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									South Carolina Corps of Cadets

         4th Class Orientation & Training
   Mess Procedures
Located in Chapter 4 of
the Blue Book and Para
  L. 4 of the Red Book

      4th Class Orientation & Training
• Nutrition
• Procedures
• Decorum
• Knob Knowledge
• Kitchen / waitress
• Mess Carvers
• Additional Information

     4th Class Orientation & Training

• Food provides some hydration
• Beverages
   üWater is best for quick replacement
   ü“Gatorade” replaces both water and electrolytes
   ü“Bug juice” is slower to absorb
   üMilk is good source for protein and water
   üYou should be allowed to drink what you like!!!!!!!

              4th Class Orientation & Training
           Balanced Diet

• Meals are planned for balanced nutrition
   – Balanced over the course of the day

• Eat some of everything prepared for the meal
   – Protein to meet dietary needs
   – Carbohydrates fill energy needs
   – Vegetables provide fiber and minerals
   – Fruits provide carbohydrates and fiber

                 4th Class Orientation & Training
 Special Concerns
• Over-hydration
• Eating disorders
• Food Allergies
   – Advise
      • Mess Carver and chain-of-command
      • Wait staff
      • Classmates
   – Alternate meals are available

          4th Class Orientation & Training

• Proceed quickly to assigned seat
• Prepare the mess
• Remain standing until “Moment of Silence” & “Rest”
• Serve themselves before the Upper-class cadets
• Do not need permission to consume all items on table
• May remain in Mess Hall until after “second rest”
• Leave when you have eaten what you want
• Do not stack plates or clear the table

                  4th Class Orientation & Training
• Talk in a normal volume and tone of voice
  – Includes “popping off”
• Keep head and eyes on your respective mess
• Not speak unless spoken to, then stop eating to
• No elbows on the table
• Practice good table manners throughout the
• Stop eating and be quiet during announcements
               4th Class Orientation & Training
          Knob Knowledge
•   Cadet Creed                     • Name, location and purpose
•   Alma Mater                        of campus buildings
•   The Citadel Core Values         • What 4C cadets outrank
•   Definitions of Hazing, Sexual   • How is the cow
    Harassment, and                 • Why 4C cadets come to the
    Fraternization                    Mess Hall
•   What is The Citadel             • What time it is
•   What are honor and duty         • Definition of Leather
•   Rifle serial and butt numbers   • Phonetic alphabet
•   Cadet’s own Chain of
    Command                         [Note: Only recited at noon
•   Cadet rank insignia                mess]
•   What it means to be a

                     4th Class Orientation & Training
    “Working Knowledge”

• Fourth Class System Manual (The Red Book)
• Regulations Manual (The Blue Book)
• The Honor Manual
• Organizations, Functions and Administration
  Standard Operating Procedures Manual (The
  White Book)
• History of the Citadel, as contained in The
• The Cadet Prayer – on a voluntary basis

              4th Class Orientation & Training
      Kitchen Procedures

• “Waitees” work hard – they will be more cooperative if
  you are polite to them
• There are limited portions of main entrees
• If you run out of other dishes or beverages, ask your
  waitee for more
   – Only ask for more if you know it will be eaten
• If you have trouble with a waitee, find a supervisor
  (wearing a white uniform)

                  4th Class Orientation & Training
           Mess Carvers

• Criteria
   – Cadet Officer
   – Sword-bearing NCO
• Trained
• Responsible for maintaining order
   and discipline of mess
• Only a single mess carver through Parent’s
  Weekend then an additional certified mess carver
  may sit to the immediate right or left of the mess
  carver. He/she will have no interaction with the 4C.

                 4th Class Orientation & Training
     Additional Information
• Evening Mess
   – Formation and meal are required for freshmen
   – Exception: General Leave and Sundays
• Uniforms
   – Duty uniform
   – ROTC Lab uniform – 4C only
• Corps Squad
   – Must attend breakfast and lunch formations
      • Not required to attend evening mess formation
   – Separate mess
   – Sit by team
   – Briefed on different procedures

                  4th Class Orientation & Training

4th Class Orientation & Training

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