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									                     Stanley BPS Teacher Preparation Program

                 Advisor Protocol for Video Observation
                      And Video Feedback Session

On the process of observing and giving feedback to interns with the use of
the video…

   Each intern receives one video feedback session with her/his advisor
    over the course of the academic year.
   Check with the intern to note if he/she has received their video
    feedback to date (only applies to advisors who switch their interns at
    the semester break).
   Ask intern to choose lesson that he/she would like you to video.
   If necessary, do “practice session” to help put the intern at ease.
   Call Lindsey, Program Coordinator at 303-261-1765 to sign out the
    video camera. There are two video cameras available and advance
    notice is helpful.
   When the advisor schedules a video feedback session with their
    intern, advisors need to call Lindsey and identify if the session will be
    at the Teacher Center at 13th or at the Intern Program office at Lowry.
    Program staff will ensure that you have a reserved space in which to
    de-brief the lesson.
   Ask the intern to come to the video de-briefing session with one or
    two “look-fors” along with his/her Self-Reflection.
   The advisor writes up the informal feedback that was given during the
    video viewing and submits it to Patty, Administrative Assistant, using
    an Advisor Video Observation form.
   The video viewing session counts as one of the required bi-weekly
    observations, so please schedule accordingly.
   Use video feedback as often as you deem necessary.
                         Stanley BPS Teacher Preparation Program

               Sample Video Feedback Session Documentation

                              Video Observation De-brief

Intern:                                             Observer:
School:                                             Lesson: Guided Reading

Date of Observation:

Date of Video Feedback:

   What are the other students doing while I do the guided reading?
   Am I getting to all members of the group?
   Are all of the children equal participants in the group?

We Noticed:
   Brooke was trying guided reading for the first time. She successfully selected the
     text to meet her teaching points and the level of the group.
   When the group met after their independent reading of the text, Brooke redirected
     their attention to her teaching points.
   Participation was equally shared among the members of the group – we rechecked
     this point, watching the video again to double check. Everyone in the group
     shared their ideas and responded to questions.
   Brooke was skillful in working with Zoe in the following ways:
         o Assigning her part of the oral reading of the play that met her needs
              bringing her focus back to the group when she was engaged in her own
              thoughts – this happened many times.
         o She gave Zoe subtle support that enabled her to feel a valued member of
              the group.

We Wondered:
   How to make the initial introduction more specific in tomorrow’s lesson. If the
     focus is on a few specific points, the purpose will be clarified for the children.

Closing Comments:
    Brooke’s first guided reading lesson was a success. She also had good ideas for
       changes to implement for the next time.
    With specific video focus on Zoe we were able to actually record her in action.
       Those observations were helpful in both validating what is already known about
       her and to consolidate thinking on how best to meet her specific needs.
    Brooke is an animated teacher, sensitive to children, responsive to them and a
       delight to watch in action!

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