the particular and
disharmonious deconstruction. It correctly looks to a
compassionate hierarchy of these souls paralleling the
hierarchy of organization in the natural world. Buddhism
correctly looks to practices that emphasize mindfulness
and detachment as a way to emphasize the transcendent
and the harmonious relationship of the Buddha
infinitesimal sattva with the Nirvana One ultimate
beyond. Hinduism correctly identifies the karma to
dharma relationships that rule Heaven and Wind
Trigrams and the birth and rebirth cycles of the Jiva souls
described in Jainism. Christianity correctly speaks of the
Pneuma, Psyche, Soma order that rules the Mountain
Trigram as a reflection of the Father Hen One, Holy Spirit
Wisdom Nous and local Psyche, Pneuma that enters the
Mountain Trigram out of the Wind Trigram Form of the
Good. Wind Trigram enters the Water Pit Trigram as the
Buddhism One in middle son yang, the Dharma law in
eldest daughter yin and the space time world of the
Sanga, the congregation of believers in youngest
daughter yin. The soma, body, particular is the middle
daughter yin of quantum mechanics that generates the
visible world through the evolutionary thermodynamics
of Shiva a eldest son yang in the Thunder and Flame and
Lake Trigrams.

Higher levels of refinement allow the soul to attach to
higher more refined worlds of quantum mechanics that
operate at higher levels of vibration and smaller more
refined quanta that pass through our quantum world
unseen, reacting with this world only through the glue
provided by the relationship of the jiva soul infinitesimals
with the physical events to which they attached.
Buddhism and Hinduism provide methods of meditation
that allow the body to help its attached souls find more
refined systems to attach to in their sleep, pulling this
crude world toward a hidden harmony with higher more
refined systems that exist unseen to us in the dreamtime
beyond beyond.
Allan Ralph Andrews, Jan 13th 2013

Chinese philosophy handles the complex synthesis
symbolized by the Lake Trigram effectively, in the
interplay between youngest daughter yin Confucianism,
eldest son yang Daoism and middle son yang Chinese
Buddhism. So with South Asia and the Heaven Trigram
with youngest son yang Jainism, eldest son yang
Hinduism, and middle son yang South Asian Buddhism.
Christian and Neoplatonic philosophy approach the Wind
Trigram with the God of Plato and Spinoza dominating
the Hen One middle son yang, the rationalism of
Descartes and Aristotle in the rational wisdom of the
Nous, or Cosmic Mind of the eldest daughter yin, and the
phenomenology of the monad of Leibniz and the monitor
of Socrates in the Pneuma, Psyche of the Jiva youngest
son yang infinitesimal here and now subjective. In the
Mountain Trigram, the youngest son yang is the
phenomenological subjective of Berkeley, the eldest
daughter yin is the empirical rationalism of Locke, and
the middle daughter yin is the rational deconstruction
that is the logical conclusion of the philosophy of Hume.
All of this is broken to pieces in the radical opening that
is Flame Trigram. Here crude atoms and quantum events
form the basis of hells in the tamas guna that is the fear
and hate supported by middle daughter yin, the
purgatory of karma and dharma that is the reincarnation
systems of rajas guna and eldest son yang and the
salvation into the most refined systems that is the sattva
guna of the highest heavens in youngest son yang. These
heavens are ruled by true religions in the Budhisattvas of
middle son yang and the Water Pit Trigram. The
purgatory systems are ruled by the Dharma of the law of
eldest daughter yin, and the hells are ruled by the
deconstruction of the time and space of youngest
daughter yin by attachment to the fragmentation of all
things in the Maya that is middle daughter yin tamas
guna fear and hate.

Heaven Trigram is the infinite flux that generates these
systems. Wind Trigram is the improbable that is formed
out of the probable through evolution in endless time
and space. Water Pit Trigram is the astrological order
that results. Lake Trigram is the complex system of
reincarnation that results from this collective order.
Earth Trigram is the manifestation of this order in the
finite world and Thunder Trigram is the evolution as
entropy that causes it to gradually emerge from the
expansion of the void. Mountain Trigram and Flame
Trigram are the interaction of the subjective realm of
dreamtime possibility from Heaven Trigram in Earth
Trigram through the emergence of individual organisms
of various kinds associating an infinity of infinitesimal
souls with finite systems of measurable parts that allow
the unseen to attach to and to experience the seen.
Flame Trigram is the dynamic aspect of this emergence
and Mountain Trigram is its analytic result.
Heaven Trigram is the realm of the magic and the
romantic possibility that is God in Alfred North
Whiteheads process philosophy and Wind Trigram is the
classical idealism and metaphysics that is the Form of the
Good and the Eternal Objects that it generates. Flame
Trigram is the unseen freedom that it endlessly opens up
that is expressed through Art and Mountain Trigram is
the simple analysis and empiricism that results (the
realm of Whitehead’s prehensions) that is expressed
through Philosophy. Earth is the measurable effects seen
as Actual Occasions and understood through Science.
Thunder is the practical expression in events and
developed in business and the practical arts. Water Pit is
the resulting order and government of all things, the
rational propositions, the set theory that is used to order
the resulting social structures. Lake Trigram is the
resulting mythology and literature, the symbolism and
dogma that generates various complex social
associations, as the resulting systems recombine and
develop various dialectical progressions. The interaction
of the finite visible and the unseen invisible generate the
higher Water Pit order that is the dharma and karma of
Astrology and the recombination of Lake Trigram in
cycles of association of monad jives in purgative systems
of birth and rebirth. The result of this complex
interactions is the metaphysical systems described by Dr.
Zhi Gang Sha in his book “The Power of Soul.”

Allan Ralph Andrews, Bakersfield, CA Jan 13th 2013

So we begin with the infinite and boundless in the Vishnu
preserver of Heaven Trigram middle son yang and extend
that infinity into the energy flux of eldest son yang and
the information and mathematical system potential of
eldest daughter yin in Shiva and Kali and finally as the
creative Brahma of Heaven Trigram youngest son yang
that becomes the refined infinitesimal Buddhamind of
Wind Trigram improbability and systems structure in
eldest daughter yin and perfection in the wholeness of
middle son yang. This is the realm of New Thought
Christianity, of the Sermon on the Mount by Emmett Fox
and This Thing Called You by Ernest Holmes.
Flame Trigram provides the opening for this refined jiva
monads to attach to the quantum events of plants in the
tamas guna of middle daughter yin, to animals in the
rajas guna of eldest son yang, to humans in the sattva
guna of youngest son yang. Mountain Trigram
segregates these attachments based on their refinement.
The most refined belong to the heaven of youngest son,
the less refined to the purgatory of eldest daughter
dharma and the least refined to the particular
deconstruction that is middle daughter, the local hells
ruled by fear, anger, and hate.

All of this enters the physical world of Earth and Thunder
Trigram as the eldest daughter yin mathematics of the
middle daughter yin quantum mechanics and the eldest
son yang thermodynamics generating the youngest
daughter yin world of relativistic space time.

These worlds are collected in Water Pit and Lake
Trigrams into a system in which they become associated
together in youngest daughter yin and tied to cycle of
birth and death and reincarnation in eldest son yang in
integrated systems of middle son yang ruled by the
dharma order of astrological fate in eldest daughter yin
Cosmic Mind and Cosmic Law.

Flame Trigram is ruled by existential freedom and
Mountain Trigram by empirical simplicity, Earth by
science and Thunder by evolution as entropy, resulting in
the astrological Water Pit order described by Tarnas in
Cosmos and Psyche and the Lake Trigram soul
associations described by Dr. Zhi Gang Sha, as discussed
So we start with the Hindu romanticism of Heaven
Trigram and the Classical Neoplatonist Metaphysics of
the New Thought movement and the process philosophy
of Alfred North Whitehead, in Wind Trigram, filtered
though existential doubt in Flame and philosophical
skepticism in Mountain Trigram. We tie the Earth
Trigram, realm of science, and the Thunder Trigram,
world of evolution, into a new astrological order in Water
Pit Trigram. Here we discover Daoist soul complexes
recombining in various forms of birth and death, of sleep
and wakefulness, within the Dreamtime mythologies of
Lake Trigram Jungian synchronicity.

The individual dies and is shattered into pieces. Only his
soul monads survive. But, they recombine and associate
and dissociated in ways too complex to ever be tracked
or understood by human mind. Human mind is a finite
product of the association of primal time and space in
the monad souls. It is a derived product and not a
primary entity. Hence, it is incapable of seeing the true
source of things in its purity. The mind is a shadow flung
across the cave in which the soul monads sleep in their
bondage to the attachments that form the visible world.

The true source of all things belongs to the realm of
dreams. In the objective world it has no visible measure.
We are the stuff that dreams are made of in our deep
roots, but these deep roots remain in the infinite depths
where they first formed. We can never use our mind or
our sciences to see this truth, for the instruments we use
in science are formed of this more basic stuff. All the eye
can see is its own reflection. It can only guess at the
meaning of the images that it finds in the fun house
mirrors that are the visible.

If we look at what is happing her using a genetic analogy,
infinite flux produces numerous mutant forms. The
genes of these mutant forms collect and recombine
within the gene pool and generate numerous
maladaptive expressions which are cut down by natural
selection and become extinct. Eventually an improbably
excellent form, a genotype that is an adaptive peak will
emerge and form a set point for a homeostatic feed back
structure that will maintain an adaptive phenotype.
When there is a movement away from that adaptive
type, information will be relayed back to the set point
thermostat set up by the adaptive gene complex. This
will generate adaptive stability. Gradually their will be
selection for the isolation, the separation of that
genotype as a species and for systems of recombination
and will maintain adaptive polymorphism where
variations are needed to meet the demands of a variable
habitat. The mutative source is Heaven Trigram. The
recombination of genes from a gene pool complex is
Lake. The maladaptive expression are Thunder Trigram.
Natural Selection and extinction are Flame. Adaptive
peaks and set points are Wind Trigram and feed back
mechanisms are Water Pit Trigrams. Phenotypes are
Earth Trigram, speciation and input of information to set
points is Mountain Trigram.

In the creation of existence, infinite flux in Heaven
Trigram generates all sorts of irrational number
equivalents, all sorts of variables. These rip the topology
of space and cause the expansion of all systems in Flame
Trigram. All kinds of variants separate out at the
infinitesimal level generate and infinity of negative roots,
imaginary number and complex number equivalents that
bend inward in Mountain Trigram causing pleasure to be
generated in response to integration, pain in response to
disintegration, mind in response to information and
passion in response to energy, wakefulness and
consciousness in response to the local and dreamtime
collective unconsciousness in response to the cosmic.
Passion, allurement, attachment in pursuit of pleasure
cause the simple mind atoms of Mountain to collect
together in assemblages in Lake Trigram generating
synchronicity, emotion, and race thought as a
complement to perception, reason and individual
thought generated in Mountain Trigram. The free
selection of the monads of alternatives in Flame Trigram
generates a karma that draws them toward a
complementary order in the dharma of Water Pit
Trigram. As a result and astrological order develops in
Water Pit Trigram that governs the association of the
monad souls in the cycles of birth and death, of
attachment and detachment that are Lake Trigram.

Allan Ralph Andrews, Bakersfield, CA, 93308, Jan 15th

Heaven is Infinite and Earth is Finite. Lake contracts
Heaven into Thunder and Thunder contracts into Earth.
Flame expands Thunder and opens it up back into
Heaven. Heaven is refined by Wind. Wind is further
pruned by Water Pit to become Earth and Earth is
separated by the monads of Mountain into an infinity of
elemental irreducible substances that are the monads of
Leibnitz that are mathematically and logical ordered and
refined by the system of Descartes into the Ethics of
Spinoza’s God. This is the monitor of Socrates subjected
to the rational system of Aristotle to generate the
Platonic system of Plotinus and the Hen, Nous, Psyche of
the Wind Trigram. Reflected into Mountain trigram as
youngest son yang in Berkeley and eldest daughter yin in
Locke and middle daughter yin in Locke.

Thunder is the opposite of Wind because Wind is refined
and Thunder is crude. Wind is made of the infinitesimal
monads ordered by reason and principle into and ideal
and improbable whole. Thunder is made up of the
crudest possible result of flux and deconstruction and the
maladaptive expression of all things. Thunder is pure
contingency, yet it is this contingency that is the ground
of all evolutionary emergence. It is Heaven that is the
infinite source of all this infinite flux of infinitesimal
elements that escapes toward the finite result in Earth
Trigram. Flame is the opposite of Water Pit. Flame
expands Thunder and opens it up in extinction and
natural selection. Water Pit controls and limits and
provides the determinate order of dharma and
astrological fate that is the opposite of karmic freedom in
Flame. In a similar way, Mountain separates and divides
the monads in analysis and thought, just as Lake
combines them and fuses them in attachment and
passion, in dreams, in birth and death and reincarnation.
Allan Ralph Andrews, Bakersfield, CA 93308, Jan 13th

So most souls have been compacted into the collective
unconscious that is lake. The stuff from which the star
systems are made, the inside of the planets and the suns.
There thoughts and feelings are determined by the
dreamtime world to which they are attached by the
pleasure of harmonic relationships. Some gather
together to attach to the bodies of humans and animals
that waken them to forgotten elemental aspects of their
own being. Zen, Buddhist mindfulness, Yoga and other
practices are designed to awaken the elemental souls
and pull them out of the attachment cycles, the victim
cycles, the Platonic caves to which their ignorance and
addiction has tied them. That is why we have no
memory of our past lives, our past lives are impacted in
the constipation of the intestinal nature of our primal
being. We belong to a haze, a fog of developmental
attachments, and we are mired in the resulting fear and
anger and lust that holds us in the deep prison of our
animal emotions and of the more primitive structures
and monad associations of the human brain.

Allan Ralph Andrews, Bakersfield CA, 93308, Jan 16th

The orientation of human social development is a
metaphor for the development and evolution of all
things. Infinite flux and mutation make the improbable
probable. Primitive society exists in an aboriginal
generative state that can either be drawn toward
gathering and recombining or toward raiding and
exploiting the available resources. A passive response
will tend toward cooperation and out breeding leading to
community formation and recombination of social
properties. We can see such processes in the marsh
dwelling Yokut culture of central California, the
metaphor for this orientation is the Lake Trigram. In
contrast, the raiding and plundering approach of the
early Greeks is an exploitative orientation that Toynbee
associates with an external proletariat. The metaphor
for this orientation is Flame Trigram.

If cultures in Flame or Lake orientation are drawn into
marketing and trade they enter our Thunder Trigram.
The manufacture of goods for use in trade, and the more
organized forms of agriculture, generate what we call the
productive or utilitarian organization. This sophisticated
stage is the polar opposite of the more aboriginal
generative state with which we began. Where local city
states develop and gradually obtain power to rule their
neighbors, we have the emergence of the hoarding
orientation. This hoarding orientation has two phases.
Its first phase involves what Toynbee call “Withdrawal
and Return” and involves a tendency to separate and
analyze. This analytic, or divisive phase is the
segregation focused opposite of the recombining phase.
We see it operating in ancient Athens and medieval
Florence. As we focus more on the refined and the
noble, we approach an idealistic phase that is the polar
opposite of the marketing orientation. Finally, we have a
tendency toward empires and absolutism, the formation
of a “dominant elite” and an “internal proletariat,” per
Toynbee. If the segregation orientation is the opposite
of the recombination orientation, if the refining form of
hoarding is the opposite of marketing, then the resulting
receptive orientation is the opposite of the exploitative.
We will associate the segregation function with
Mountain Trigram, the refining with Wind, and the
receptive orientation with Water Pit Trigram.

If we look at this carefully, the Heaven Trigram is a
generative source generating endlessly out of an infinite
flux the makes boundless possibility toward the Lake
Trigram and variations that expand and become distant
from each other in the Flame Trigram. These are refined
and become the improbable that is generated by the
infinite flux of Heaven in the Wind Trigram. This flux in
eldest son yang extends into the boundless whole in
middle son yang and into the infinitesimal monad
singular in the youngest son yang and pulls out all forms
of mathematics and systems order in eldest daughter yin.
Flame Trigram is a telescope that focuses the individual
on the most alien and the most distant and allows the
selection of alternative that expand out of the boundless.
Mountain trigram is a microscope that focuses on the
singular monad parts and their ingression of energy into
passion and structure into information and integration
into pleasure and disintegration into pain, singularity into
creation and its opposite as youngest daughter yin as
attachment in space and time.

In this inversion assimilation in Lake becomes faith and
control in Water Pit becomes peace. Segregation in
Mountain becomes fear and openings in Flame become
anger and conflict. The infinite in Heaven becomes joy
and the ideal in Wind becomes virtue. Reality in Earth
becomes sadness and expression in Thunder becomes
addictive lust and greed.
Dukka, suffering in middle daughter yin is caused by
attachment in youngest daughter yin and flux in eldest
son yang which is driven by desire, by kama, by greed
and lust, by addiction in Thunder Trigram. The solution is
the blowing out of kama in the Nirvana of Wind Trigram
as a result of Buddha mindfulness in youngest son yang,
Dharma virtue in eldest daughter yin and gone gone
gone beyond compassionate wholeness in middle son

The monad is quickly caught up in alien worlds, hells, in
flame, or assimilated into the mythological systems of
birth and death in Lake, governed by astrological orders
in Water Pit that segregate the purged souls at various
levels of incarnation between Heaven in Wind Trigram
and Earth in Earth Trigram. The conflicts involved here
begin with the Gods in Heaven Trigram and their angelic
messengers in Wind Trigram. Eventually conflicts with
hell pull the angels down into Thunder Trigram and
various demonic maladaptive expressions, hungry ghosts
that trap the souls in various addictive cycles of space
time creation characterized by addictive jealousy, pride,
greed, lust, or by fear and anger. These demonic
tendencies drag the soul into various hells. When the
soul dissociates from the groups to which it is attached, it
discovers itself judged by death in Mountain Trigram and
segregated in Mountain Trigram into the hells of Flame,
the angelic systems of paradise in Wind Trigram, or
various levels of status in Earth ruled by the various
demonic influences and maladaptive evens of Thunder
Trigram, from which it is carried off by demons and
hungry ghosts into hell or caught backup in the endless
cycles of family birth and death and rebirth in Lake
Trigram. Its ownly hope is some system of angelic
salvation, Buddhist mindfulness in the youngest son yang
of Wind, Christian virtue in the eldest daughter yin of
Wind Trigram, Moslem holiness in the middle son yang of
Wind. These operations purify the soul and detach it
from the associations that trap it in purgatory, birth and
rebirth, the talons of hungry ghosts, the power systems
of Earth, the torments and conflicts of hell and Flame
Trigram, the judgments and separations of Mountain
driven by fear and negativity.
Allan Ralph Andrews, Bakersfield, CA 93308, Sat, Jan 19th

The soul cannot find itself, does not know itself, because
it is trapped in the world, trapped in its astrology,
trapped in its mythology, trapped in the role and the
body in which it is born, trapped in a system of other
souls that associate it with other roles, needs, concerns,
with an ancestral order, a complex interacting history of
conflicts and associations in time and space. It is stuck in
the assimilations and complexities of Lake, the mud of
the marsh that is Lake, where it hides in its depression
out of fear of the judgment that awaits it in the
awakening that is Mountain Trigram and the discovery of
its true Jain and Buddha identity.

Allan Ralph Andrews, Bakersfield, CA 93308, Jan 16th

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