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How to Increase Employee Engagement


These four are the basic strategies that will help you to increase the employee engagement, retention and loyalty.

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This document will provide the readers with four ways to earn the trust and loyalty of employees. These
four ways are:

1. Have Face Time:
   Individual contact is imperative as it makes an emotional association with the company. Irrespective
   of your office location, make sure you connect with employees. Try to connect with your team in the
   way they want to be connected. You can contact in different ways as text, emails or face to face.
   Remember that personal contact is important.

2. Express Appreciation:
   See your employees when they do the right thing. Employees tend to repeat the things that get
   recognized so appreciate them where they do well. Many organizations reward employees on
   performance. Although it’s a good strategy, yet it doesn’t make that emotional bond with employee
   which is created through verbal or handwritten appreciation notes are important as they are
   tangible evidences that employees can use to lift their motivation.

3. Ask Questions:
   A lot of managers don’t ask what their employees need just because of the fact that they fear that
   their employees might make unreasonable demands. This is not the case all the time, in fact you will
   be surprised to know that it doesn’t take much to keep them happy. Once the fundamental needs of
   employees are met, little tweaks can make a big difference. Asking your employees for ideas and
   suggestions might give you a perspective that you never thought of before. Welcoming your staff
   suggestions and following up on them will help you greatly

4. Look for Complaints:
    Marshall Fields said, "The individuals who purchase, help me. The individuals who come to
   compliment, satisfy me. The individuals who whine show me how I may please others so they will
   purchase. The main ones that damage me are the individuals who are disappointed however don't
   grumble. They reject me authorization to adjust my slips and in this manner enhance my
   administration." This quote is almost as relevant to workers as it is to clients. The workplace
   grapevine is not going to cease, nonetheless you can go around its negative results by making it ok
   for staff to express their opinions. When you realize what is truly happening inside your company,
   you can take the steps to revise what needs to be settled. Remember if you are asking questions
   then be prepared for the answers as well. No matter what they are.

These four are the basic strategies that will help you to increase the employee engagement, retention
and loyalty.

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