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									Marketing Proposal
This Marketing Proposal can be used by small businesses or individuals to offer their
marketing services to potential clients. Proposals are a surprisingly effective and
economical way of obtaining new clients. Simply customize the information of the
parties, the marketing services proposed, the proposed compensation amount, and
more. If both parties agree to this proposal, than they can enter into a robust marketing
services agreement that will fully specify the parties’ duties and obligations. This
proposal is ideal for individuals or small businesses that offer marketing services and
want an economical means of gaining new clients.
        ____________________ [Instructions: Insert the Marketing Company’s name]
       ____________________ [Instructions: Insert the Marketing Company’s address]
       ____________________ [Instructions: Insert the Marketing Company’s address]

____________________ [Instructions: Insert the date]

____________________ [Instructions: Insert the Client’s name]
____________________ [Instructions: Insert the Client’s address]
____________________ [Instructions: Insert the Client’s address]

         RE:      Marketing Services Proposal

Dear ____________________, [Instructions: Insert the Client’s name]

The following is the proposal of _____________________ [Instructions: Insert the Marketing
Company’s name] (hereinafter referred to as the “Company”) regarding Company’s providing
of marketing services to ____________________ [Instructions: Insert the Client’s name]
(hereinafter referred to as the “Client”).


Company proposes to perform the following marketing services (collectively referred to as the
“Services”), for Client, all in a competent fashion, with professionalism and integrity, in
accordance with applicable standards of the profession:

       a.     Marketing Campaigns. Company shall launch marketing campaigns and other
marketing or promotional activities.

            i.        Company shall provide a detailed proposal for each marketing campaign.
The proposal shall set forth the theme, purpose, content, process and budget of each marketing
campaign and support needed for the campaign.

             ii.       Company shall organize and implement the marketing campaigns,
including, but not limited to: drafting press releases for the campaigns; publishing press releases;
planning, designing, preparing and organizing materials for marketing campaign activities.

            iii.    Client shall provide the necessary support for activities and shall
coordinate Company with other vendors of Client.

       b.     Advertising. Company shall provide, or engage on Client’s behalf, advertising
agency services including but not limited to:

              i.      Company shall arrange for the creation of advertising strategy and
advertisement placement plans for Client, according to the general marketing plan and market
activity arrangement of Client, taking into consideration all of the characteristics of marketing.

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             ii.            Company shall arrange for the purchase of all advertising resources on
Client’s behalf.

            iii.     Company shall arrange for the creation, design and production of
advertisements and prepare audio-visual and visual literary works according to the approved
proposals. It being expressly understood that the copyright in and to said advertisements and
works shall be owned by Client.

               iv.          Company shall arrange for the placement of the advertisements.

       c.     ___________________ [Instructions: Insert additional marketing services
Company will provide] -- ___________________ [Instructions: Insert a general description
of the marketing services and any additional comments]

                 i.         ______ [Instructions: Insert specific marketing tasks to be performed]

                ii.         ______ [Instructions: Insert specific marketing tasks to be performed]

               iii.         ______ [Instructions: Insert specific marketing tasks to be performed]

With respect to all Services proposed to be performed by Company hereunder, Company shall
provide Client with a marketing and advertising plan and shall use Company’s best efforts to
keep Client informed and updated of Company’s progress. Company shall obtain Client’s written
consent prior to making any material decisions. All advertising proofs must be approved by
Client prior to placement.


The Services proposed by Company hereunder shall be limited to the Services set forth in this
proposal, and shall expressly exclude any additional or different services. In the event Client
desires to engage Company to provide any additional or different services, a change order
detailing such engagement shall be executed between the parties and no work shall be performed
by Company until and unless such change order is fully executed.

3.       TERM

The proposed term of the engagement shall be a period of __________ (___) [Instructions:
Insert the number of months the engagement will last] months, commencing on
__________________. [Instructions: Insert the proposed start date] Unless either party
provides __________ (___) [Instructions: Insert the number of day advance notice required
to terminate this agreement] days prior written notice, the term shall automatically extend for
successive __________ (___) [Instructions: Insert the number of months renewal periods
will last] month renewal periods.


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Company proposes the following compensation terms.

        a.     Estimated Monthly Fee. In consideration of the proposed Services, Company will
require Client to make timely payment of a monthly fee in the amount of ___________ Dollars
($_____) [Instruction: Insert the Company’s monthly fee] (the “Estimated Monthly Fee”),
which shall be payable on the __________ [Instructions: Insert the day of each month the fee
is due. e.g. “first” or “tenth”] day of each month. The Estimated Monthly is based on
Company’s initial estimate and does not cover any additional work which may be later
discovered by Company. The Estimated Monthly Fee is not guaranteed and is subject to change.

       b.      Costs and Expenses. Client shall be responsible for all of Company’s actual and
documented costs and expenses incurred in connection with the Services. All such cost and
expenses shall be reimbursed by Client no later than thirty (30) days following Client’s receipt of
Company’s itemized invoice indicating the applicable costs and expenses.

         c.     Late Fees. Subject to Company’s Late Payment Policy, in the event that Client
fails to timely pay the Estimated Monthly Fee or Company’s invoiced costs and expenses, a late
payment fee shall be applied. Client shall also be responsible for all collection costs incurred by
Company in connection with such late payment.


Company proposes that the parties execute a mutual non-disclosure agreement relating to
confidential information and work product.


All proposed Services, if rendered, shall be rendered as an independent contractor and
Company’s rendering of services shall not create an employer-employee relationship between
Company and Client. Company shall have no right to receive any employee benefits including,
but not limited to, health insurance, life insurance, sick leave and/or vacation. Company shall be
responsible for all taxes including, self-employment taxes due with regard to compensation
earned in connection with the Services. Company shall bear the sole responsibility for payment
of compensation to its personnel.


In executing this proposal, Client agrees to and accepts the terms and conditions of this proposal
and agrees to use good faith to enter into a service agreement with Company which includes
substantially similar terms to the material terms of this proposal.

Client Name:                ________________________________

Signature:                  ________________________________

Date:                       ________________________________

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