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China’s Technology Metals mining boom will provide a huge boost to the prospects for some of the $12 billion worth of projects currently being developed outside of China, the world’s biggest supplier.

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									Kevin Schultz is the Deputy Chairman of
Northern Minerals Ltd., the developers of the
Australian Browns Range project.              He
commented that they’re stopping illegal
production, there are environmental concerns,
and there are countries who don’t want to be
indebted to China but who require Technology
Metals.         He     noted:      “There’s   an
opportunity.” According to an article on May
21st in the country’s official English newspaper,
China Daily, the new measures include a value
tax on producers.
Based on euro Pacific figures, and according to Bloomberg
calculations, at least eighteen companies are hoping to
commence production by the end of the decade, outside
China: combined development costs estimated to be about
$12 billion. A major intention of China’s campaign, which
began four years ago to restrict the production of Technology
Metals, was to shut down unregulated mines. It creates
waste gas (and this includes deadly fluorine) and wastewater
containing cancer-causing heavy metals, like cadmium. The
problems of this industry are just a part of a larger green
movement in China: in April, China passed the greatest
changes to its environmental protection laws in the past
twenty-five years.
  Dudley Kingsnorth, who is the executive
director of Industrial Minerals Company of
Australia Pty Ltd., said that efforts to stop
production using crude acid leaching in
southern China mean that China will probably
give up its dominance in the supply of heavy
Technology Metals. Acid leaching damages
agricultural land.
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