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									How to make a professional business letterhead template -

Making a letterhead template for your business which looks great yet professional is not a
much of a complex task.

By following the steps mentioned below you can easily create your own business
letterhead template in 15 minutes(if you are good at Microsoft Word) to 30 minutes.

Step 1 - Make sure you use Microsoft 2003/07/10/13 version, that is only Microsoft
Word version and not Open office, because when using templates across different
versions creates problem in printing and margin/header/footer bugs across different

And as almost all the organization still not adopting open sources, you better follow the
same and proceed with Microsoft Word version.

Step 2 - Note that .dot version is the template version we would need to finally save our
template and thus which could be used further to create new doc/x documents.

Create a new document and set the margins as required. Adjust indent as required.

Step 3 - Choose a background Graphic or design if you wish so, try searching google for
free to use images/graphics and choose the best for your letterhead.

If you dont wish to use any graphic and instead wish a simple & elegant design/border,
try setting it up then.

Step 4 - Make sure you insert a header and footer on your letterhead, it should be there to
make our life easier afterwards.

Step 5 - Insert text box/es for your address / logo/title+slogan as required. and adjust
them on header to have a better look.

Step 6 - In footer Insert registered office - Either the same as above address or different
then mention here


Insert registration no. in footer.

Step 7 - Try dissolving the text box borders to the color same as that of background so
that its invisible and make look the letterhead elegant and professional.

Thats it! You have now have your good looking yet professional letterhead template.

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