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									Name That Any Radiator Company

If you asked the man in the street for the name of any radiator manufacturing company it seems likely
that only one person in a hundred would be able to give a correct answer.

Brand naming does not seem to be a very important part of what they are about. On the other hand
that may also be said of much in the manufacturing business where the important name is the third
party that sells the product.

Take a company like Designer Radiators Direct and in those three words you discover three essential
pieces of information. The first word lets you know that there really is something a bit special about the
product they are selling which is, of course, radiators.

The last word indicates that rather than having to visit any out of town store you can sit in the comfort
of your home and order online.

When you look through the site pages you will quickly realise the answer to the original question and
that is the names of the various original manufacturers. It will then be a surprise to realise that although
there are nearly twenty different manufacturers from all over the world you will probably not have
heard of any of them.

The next surprise will be how beautifully designed many, if not all, of these radiators are. Forget that old
cream coloured radiator in your hallway, sitting room, bedroom or bathroom, these would add class to
any property.

In addition to looks, each radiator company and valve manufacturer is looking at efficiency just as much
as boiler makers try to find ways to reduce running costs.

In general a thin metal sheet, particularly with aluminium, that releases heat into the room as soon as
hot water passes through is now generally considered better than the old principal of heavy iron that
takes longer to heat although benefits from remaining warm long after the boiler is switched off.

For anyone of a certain age in their mind’s eye the mention of the word radiator sums up either a large
round cast iron monstrosity you might still see in a Cathedral or other ancient institution or of the
ubiquitous nineteen-seventies creamy-white flat panel example.

I doubt anyone thought about who made that particular seventies model but now if you visit this site
you will soon learn the names of the manufacturers and perhaps recognise their distinctive styles.
If you are in the lucky position of ripping out a complete old central heating system with the intention of
replacing with new then you will have fun selecting from all the choices here.

Do not forget that there is no reason at all to choose the same model or manufacturer for every room in
the house. You can select different radiators to match the size and décor of every individual room.

When looking for a good radiator company take a look around at designerradiatorsdirect

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