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					  Air Quality
Modeling Update
       May 23, 2012
   Air Directors Meeting
        Presented by: Rick Gillam
          EPA Region 4, APTMD
               (404) 562-9049
10th Conference on Air Quality Models
•   Held March 13-15, 2012 at EPA Office in RTP, NC
•   Section 320 of the CAA requires a conference be held every 3
•   Purpose is provide an overview of EPA’s preferred models and
    provide a forum for public review and comment
     –   Public Comment Period open until June 15, 2012
     –   Presentations available on EPA SCRAM website, transcripts
         available soon
•   Highlights:
     –   EPA presentations on AERMOD and CALPUFF Modeling Systems
     –   Challenges of Modeling new 1-hr NO2 and SO2 NAAQS
     –   PM2.5 Modeling
     –   Emerging modeling techniques (e.g., single source O3 modeling)
     –   Full day of Public Presentations on many issues, including
         enhancements to AERMOD and CALPUFF, 1-hr NAAQS modeling,
         new modeling techniques (e.g., SCIPUFF/SCICHEM)
    2012 Regional, State & Locals Modelers’ Workshop

•   Held April 30-May 4, 2012 in Chicago,
•   40 CFR Part 51, Appendix W provides for
    periodic workshops to discuss modeling
    issues and provide supplementary
•   2012 Workshop had 3 parts
     – Days 1-2: NSR/PSD Permit Modeling
     – Days 4-5: Photochemical/Regional-scale
       SIP Modeling
     – Day 3: Cross-over Permit/SIP modeling
Highlights from 2012 Modelers’
 • NSR/PSD Modeling:
      – AERMOD & CALPUFF Updates
      – Challenges of Modeling new 1-hr NO2 and SO2 NAAQS
      – SO2 NAAQS Implementation Modeling
      – NSR/PSD Policy Updates – PM2.5 SILs litigation
      – State Presentations: Intermittent Emissions Sources, 1-hr modeling, Using
        maximum wind speeds to limit off-site inventories
 •   Photochemical SIP Modeling:
      –   Ozone/PM2.5 Modeling Guidance Revisions and Attainment Test Updates
      –   Current Regional Modeling Efforts (e.g., SEMAP)
      –   CMAQ & CAMx Model Revisions and Evaluations
      –   Case Studies (e.g., Salt Lake, UT & Fairbanks, AK and other areas)
 •   Cross-over issues:
      – Single-source O3 and PM2.5 Modeling
      – Interpollutant Trading Ratios
      – Prognostic Met Data use for dispersion modeling (MMIF)
                    Hot Topics
•   PM2.5 SILs litigation – Sierra Club challenge
•   Limiting size of SIA based on wind speeds
•   Ambient Air issues when modeling 1-hr NO2 and SO2 NAAQS
•   AERMOD Wake Effects (downwash) for all stack heights,
    including above GEP (and grandfathering)
•   NO2 modeling issues: Tier 3 assumptions, NO2/Nox in-stack
    ratios and ambient ratios
•   Approvals for use of Tier 3 – currently requires Regional office
    approval for each specific case
•   Idea of monitoring in-lieu-of or addition to modeling if modeling
    shows violations that can’t be solved
•   Single-source ozone and secondary PM2.5 modeling techniques
     –   January 2012 Memo from Gina McCarthy
    2012 Region 4 Modelers’ Workshop
•    Planning to hold a Region 4
     Modelers’ Workshop in Fall
     2012 at EPA Region 4 Offices in
     Atlanta, GA
•    Discuss both NSR/PSD and
     Photochemical Modeling Issues
•    We encourage modeling
     representatives from all
     Region 4 States and Locals to
Contact: Rick Gillam
Air Quality Modeling and
Transportation Section
EPA Region 4

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