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					Welcome! If you’ve arrived here at Metro-Home, it is safe to assume that you are interested in, or at least considering the option of, staying in an apartment on your next visit to New York City. Renting a furnished apartment here in the Big Apple offers travelers the unique experience of seeing New York through the eyes of a local and not simply as a tourist passing through. There are many reasons to choose an apartment over other forms of temporary accommodation, but the selection process also presents a number of challenges that potential visitors need to understand. This guide will provide you with a better idea of short term housing in New York, considerations to keep in mind when making your choice, and whether or not a short-term apartment rental may be the right option for you. New York City is different. This is a very important fact to remember. Manhattan buildings are both expensive and built close together. Residential units tend to be on the smaller side and cost more than what you may be used to. However, there are also many pluses to choosing a private residence over the other options you may find. Getting around the city. Manhattan is divided into many different neighborhoods, some of which are quite famous and others that are lesser known but very ideal for tourists. The Theater District, right in the heart of Manhattan, is the iconic New York neighborhood, including Times Square, the Broadway theaters, MTV Studios and numerous live television venues such as David Letterman. It is also a very expensive location, even if one of the most highly favored by tourists. For families, artists and extended stay visitors, the Upper West Side is an ideal choice, removed from the hustle and bustle of Midtown while still being perfectly convenient to all of Mid-Manhattan’s major attractions. It is also the home of the city’s major museums, a planetarium, good shopping and food and, of course, Central Park. For international visitors and diplomats, Midtown East may be the area of choice. Right near key locations such as the Empire State Building, Grand Central and the United

Nations while remaining quieter and lower key, this upscale region of the city is a very popular option for those looking to experience New York life without the madness of the busier touristy areas. Lesser known downtown neighborhoods such as the Financial District are often overlooked, which is a huge mistake. These lower Manhattan locations are trendy, exciting, easily accessible to Midtown and all other areas of the city, and close to major tourist points such as the Statue of Liberty ferry, South Street Seaport and other must-sees, while still allowing one to enjoy New York from a true resident’s point of view. No matter where you stay in Manhattan, buses, trains and taxis are available everywhere and getting around the city is incredibly easy. Few locations do not offer easy access to public transport. Areas such as the Financial District are an MTA hub, where nearly all major buses and train lines converge, allowing you to get around the city cheaply, easily and quickly. Traveling from the Upper West Side to the lower end of the island may take around half an hour but for shorter distances in between, it’s very easy to zip back and forth on the train or, if you’re in a hurry, to hail a yellow cab from any street corner. What are my accommodation options? Visitors to New York will find themselves faced with an array of accommodation choices, and making the right decision is rarely easy. However, it ultimately comes down to finding a balance between what level of comfort you wish to have and what you are willing or able to pay for. Hotels. The most upscale New York hotels are lovely but very expensive. In most cases, hotel rooms or suites are smaller but even more costly than the same amount of space one would get for their own apartment. Visitors must also generally rely on eating out or room service for their meals, since most hotel rooms do not include a kitchen or even a refrigerator, which adds quite a bit to the list of expenses. Of course, staying in a hotel often comes with perks such as a daily maid service and help or guidance for tourists. Hostels. If you are on a strict budget, you may consider staying in a hostel. It’s important to keep in mind that most hostels have bunks where you may be boarding with strangers, which can be dangerous and/or dirty. Bathrooms are normally communal and located in the corridor. Privacy is also hard to come by. Some hostels are significantly nicer than others but they will always be far more cramped, crowded, noisy and less well kept than any other sort of accommodation. Ultimately, you get what you pay for. So if you are, for example, a backpacker or a young student who neither wants nor needs luxury accommodations, hostels are certainly ideal. They provide the basics of a bed and bathroom for very little money. If you are looking for comfortable, clean and higher class accommodations, then you must understand that it simply costs a bit more, and decide whether or not that quality and comfort is important to you and worth the extra expense of a hotel or apartment.

Furnished Apartments. A major plus to choosing a short-term furnished apartment rental is that you can save on food and other expenses by using the resources that a nice residential unit offers. There is also much more of a sense of privacy, since you are in your own “home” rather than in a hotel. Families and businesspeople often take this option since it provides the customer with more space and freedom than one or two hotel rooms would and has a much less formal atmosphere. How do you differentiate? Many residential buildings may have furnished apartments available for short term or extended stay rentals. Choosing what works for you may take a bit of research. You may find yourself looking at any of the following: high rise luxury buildings with a range of amenities (such as private fitness centers, lounges, concierges and so on), older buildings with just the apartments (no security, may or may not include an elevator or laundry facilities) or brownstones (town houses with multiple floors and possibly a courtyard). All of these options offer something different and choosing one simply depends on the individual. Older buildings may be lacking when it comes to amenities but they do have a cozy residential charm and are a bit less costly. Brownstones are beautiful, of course, but tend to be four or five times more expensive and also quite hard to find for short term stays. Luxury high rises are somewhere in between expense-wise but generally offer quite a bit more for your money. When renting a furnished apartment, it is important to keep a few things in mind: Whom are you dealing with? If you choose to go through a broker or listing agency, you may have a perfectly pleasant experience or you may find yourself in trouble. Brokers direct their clients not to their own units but to those that are managed by third parties who have no real obligation to you. You may find yourself faced with agents who give a good talk about the properties that they offer but, when push comes to shove, those people are not directly responsible for said properties. Many visitors book “low cost luxury apartments” through such brokers and arrive in New York only to find that the unit they paid for is either in very poor condition because it is managed by someone not related to the agency, or that the apartment may not even exist at all. How is Metro-Home different? Metro-Home is not a broker or listing agency. We do not put third party properties on the market. Instead, we lease out high-rise luxury apartments in our own name, furnish them from scratch and maintain them completely on our own. As a result, we assume any and all responsibility that goes along with those apartments. If you have any issues, you are not dependent on a building manager who has no idea who you are. We handle absolutely everything related to the

property. If you are unable to connect to the Internet, someone from Metro-Home will come over to fix it at any time, night or day. All of our apartments are leased to the company, which allows us to guarantee a high level of quality and unparalleled customer service no matter what. We are directly and personally involved with every one of our visitors to ensure that they enjoy their stay to the fullest extent and get their money’s worth. Is short-term apartment rental ideal for me? That is something that only you can decide but it does boil down to a few simple facts. Furnished apartment rentals are not the right choice for everyone. We offer comfortable, quality apartments at a competitive price and invaluable, round-the-clock customer service. It may cost a bit more than budget options such as a hostel or lower-end hotel but you are also getting much more for your money. We offer units in beautiful luxury buildings with a huge range of amenities included in the price, which means yes, you are paying a bit more but it is also for a better product. So while Metro-Home may not necessarily be the best choice for everyone, it is likely the ideal option for visitors who are looking for friendly, comfortable accommodations here in New York, and who are willing to pay that little bit extra for an extra enjoyable stay.

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