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Verve A Natural_ Healthy Energy Drink Created by Vemma


     A Natural, Healthy Energy Drink
Created by Vemma
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Join the Movement
How? Club Verve is the Answer!
The Business Opportunity and why this is not a Pyramid Scheme
How can college students do this?
Why have I not heard of this?
Young crusader spreads the word!
How is this All Possible?
How I actually make money
We are a TEAM!
The One-Month Guarantee!
                      Club Verve

     Club Verve is a brand new student lead
      organization that allows us as students to work
      together as a team in order to make money, improve
      our resume's, and broaden our social horizon on our
      own time, simply by giving our fellow students the
      same opportunity we were presented and chose to

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            Perks of Club Verve
Always have a place to drink on the weekends
Sponsored by the healthy energy drink Verve
 (never have a hang over again)
Unlimited earnings potential
You’re your own boss
Work on your own time
Work with your friends
Broaden your social horizon
Get involved with the University
Build your resume
Get paid for recruiting members to the club and
 promoting the energy drink!
         How do we make money?
 In Club Verve we work with a company called

Vemma is a company that started 8 years ago in
 Scottsdale Arizona.

As a new and upcoming industry leader, Vemma
 provides innovative products and a simple,
 generous compensation plan to help people live
 healthier and more rewarding lives.
     What is Vemma?
     Vemma is a company that has devoted it’s
      product line to healthy lifestyle supplements.
     It is actually an acronym meaning-
            V = Vitamins
                E= Essential
                      M = Minerals
                             M = Mangosteen
                                 A = Aloe
     The product we will be working with is called
      “Verve”, Vemma’s healthy energy drink.
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What Would You Have To Eat?
     Business Opportunity

     Vemma’s business strategy is called
     Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) compensates
      sales force for both personally generated sales
      and sales generated by the team.
     This particular company uses a binary
      compensation plan, which means we all work
      together in order for all of us to make money
     In order for one person to make money, he or she
      must help everyone else make money.

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     Why is this not a Pyramid Scheme?
     - Pyramid schemes and “money gains” are illegal
       in the United States government.
        - The Phoenix Suns, Charlotte Bobcats and
          Phoenix Coyotes all have Verve as their
          official energy drink. Meaning it is the only
          energy drink they carry.
        - The Phoenix Suns hired a team of 11 lawyers
          to investigate Vemma as a company because if
          it turned out to be fraudulent in any way, the
          Suns organization would be legally liable by
          making it their official energy drink.
        - They came to the conclusion that Vemma is a
Main Menu
          completely legal company.
In Vemma, each brand partner is paid based on the
 amount of product (in our case Verve) their “team”
 can sell, not the amount of people in their
 organization like in a pyramid scheme.
That means there are two sides to the business
     1. You can go door to door and sell Verve/Vemma to people as
      well as try and get businesses/sports teams to carry the product
       Verve was named product of the year by Miss Fitness
         magazine, Mens Journal named the original Vemma formula
         “Best Available Super Drink” and all of Vemma’s products
         are backed by Dr. Oz.
     2. You can sell the opportunity to people like we are doing
       In order for someone to join Club Verve/Vemma and be
         eligible to make money, they have to buy at least two cases
         of Verve/Vemma a month which cost $150.
       We are getting paid because everyone is required to buy 2
         cases of Verve every month, not because of the amount of
         people in our organization like in a pyramid scheme
              How it appeals to college studnets

     Students face two major obstacles:
             1.) College students don’t get the vitamins and minerals
               their body needs in order to function at it’s optimal level.
             2.) No one has the money to pay for school, books, room and
               board, a meal plan, and a social life.
            . . . Club Verve can help students solve both of these
            problems by us simply working together as a student body

Main Menu
 One way to market Verve to the college
Any given Thursday, Friday, or Saturday night
 the majority of college students will participate
 in some form of social drinking
A lot of students will use energy drinks as
 “chasers”, not only to cover up the taste of alcohol,
 but also to give them a more “exciting” drunk.
After doing this however, one will usually wake
 up feeling extremely hung-over
Verve is one of the best “chasers” available. Why?
Unlike other energy drinks that rely on things like
 caffeine and sugar to give you energy, Verve uses a
 combination of vitamins and minerals that your body
 needs anyway to give you energy
When someone drinks alcohol, the alcohol excretes a
 certain amount of Vitamins and Minerals from their
 body and this is one of the main things that causes a
When someone “chases” with Verve, it puts those
 Vitamins and Minerals right back into your body.
That means if someone uses Verve as a chaser rather
 than Red Bull or Monster, you will still get the same
 “exciting” drunk, but you will wake up in the morning
 feeling great! Best of both worlds.

We get paid based on product sales,
so if you were to get a business or
sports team to carry this product,
rather than buying 2 cases of Verve a
month like we do, they would buy
something like 50 cases a month.
That means you would be getting
paid A LOT more for that than if you
were just to get another person to do
the business opportunity.
            Why have I not heard of this if
            it’s such a good opportunity?

            ØThis opportunity for college
            students started about 7 months at

            Ø 6 months, 700 students joined.

            ØJust now growing to other

Main Menu
             Young crusader
            spreads the word!

               Click the Verve

Main Menu
            o We are the first University
            to make this an official club
            and look at this as a
            o If everyone simply gets 2
            people to “join the movement”,
            We as college students would
            literally all be making enough
            money to pay for college plus
            more…. A LOT MORE
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                How much more?
            Number of Students in college:
            Males enrolled: 8.1 million
            Females enrolled: 9.4 million

            Full time students: 11.6 million
            Part time students: 5.9 million

            Undergrads: 15.2 million
            Grad students: 2.3 million

                                   Total: 17.5 million


Main Menu
            How early are we really
              getting in on this?
            ØRight now there are 100,000 people doing Vemma
            and it has been around for 6 years.

            ØThere are about 1000 college students doing it
            our way.

            ØThat means there are 17.4 million college
            students out there who have never heard about
            this, and WE are going to be the ones who are
            going to tell them about it!

Main Menu
                    This is going to
            ØFacebook but you get paid
            based on the amount of frineds
            you have
            ØIf everyone who joins simply brings in 2
            people, this thing would never end until
            all 17.5 million college students are signed
            ØAnd even so, every year has another
            incoming Freshman class, so it can keep
            going and going.

Main Menu
                 The Power of Duplication

            This shows what would happen if everyone simply got 2
            people in their first month in the business and then stopped
Main Menu   working .
            The Best Way to Get People to
             “Join the Verve Movement”
            ØSimply be social and outgoing!!!

            ØYour first job: GET PEOPLE TO
                              TALK TO US!

            ØWhat NOT to do: Explain the system

            ØWhat TO do: Tell people about Club

Main Menu
This is
where we
            This is BY FAR the best
                job on campus
            ØThere is no comparison
            between this and other
            “jobs” on campus.

             ØThe work and the pay
              are better with this.

             ØCompare to Cafeteria

Main Menu
              The Choice is Yours

               Scrub dishes in the
            cafeteria VS giving your
             friends an opportunity

            Which one sounds better
                    to you?

Main Menu
            THERE IS A ONE MONTH
              Ø This is the kicker guys
              Ø If you try this out, put the effort in for
                29 days and it doesn’t work, you get 136
                dollars back (lose 14 for shipping)
              Ø Still get to keep the 48 cans of Verve
                though so to be honest, if you sign up
                for this and don’t do anything then quit
                on day 29. You get 48 cans of Verve for
                $.29 a can. They are sold at Phoenix
                suns games for $4.50 a can.
                BY “JOINING CLUB VERVE” even if
                you don’t get other people to join.

Main Menu
            Join the Movement
     We as college students all across the
      nation are all going to “join the
      movement” in order to pay for college
     Since 2000 college tuition has gone up
      by 40% and the strength of a college
      degree is steadily declining each year.
      This is a way for all of us to simply
      unite and work together in order to
      make it out of college debt free
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            Click this text for Vemma terms and regulations:


                 Join the Facebook group, “Club Verve”



                Luke Hessler               Kevin Kreta
               (231-631-6975)             (231-492-4341)

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