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Improving execution of your team


There can be many reasons that impede the efficient execution of your company or team. The
communication at times is unclear or there is ambiguity in the responsibilities. There additionally can be
conflict of prioritization of operations or tasks. Whatever the reason is, the fact remains the same that
efficient execution is often a big challenge for the organization and teams. Given below are three
elements that help the companies and leaders to make their organizations and teams operate

Distinguish the Critical Goals and Tasks

There are many tasks that are associated with a project and at times these tasks get unmanageable for
the employees. However efficient teams always break down such projects into smaller parts and identify
the most critical tasks. Then they work on these tasks first. Critical goals and tasks include operations
that increase: leverage competencies, customer and supplier loyalty and revenue.

Accomplishing such objectives frequently requires new practices, and it is the leader's responsibility to
distinguish the improved practices and prioritization of key tasks. Moving organizational values towards
efficient execution may at first appear difficult. However it could be made easier by breaking down the
high level objectives into individual tasks. A leader must ensure that these undertakings align with the
organization’s mission and should additionally make them simpler to standardize a framework to track
and measure progress.

Measure Progress

To ensure that a team is on the right track, leaders should initiate frameworks that monitor and
measure progress. Leaders distinguish the key elements of success and afterward include team
members in creating a framework that monitors results. Getting input from everyone creates
transparency. It also helps employees understand how success is measured and how well they are
doing. As such, it gives immediate input into whether they are winning or losing every month. These
assessments are very important for the productivity of team as the employees get input on their work

Hold Each Other Accountable

One of the leader’s responsibilities is to make sure that he clarifies every employee role and also
promotes a sense in the team members that they are not just accountable to the team leader but also
to each other. Leaders should also keep evaluation meetings for the team performance on regular basis.
These meetings should have honest assessments of the employees’ performance. Such meetings ensure
that all the employees are working towards the attainment of the organizational goals.

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