Do you want to change into the Communication Disorders Major

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					   Do you want to change into the
  Communication Disorders Major?

Please follow the enclosed instructions:
Instructions For Changing Into The Communication Disorders Major

       Please fill out the Change Of Major Form completely (we have them located with all of our forms, outside Joy Holhut’s office which is located at 358 North Pleasant
        Street, Room 201G, it is a small multiple copy form)

       Obtain the Com Dis Undergraduate Program Directors signature on the form (Dr. Richard Freyman). If he is unavailable, please see our Dept. Chairperson (Dr. Jane
        Baran) to sign. Both of their offices are located within the Rm. 201 area. Please make sure that one of them explains the BLUE colored Curriculum Sheet or the
        CHERRY colored Transfer sheet if Joy is unavailable.

       After obtaining the signature from the Com Dis Dept., go to your OLD major and have them sign you out of their major.

       Please ask them for your academic file folder from your old major to bring back to Joy – Note: if you were in an undeclared major/pre-major advising, they will NOT
        give you your file and will eventually send to our Dean’s Office who will forward on to Com Dis. All other programs, please ask them for your file to bring back to
        Joy. (address is above)

       Please bring back our department copy of the change of major form (PINK) and your academic file folder (if you got one) to Joy Holhut, our Office Manager, Rm.
        201G. If Joy is out, please put all in her mailbox located outside her office where the fax machine is. Mailbox is the bottom one on the left or it is safe to put in her
        black door pocket on her office door.

       Please fill out the small blue form outside Joy’s office with your e-mail address and class year info. if you haven’t yet done so. If Joy is not available and you cannot
        locate this form, please fill out on another paper and put in Joy’s mailbox.

       Bring back the WHITE copy of the form to the Registrars Office in Whitmore ASAP as they will make the official changes in SPIRE or Joy is more than happy to
        send it via campus mail if you would like.

    As soon as Joy can, she will add you to all of our listings, assign you an advisor and will contact you via e-mail with advisor information.

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