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					                         BBS Mission Statement and Value Proposition

B         BS remains a market leader as proven by their strategic partnerships and scientific backing – a
             brand position that has been recognized and appreciated by Ritz Carlton Spa’s. BBS is the
               fastest growing Ionic Detox System on the market due to the system’s ultimate value
    proposition. Currently, BBS systems are the #1 recommended detoxification product by alternative
     health and wellness leaders world-wide. This is due in part to a dedication to perfection, honesty,
                  impeccable customer service, 5-year warranty and same-day shipping.

     BBS is also at the forefront of maintaining a superior system while adding innovative features to
    further improve the detoxification experience. BBS is the first and only system to introduce “Sound
      Frequency Therapy” which allows for advanced healing frequencies that enhance the foot bath
    experience. As an innovator and market leader, BBS has also joined into strategic partnerships and
     provides Garden of Life and EssenceSea products to ensure optimal health and wellness solutions.

Is your Body in Balance?
•     Can you remember having a restful night’s sleep?
•     How about little or no pain from joint or body discomfort?
•     Can you possibly remember the last time you had a stress-free day?
•     Do you know how to assist your body in reducing toxins from your body?
When was the last time you truly felt fantastic?

I’m going to share something with you not many people know about - a widely overlooked resource for:

•        Eliminating Toxins
•        Reducing Stress
•        Assisting in Reducing Joint Pain and other Aches
•        Restoring a Restful Night’s Sleep
            Our Location

         Body Balance System
      4560 Donovan Way Suite H
      North Las Vegas, NV 89081
       Telephone: (877) 296-2228

          Fax: (702) 633-9042

Description: | The Body Balance System Sea-Onic Detox System is a tool to help you Create Zen Within. The “Sea-Onic”, not to be confused with “Ionic”, is a co-developed system by Body Balance System and Dr. Ronald Cusson PhD., one of the country’s top physicists, to bring the concept of Detoxification the next level.