Dental Office Uniform Policy


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									Dental Office Uniform Policy
This policy can be used by a dental office that requires its employees to wear uniforms
while at work. The policy requires employees to keep uniforms clean, neat, wrinkle-free,
and in good condition. Employees must also have conservative hair, facial hair and
makeup. In addition, this policy specifies that number of uniforms that will be provided to
employees and that the uniforms are the property of the company and must be returned
upon termination. This policy is ideal for dental offices, medical offices or other entities
that require employees to wear uniforms to work.
                                            UNIFORM POLICY

We at ___________________ [Instructions: Insert the Dental Office’s name] (the “Office”)
have established this Uniform Policy to provide formal guidance regarding the Office’s position
with respect to the dress code for uniformed employees.


The Office is committed to providing top-notch dental care services and the professional
appearance of the Office’s uniformed employee needs to exhibit those aspects of good health and
good health habits. The Office’s uniformed employee’s dress must reflect a tasteful, classic,
conservative, professional look, reflecting the Office’s approach to health care.

2.       UNIFORMS

The Office will issue __________ (___) [Instructions: Insert the number of uniforms the
Office will provide each uniformed employee] uniforms to each uniformed employee. The
uniforms are property of the Office and are to be returned to the Office in the event of

      a.      Uniformed employees are required to wear the uniform for the duration of each
workday at the Office.

       b.      The uniforms shall be kept, maintained and worn by each uniformed employee in
a neat, clean, wrinkle-free, good condition, free of odors and stains. The uniform must fit
properly and shall not be too loose or too tight.

      c.      Appropriate undergarments must be worn under the uniform by all uniformed
employees to avoid an unprofessional appearance.

       d.     The Office’s Identification Badge is a required part of employee’s uniform and
must be worn at all times, above the waist and visible to the public.

       e.      Shoes should be professional and conservative, polished, in good condition, and
worn at all times.


         a.       Hair, facial hair, and/or makeup must be conservative and neat in appearance.

         b.       Teeth and breath must exhibit evidence of excellent oral hygiene.

         c.       Piercings are inappropriate attire for the Office.

         d.       Tattoos must be concealed by appropriate clothing.

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      e.      Excessive fragrance and odors must be avoided (including, without limitation,
perfumes, colognes, body odors, smoke).

         f.       Hands and fingernails must be clean, maintained and without stains.


Notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained herein, the Office is committed to not
discriminating against any employee based on their religion, including their religious dress
practice and/or grooming. For more information, please consult the Office’s Religious
Accommodation Policy.

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