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Material Safety Data Shee t
May be used to comply wit h OSHA's Hazard Communtcabon Standam , 29 CFA 1910 .1200 . Standard must be ccnsutted for specific requirements .
IOENiTTy (AS Used on Lie* and List )

U .S . Department of Labo r
Occupational Safety and Health Adm rnstrauo n (Non-Mandatory Form ) Force Approved

OMB No. 1218-007 2

Clorazenate Dirot :

_iurn Tablets USc 7 .5 rrr(

Note. Blank xxapss ant rid psmrrted. If arty item is nix appicable. o a neea•t"re. 0» sows must be marked PO n4:a .11 r`tismx (Pi

Section I
%anulacturer's Nam e Emert }ency Telephone Numbe r

Taro Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd . htrror. Stott Cy, .State. and ZIP Coda) tlkat or t.

Telephone Number for Information


914-345-900 1
Dare Prepared

Haifa Bay, Israel_ 26110

June 200 2
Signature of Prewar (optional) c Anton i it 1 r

Section ll — . Hazardous ingredlentslldentity Informatio n
Hazardous Compdnents (Specific Chemical Identity ; Common Narne(a)) 	OSHA PEL	 ACGIHTLV Other Limas Recommended

% Oise

Section III — Physical/Chemical Characteristics
Boling Part Vapor Pressure (mm Hg.) Vapor Canty (AIR - 1) SdubtYty n water
appearance and oqor -,t/p .


Spastic Gravity (H2O - Melting Pan[ Evaporated Rate (Butyl Acetate - 1)


N/ A ",/ '

- soluabl e

Rcu T, flat tablets, orarrje mlored, s 1 lghtly aul tic T, scored and ©'grave d
cn tine side with '746" and plain on the othar side . Flammable L.rrrts I/ uEL

Rash Pant (MeVncl Used) Exnngushing Media

Section IV — Fire and Explosion Hazard Data

Water spray Carbon Dioxide, dry chemical pocder or a .croriate
Sperm Are F,grttnt) P*oceoures

Tear self-contained bred
Unusual Are and Faaroann Hazard s

ast..'aratus and

in r

contact with ski p and eyes . to-4r- r-,-- e

,Fecrocuce coal ly)

r'. GFNd 17!

Cnn .



S•ct1on V — R..cttvtty Data
Unetablis Corlatlors


N/ A

Incompatibility (Materials to Aw+d) Hazardous Oacotnpoertion or Byproduct s

Toxic fumes:of carbon monoxide carbon dioxide, nitrocren oxides, hydro en chloride aa s
Hazaroas Poyrtnenzamon May Occur – Ma Not Occur Condiborr to Avoid N/ A

Skin? Ingestion ?

Section VI — Health Hazard Dat a
Routed) of Entry: 	 Heefth Hazards (Acute and Chronic) CNS Inhalation?

harmful	 Depressio n


harmfu l

Caron oge is ty N/ A


LARC Monographs?

OSHA Regulated?

Signs and Syrnptrma of Exposur e 	


iicht -h adedness

a afia


Gastrointestinal and vi s ual

disturba n

sk i n rashes, urinary retention, headache confusion, vertigo .	
Medical Conditlona G tar	 av ef by Ewe

overexposure may cause reproductive disorder(s) based on tests 	 with labora tore animals .

Emergency and First Aid Procedure s .	

Cali a physician if swallowed, inhaled or contact with eves or skin is made .
Section VII — Precautions for Safe Handling and Us e
Steps to Be Taken in Case Matenal b Released or Spille d


Wear respiration, chemical safety Coocles, rubber boots and heavy rubber cloves .	 Sweep up, place in a baq and hold for waste disuosal .	 Avoid raisins dust .	

~ 1 > 	 V._ .	r.ti _ate area and wash spill site after materi - l -ic1n,t icrnmr i st n	 We Oppose Method rortact the 7 'y -r r err no n+. administration cbncern .inc the d_s,n sa l of controlle d 	

s r h Starc e a .
Prenaued is to 8e Taken in Handing and Storing

See section VIII .
Other Prerxunorn N/ A

Section Vltl — Control Measure s
Resorarxy Protection (SAY T)tpe) Vandation L it Exhaust


,proved reesPirato r
Spec* N/ A Omer N/A Eye Protectio n

Chemical fume food
Medwtical (General) 	N/A	 A'otecave Gams 	

comp atible chemical-resistant 	
Other Protective Corning or Epui.oment

chemical safet y ,cocoles

rubber boot s
Wcric ienc .Pracxcae 2




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