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									Nantwich Town Council
Minutes of the Meeting held on Monday 7th November 2005
Present - Councillor Pearson (Chairman), Councillor Hope (Vice Chairman) and Councillors Abbott, Cafferty, don Carolis, Cartlidge, McGinnis, Moran, Powell, Stockton and Mrs Stockton, together with the Town Clerk (In the temporary absence of Councillor Pearson, Councillor Hope took the chair and opened the meeting). 77 APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE There were no apologies for absence. 78 CONFIRMATION OF THE MINUTES It was RESOLVED that the Minutes of the Council Meeting held on 10th October 2005, be confirmed as a correct record and signed by the Chairman. 79 CHAIRMAN’S REMARKS There were no matters under this agenda item (at this point Councillor Pearson took the chair). 80 DECLARATIONS OF INTEREST Members declared interests, as follows: Councillor McGinnis declared a personal interest in all planning applications because of his position as member of the Borough Council‟s Development Control Committee.  Councillor Moran declared a personal interest in application 1279 (telecommunication Mast as Beam Heath Trustee and in 1285 and 1299 (both of which related to schools) as Cheshire County Councillor. Councillor Powell declared a prejudicial interest in 1296 (69 Audlem Road) as a neighbour. She left the room during discussion of that item and took no part in the decision to make a recommendation to the Borough Council. Councillor Mrs Stockton declared a personal interest in application 1279 as a Beam Heath Trustee. Councillor don Carolis declared a prejudicial interest in 1348 (125 Rookery Hall) as a friend. He left the room during discussion of that item and took no part in the decision to make a recommendation to the Borough Council. Councillors Moran, Powell, Hope, Mr & Mrs Stockton and Abbot declared personal interests in application 1101 (Health Centre Modification) as patients of existing practices. 43


 



CLERK’S REPORT The Clerk made no report on this occasion. (Note: there is no Appendix A)


CORRESPONDENCE RECEIVED The correspondence received, a list of which is shown in Appendix B, was noted.


PLANNING CONTROL Applications for Planning Permission – the Planning Applications listed in Appendix C to these Minutes were submitted for consideration. It was RESOLVED that the Council make the observations listed in the Comments section of Appendix C to these Minutes.


REPORTS OF REPRESENTATIVES CASPA - Councillor Cartlidge reported that a meeting of the group had taken place on the 2 nd November 2005. Despite best efforts by the Chairman, there was no one in attendance from Arriva Trains Wales. The explanation offered by Arriva for the removal from the timetable of the 08:03am departing from Nantwich was considered wholly unsatisfactory. An informal survey had shown that there were 17 passengers on the 08:03am on one weekday morning including commuters to Stafford, London and Manchester. Many passengers would be inconvenienced by the proposed alteration. The next meeting of the group was the 30th November 2005 at Yorton and Councillors were invited to attend. It was RESOLVED that a letter expressing a serious concern of the Council at the intended change to timetable to be sent to the managing Director of Arriva Trains Wales. NANTWICH IN BLOOM Councillor Cartlidge reported on a meeting which had taken place on 20 th October 2005. Letters of thanks and request for support in 2006 had been dispatched. The Committee was informed that Nantwich had made outstanding achievements, namely:1. Award of the Preston Silver Dish for “Best Town in the Northwest”. 2. Award of the Lynn Jones Trophy for “The Most Improved Entry”. 3. Nominated to represent the Northwest, in Britain in Bloom in 2006 Nantwich had also won “Best Cheshire Town” award by Cheshire Community Pride. Trophies will be displayed in local shops. The next meeting of the group was 24th November 2005 at 7:30pm at 68 Welsh Row.


FAMILY FUN DAY Councillor Cafferty reported on the first meeting of the committee for the 2006 Family Fun Day. Councillor Cafferty was Chairman and Lynne Mulroony Hon Secretary. Numerous letters of thanks and requests for support for the following year have been dispatched and Councillor Cafferty was confident of an even more successful event in 2006 CHESHIRE ASSOCIATION OF LOCAL COUNCILS Councillor Cafferty had attended the CHALC meeting on the 13th October 2005 accompanied by the Town Clerk. There had been an excellent attendance and it had been chaired by the CHALC President, Reverend Alan Chester. Councillor Caffrerty drew particular attention to the following: A section of the report of the County Chairman (Mr Roger Parkin) which made reference to negotiations between CHALC Chester Area Meeting and Chester City Council which achieved a rebate for all parishes for the financial year 2005/06 because of the inequity of double rating on certain services.    Formal Signature of Charter for Cheshire Councils. Presentation to recognise the gaining of Quality Status by eleven Cheshire Local Councils. Presentation by the Environment Agency‟s Flood warning service. Thankfully Nantwich was not one of the areas potentially affected.

HEALTH CENTRE PROJECT Councillor McGinnis reported that the planning application for the building was being considered on the 15th November 2005. There were a couple of small “blips” which he was confident would be overcome and the anticipated start of construction was February 2006. CREWE AND NANTWICH SUSTAINABILITY ALLIANCE Councillor Cartlidge reported on a meeting of CNSA held on the 24th October 2005 at the Municipal Buildings, Crewe. An outline of panning and transport matters had been received from Richard Taylor, planning officer at the Borough Council. The application for a Health Centre at Beam Street Car Park was to be considered by the Borough Council shortly. Outline consent for 24 apartments at the former coal yard on Pillory Street was due for consideration. News on the local transport issues included an update on speed limits as Haslington/ Winterley village, plans to improve cycle access and details of cycle stands to be erected.




(a) The chairman agreed to consider the Clerk‟s suggestions for expenditure on repairs and general items of maintenance after the meeting had closed, in an informal discussion. (b) Items for inclusion in the 2006/07 budget had been briefly discussed at the Policy and Resources Committee meeting on 3rd November and were not therefore pursued. (c) The Town Clerk circulated the Schedule of Payments and Receipts for October 2005 and a Schedule showing the expenditure against budget to the end of October 2005. It was RESOLVED that the Schedules referred to in (c) above be approved. . 86 ADJOURNMENT OF COUNCIL MEETING It was RESOLVED that the meeting be now adjourned. OPEN FORUM Mr James Nield and Mr Eddie Roberts, two regular traders at Nantwich Market, expressed worries to the meeting about the refurbishment/repair of the Market proposed by the Borough Council. In particular they were concerned about the lack of consultation and fear that the illconsidered changes might prejudice traders who had been loyal to the market over many years. They saw the need for improvements (for example, to the heating system) but felt it was important that the traditional character and local nature of the market was preserved. Two typed pages of comments by Traders were circulated. Members acknowledged their concerns and made it clear that adequate consultation would be one of the matters they would be urging on the Borough Council. 87 RECOMMENCEMENT OF COUNCIL MEETING

It was RESOLVED that the meeting now continue. 88 POLICY AND RESOURSES COMMITTEE 3RD NOVEMBER 2005

The minutes of the Policy and Resources Committee on the 3rd November (circulated at the Council meeting and attached hereto as appendix D) were accepted as a true record, with a minor correction in item 4 to the effect that the period between Christmas and New Year would be a suitable time for judging the lights. It was RESOLVED that the recommendations contained in the minutes of the Policy and Resources Committee on the 3rd November 2005 be accepted and approved and that the resolutions be noted.

At this point the chairman closed the meeting


NOTE- Following the closing of the meeting, the Town Clerk asked Members to kindly keep him informed of questions or representations by members of the public, especially by letter, so that, where appropriate, he could co-ordinate responses and ensure they were consistent. The Town Clerk outlined his suggestions for works of repair and maintenance, costs to be paid from the Repairs Fund for Brookfield Hall and /or budget for contingencies. The proposals met with broad approval and agreement to proceed.



Signed _________________________________ Chairman

Dated ______________________________


LIST OF CORRESPONDENCE Council Meeting 7th November 2005 A Cheshire County Council 1 B Standard of Highway verge maintenance (for information)

Crewe & Nantwich Borough Council 2 3 Bulbs for Parish Councils (ordered 1,000 +). Review of Grant Schemes (for information and, if necessary, referral)


Other Organisations 4 5 Newsletters from Cheshire Association of Local Councils (available if required) Acknowledgement of donation and letter of thanks to Hope House Children‟s Hospice



COUNCIL MEETING 7th November 2005 Planning Applications

Jefferson Sheard

New Health Centre building with Pharmacy

Part of Central car park site off Beam Street Nantwich (adjacent to Cromwell Court

Comments - none

1279 Vodafone Limited 12m Telecommunications Mast TG Building Supplies Beam Heath Way Nantwich

Comments – 1. 2. 3. Unsightly to residents. Not far from Nursery attended by young children. There is a strong and understandable perception that masts of this kind could be dangerous to public health. The full effects of the signals received and transmitted by the masts are not fully researched because they are relatively modern. The Town Council are unhappy with the proposal.


_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 1282 Mr & Mrs Douglas Pitched roof to replace existing flat roof 4 Sycamore Close Nantwich

Comments - none __________________________________________________________________________________________________
1285 Cheshire County Council Replace 10 no sub-standard car park spaces and to provide additional car park spaces to serve the needs of the school Millfields School Nantwich

Comments - none __________________________________________________________________________________________________
1296 Mr S A Reade Erection of 3 townhouses & formation of vehicular access Land adjacent to 69 Audlem Road Nantwich

Comments – 1. This development will eventually generate additional vehicle movements at an already hazardous spot. 2. The Town Council would urge refusal of this application on the grounds of increased danger from traffic. __________________________________________________________________________________________________
1306 Lindale Court Ltd Change of use from residential to office 21 Arnold Street,


Nantwich Comments – none


Bower Eldeston

Erection of two dwellings

Brine Leas School/Cheshire

Comments – none 1319 Dental law Partnership Change of Use (dental) Alvaston House, Alvaston Buisness Park Middlewich Road Nantwich

Comments - none


Mr & Mrs Jennings

Extention & Loft Conversion

133 Crewe Road Nantwich

Comments – none


Nicola Darkin

Change of use (Office to residential)

125 The Rookery Hospital Street Nantwich

Comments – 1. Town Council support this application and are pleased to see premises brought into residential use especially in the Town Centre


Robert Session

First floor extension

57 Millstone Lane Nantwich

Comment on 1252 – On Appendix A of the Council of the 10th October. There was to be a link road between Taylor Drive and Edmund Way ( Traffic lights near Mallbank). This has not been created. The Clerk was asked to find out why.



Nantwich Town Council
Minutes of the Policy and Resources Committee of the Council held on 3rd November 2005.

Present:- Councillors don Carolis (Chairman), Mrs Stockton (Vice-Chairman), Pearson, Cafferty, Cartlidge, Hope, McGinnis, Moran, Powell and Mr Stockton, together with the Town Clerk. 1. APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE Apologies for absence were received from Councillors Abbott and Butterill. 2. DECLARATIONS OF INTEREST Councillors Mrs Stockton, Pearson and Moran declared personal interests, because of their positions as elected Borough Councillors, in item 6 (Market hall Regeneration). 3. ACTION UPPER WEAVER – NANTWICH WATERWAYS WALK Members noted that the request for a financial contribution for the Upper Weaver Waterways Walk was effectively withdrawn because of continuing discussion with the landowner primarily affected by the proposals. 4. CHRISTMAS LIGHTS The report of the Town Clerk was noted but Councillor McGinnis explained that he had not envisaged, in his original suggestion, a particularly complicated or formal machinery for an award scheme for Christmas lights. He was proposing simply a civic award – a certificate perhaps - based on the assessment of a group of Members. The intention was not to have a very serious or involved competition but simply some community recognition of displays which were especially outstanding or attractive. General discussion ensued and the following suggestions received general support : There would probably not be “prizes” as such – rather acknowledgement of achievement by way of something like a framed certificate. 51

 To simplify matters, one award per Ward might be sufficient.  A small group of Councillors would make the assessment.  The early part of the New Year would probably be a suitable time for judging.  No one would be required to submit an entry form or make a formal application. Councillors would simply tour the area, reach an assessment and make the award after discussion.  This Christmas season would be an appropriate start. RECOMMENDED that :a) The Council appoints a panel of Members to finalise details and that civic awards in respect of local displays of Christmas lights be made towards the end of the „05/06 festive season. b) The operation and result of the award scheme be reviewed within the first few months of 2006. 5. EXCLUSION OF PUBLIC AND PRESS RESOLVED :That the public and press should now be excluded from the meeting by virtue of Part 1 of Schedule 12 (a) of the Local Government Act 1972 paragraphs 1 and 7 (information relating to employees, former employees or applicants to become employees and Information relating to the financial or business affairs of a person other than the Authority). 6. NANTWICH MARKET HALL REGENERATION Members considered the report of the Town Clerk concerning a request for a financial contribution towards work on the Market Hall. Cheshire Rural Recovery, acting on behalf of the Northwest Development Agency, are offering a grant of £188,000 towards the refurbishment and improvement of Nantwich Market Hall. The Borough Council (who own the building) will be expected to contribute half the total cost. Cheshire Rural Recovery have indicated that a condition of the grant is a contribution from Nantwich Town Council and the figure of £14,000 has been put forward in a letter from the Borough Council. Members expressed serious concerns at the paucity of information about this project. Among issues raised were questions about what exactly the scheme involved, where the suggestion of a contribution by the Town Council had come from, how the funding by the Borough Council was made up and what the effect on market traders would be. Although there had been a brief presentation to the Council at a previous meeting, there had also been an assurance of further information, which had not been provided. There was, however, a general view that notwithstanding this lack of consultation, this was an opportunity which should not be lightly dismissed RECOMMENDED that :The Borough Council be informed that, in principle, the Town Council is interested in making a contribution. However, more details are required of the scheme; its funding; the 52

consultation which has taken place; intentions for the future of traders using the market and the future of the market generally. 7. CLERICAL ASSISTANT The former Clerical Assistant has resigned on agreed terms and left the Council‟s employment on 21st October. After the Town Clerk had discussed the matter with Councillor Hope as Chairman of the Staffing Committee, it was agreed that a suitable temporary Clerical Assistant, working 25 hours per week, would be sought from a local employment agency. If that was not possible and/or more permanent arrangements could not be achieved within a reasonable time, adverts would be placed in local newspapers. RECOMMENDED that :Council note and endorse the arrangements as to clerical assistance outlined in the Policy Committee minutes. 8. TOWN CLERK’S PENSION The Town Clerk indicated his intention to join Cheshire Superannuation Pension Scheme and mentioned the respective contributions of employer and employee. Councillor Hope reminded the Committee that joining the Cheshire scheme reflected the position in existence with the previous Town Clerk and had been the subject of agreement at Mr Graham‟s recruitment interview.

RECOMMENDED that :Council note and endorse the arrangements as to the Town Clerk‟s pension outlined in the Policy Committee minutes. 9. ACKNOWLEDGEMENT OF SERVICES – MR KEITH BURTON Members expressed their appreciation at the part Mr Burton had played in filling the role of Acting Town Clerk and Responsible Financial Officer following the resignation of Mr Hodges.

RECOMMENDED that :An ex gratia payment in the sum of £3,500 for the work undertaken in September/October 2005 as Acting Town Clerk and Responsible Financial Officer be made to Mr Burton and that he be sincerely thanked for his valued contribution. 9. BUDGET 2006/2007 Members had been asked to give broad indications of their initial thoughts on the budget for next year. A short discussion ensued.


RECOMMENDED that :The Town Clerk and Responsible Financial Officer bring to future meetings, as appropriate, a budget timetable and a report containing details of financial needs for the future, including comments on interest from capital; capital requirements; potential changes arising from recent housing developments; and comparative figures illustrating the effect of different percentage changes to the precept. A request from Nantwich Football Club for additional funding had been received and was briefly considered under this agenda item. RESOLVED that:A report on the request and its possible implications be brought by the Town Clerk to the December meeting of Council.


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