Clarity on Modern Western Cultural Identity Q and A

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					  Clarity on Modern Western Cultural Identity:
Q: Can you be clearer about your cultural identity?

A: Yes. In one sense it is moderate and mild. That is… in the
sense of being not about ‘place’… more about modern western
culture. We are culturally modern western. We are not
(specifically) New York City, San Francisco, or Washington D.C.
However places like New York City best represent modern
western culture. Hence there is a psychological focus on New
York City, San Francisco and Washington D.C. This focus is
genuine. I do not deflect. The focus is Zen-like. So let me be
clear. Given that the cultural identity is not so-much place-
specific it is not an attachment. But given that some places best
represent modern western culture, the focus is on them. They
act as symbols, I don’t need to be physically living in one of those
cities. The focus is strong in its consistency. But ‘place’ is
moderate. So the focus is on them as symbols of what we are. We
are not New York City, nor northeast America, nor any specific
place. We are culturally modern western. We know no different
to our culture. You cannot jump out of your culture. I certainly
can’t jump out of modern western culture. In this Q & A I will
mention places a lot. Keep in-mind they are symbolic of modern
western culture.

Q: You say that it’s about modern western culture… so surely
you could just as well take Norwich as a symbol?

A: No. Norwich is a step down. Norwich is not clear to me. Of
course, Britain is an example of somewhere that is modern
western. But the examples of NYC, Washington D.C. and San
Francisco are given due to the fact that NYC is dynamic,
Washington D.C is almost absolutely liberal, San Francisco with
its Silicon Valley is technologically progressive. I assume that
Norwich is doing nothing wrong… but those three U.S. cities are
doing a lot right.

Q: So not all ‘places’ within modern western culture are ‘equal’?

A: See my paper on modern western culture. Those that are
most technological, open, liberal, innovative… best represent
modern western culture. Inevitably some places are more
progressive than others.

Q: Well why not go the full way and be so open that you
compromise national security?

A: A branch of modern western culture = liberal democracy. See
my paper on modern western culture. Freedom within the rule of
law. Liberalism must be responsible. I do not advocate
anarchism. Violence against the culture that I understand does
not exactly appeal to me. The first duty of the state is the
protection of its free citizens. Indeed that protects modern
western culture.

Q: Has Britain slipped?

A: Well my point about Britain is that its people tend to
associate immigration with negativity. There’s no positive side to
it. This means that there’s an assimilation problem. Of course,
Britain needs to keep out those that would do harm to its people.
But the modern cities in the U.S. show that immigration is often
positive too and can be perceived as positive. Canada too
demonstrates this positivity. By being permanently negative
Britain slips, yes. I understand that ‘cynicism’ is part-and-parcel
of everyday life in modern western societies. However, in the
symbolic cities, NYC, San Francisco, Washington D.C., there’s
much more than just negative cynicism. Britain is a definite step
down from them. If Britain wants compliments from me it
should try and be more like one of the three examples I have
given from the U.S. and focus in on assimilation as opposed to
negativity. Of course Britain’s educated, metropolitan types do
this already.

Q: If Britain is a step down, then how many steps down are the
bible belt?

A: The bible belt does not understand the spirit of modern
western culture. They seem defensive and not critical. They
seem uneducated, not educated. They seem closed, not open. So
okay enough of the buzz words. Let me express some substance.
If a sizeable population (of a geographical area) puts the literal
truth of the bible over and above science and technology… and
they say that the bible is more important for progress… then I
disqualify it as being part-and-parcel of modern western culture.
It goes too far. Not only do such people consider religion as
sovereign over science and technology… their religion also
becomes indistinguishable from their politics and it culturally
reinforces itself. Hence they are culturally split off. Their
constant attacks on Washington demonstrates that Washington
is a dirty word to them. For me Countryside = pleasant. Their
values = appalling. Progress, science occurs in the modern cities
that actually value progress and science.

Q: Why isn’t Canada mentioned as one of your symbols?

A: Because it has 35 million people. I prefer to narrow down to
city level. Incidentally this is another reason why I do not
include Britain as a symbol. New York City, San Francisco,
Washington D.C. immediately bring the symbolism of modern
western culture into mind. Canada are well and truly in the
modern western world though. Canadians tend to be well-
educated, with a large amount of the population obtaining a
University degree, there’s a successful assimilation of
immigrants into their liberal democracy, and a mixed
market/welfare policy with a public health service. Great, but it’s
really important to pin-point a few places that do better than
anywhere and I have done that with my three examples. Maybe
Toronto deserves more credit. Maybe I could include London.
But three will do.

Q: Well why not Toronto? why not London?

A: I honestly have a better feel for the three examples I have
given than I do for Toronto and London. It’s not about ‘power’. I
realise that Washington D.C. is where political power is in the
states but I include it not for that reason but rather due to the
educated liberalism of Washington D.C’s population.

Q: And the value of all of this is?

A: We are culturally modern western. But look… within that
culture is progress. So the spirit of it isn’t sleepy conservatism.
The spirit of it isn’t insular. The culture encourages individuals
to innovate. Much failure will occur. But there will be more
innovation, more progress within a cultural environment that
encourages innovation and progress relative to a cultural
environment that does not encourage innovation and progress.
Two of my symbolic examples of culturally modern western
places are places with a scientific culture. There’s a very high
population of scientists in New York City and San Francisco has
Silicon Valley.

Q: In the answer to the very first question you said you do not
deflect. What on earth did that mean?

A: I stay focused on my identity. It’s not something that I only
turn too when feeling a-bit down. My identity is not something
that I put in the wardrobe and take out only as-and-when
necessary. It is always necessary. So I stay focused rather than
deflecting onto less important meanderings.

Q: You say that the three cities are symbolic. Say more about

A: The environment/the cultural feel… reproduces more
motivated, more progressive people. For example in New York
City more people get health-related degrees than any other place
in the U.S. That can only be a good thing. The places are not as
important as modern western culture. This is because modern
western culture is all that we know. The cities I refer to are the
best representation of it. In that sense they are excellent
‘symbolic’ examples of modern western culture.


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