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									Pain Management In-Office Procedures Decline with Reimbursement
   The proper business management of an Pain Management Center will be the key to success going
                           forward, according to industry professionals.

Dallas, Texas, July 05, 2014 - In an article published by The Ambulatory M&A Advisor, Dr. Rudi
Gari of Texas Pain Relief Group weighs in on the matter, noting that physician-owners of Pain
Management Centers need to keep the business side of their practice in mind, even if it doesn’t
come second nature.

“Physicians are typically not the best business people,” Gari said. “You may be the best doctor the
world has ever known, but if you don’t know how to manage your finances and manage your
office, you’re not going to have an office to practice in.”

This emphasis on business is a result of declining reimbursement rates, according to Dr. Al
Liceaga, Medical Director of Orangewood Surgical Center and Regional Pain Treatment Medical

“ASCs reimbursement for procedures are often paid on only one CPT code and global fees now
limit payment and reduce access to care by not allowing reimbursement for certain procedures
within the global time period,” he said. “Reimbursement for hardware and implants has
dramatically changed also. The majority of implants are now inclusive of the global fee.”

These changes in reimbursement rates had a noticeable impact on in-office procedures, with
higher costs causing a reduction in such procedures.

To read the full article, which also features input from the COO of Kure Pain Management Bill
Hughes, visit The Ambulatory M&A Advisor here.

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