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									 Reasons Why Permalife
Rubber Mulch Stands Out
Landscaping has a very important
 aesthetic value to your land. This
 explains the need to be very keen when
 choosing the material to use on your
 lawn or playground.
There are plenty of different products out
 there but Permalife is definitely one you
 need to try. A cost benefit analysis
 proves that it offers the best value for
Permalife Mulch is a recycled rubber
 substitute for wood mulch that has the
 ability to last for years without decay. It
 will not compact and also comes in an
 array of different colors.
 Long after wood mulch has decayed or
 blown away, Permalife is able to stand
 the test of time.
There are various cost benefits of
 Permalife rubber mulch for playgrounds
 as well as landscaping. One of the
 greatest benefits is that it is long lasting
 with vibrant colors that will retain its look
 for years to come.
You end up saving both time and money
 as there is no need for annual
 replacement or mulching.
For landscaping purposes, Permalife
 rubber mulch helps to retain moisture
 that is vital for the growth of plants,
 trees and shrubs.
This is in addition to excellent drainage
 that is also very useful for plants and
 flowerbeds. Unlike other mulches, you
 have less to worry about termites and
Permalife pour and play is widely used in
 schools and municipalities for it offers an
 extra margin of safety when used on
 playgrounds. Besides being much softer
 than wood mulch, it does not stain
 children's clothing. It also comes with a
 five year warranty.
You can take advantage of a the rubber
 mulch sale at A coupon
 code GREEN15 gets you an additional
 15% discount on all products from the
 company. Given the high quality levels of
 Permalife rubber mulch, it is a great deal
 as you get a reasonable price cut off the
 cost of rubber mulch.


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