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Mission Statement         Mission stateMent                                          TPR First In Service

                                                     Mission stateMent
                                    “The Company exists solely to provide superior service with
                                            the highest quality products and assist
                                              our people in achieving success!”

                    TRENCH PLATE® RENTAL CO                                                   Toll free: 800-821-4478
        TPR First In Service
                                                               TPR            history


    Trench Plate® Rental Co (TPR) has grown substantially since its early days of only
    providing “Trench Plates®” from which we derived our name. Now we provide a myriad
    of products including, Steel and Aluminum Boxes, Hydraulic Shoring, Shoring Beams,
    Traffic Control, Slide Rail Shoring Systems, Pipe Plugs, Confined Space Products and
    Competent Person and Flagger Training, and we have in excess of 3000 products that
    we routinely provide to customers.

    We provide Products and Services to thousands of job sites every year all over the
    Western United States, meeting the tough requirements of contractors, for both safety
    and productivity. With locations throughout California, Nevada and in Texas, we provide
    equipment for contractors in a major portion of the Western United States.

    We offer full Temporary Traffic Control services, including Temporary Traffic Plans (both
    stamped by a PE or non stamped), Set-up and Removal of traffic control products on a
    customer’s job site, maintenance of set-ups, as well as installation of permanent signs
    as well as many other services.

    Through our subsidiary manufacturing company, Quik-Shor®, TPR has developed a
    full line of Hydraulic Shoring, Aluminum Boxes, Steel Boxes and other products as
    well. The company’s extensive product development program has ensured reliability
    and safety for our customers for a number of decades. In addition, TPR provides,
    “Competent Person Training Courses” and “Trench Rescue Training” to contractors and

    Our shoring product lines have withstood the test of time and use. Fulfilling the
    requirements of Contractors, Municipalities and OSHA on over one hundred thousand
    job sites throughout the world. Our employees are experts at providing the right
    equipment, delivered to your job site on your schedule, and assisting you with what you

    need to be successful.

    TPR focuses on providing solutions to contractors for both standard and challenging
    situations encountered by our customers through our experience and the very highest
    quality of equipment.

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                  Locations                             TPR First In Service

                                                               Los Angeles
                                                           Downey, California

                                              North Los Angeles, Ventura

                                               & Santa Barbara Counties

                                                           Orange County

                                                       San Diego County

                                                         San Bernardino
                                                    & Riverside Counties

                  TRENCH PLATE RENTAL CO
                                      ®                           800-350-7528

                   WE’VE GOT YOU COVERED
                                           San Francisco Bay Area - North

                                           San Francisco Bay Area - South

                                                     Central Valley North

                                                 Northern Nevada & Utah

                                              Southern Nevada & Arizona

                                                               Houston, Texas

            TRENCH PLATE® RENTAL CO                              Toll free: 800-821-4478
        TPR First In Service

Trench Boxes                   Steel Trench Box                                           1-3
                               Light Duty Steel Box                                        4
                               Aluminum Quik-Box / Wheel Kit                              5-6

                               Aluminum Build A Box                                        7
                               Manhole Boxes                                             8-10
Shoring                        Aluminum Hydraulic Shore                                   11
                               High Clearance & Light Duty Hi Clearance Shore             12
                               Quik Pump / Power Pump / Rock & Finger Guard               13
                               Trench End Brace                                           14
                               Double Cylinder Power Shore / Screw Jack                   15
                               3 inch Steel Cylinder Power Strut                          16
                               Quadra Brace                                               17
                               Horizontal Waler                                           18
Beams & Overlap Sheeting H-Pile & Wide Flange Beam                                    19-20
                               Over-Lap Sheeting                                          21
Slide Rail System              Slide Rail System                                      22-24
Trench Plate®                  Trench Plate® / Manhole Rounds / Curb Plate                25
                               Rock Plate                                                 26
Confined Space Entry           Tripod / Winch / Harness                                   27
                               Confined Space Definitions                                 28
                               Hazardous Atmosphere                                       29
                               Portable Gas Detector                                      30
                               Ventilation Equip. / Diesel & Electric Ventilator      31-32
Traffic Control                Traffic Control Equipment                                  33
                               Flashing Beacon Light                                      34
                               Solar Arrow Panel / Solar Message Board                    34
                               Light Tower                                                35
                               K-Rail / Water Filled Barrier                              36
                               Trench Bridge / Portable Road Bridge                       37
Additional Products            Pipe Deflection Gauge / Mechanical Pipe Plug               38
                               Pipe Plug / Leak Locator                                   39
                               Pipe Roller / Pipe Puller                                  40
                               Rock Screen / Rock Box                                     41
Training                       Competent Person Training                                  42
                               Trench Rescue Training                                     43
                               Flagger Training                                           44
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      1                  steeL trench Box                                           TPR First In Service

                     No matter what your application,
                     Trench Plate® Rental Co
                     has the boxes and equipment you need.
Steel Trench Box

                     We offer our customers over thirty years of
                     experience in the industry.


                     ► High strength steel construction
                     ► 4 lifting points built into sidewalls
                     ►  Pulling Eyes
                     ► Stackable
                     ► Compressed wood in top horizontal to        Bore Pits
                       limit bucket damage
                     ► Bottom horizontal protected by steel
                       drag plate

                   Four Sided Boxes                                Arch Spreaders

                   High Clearance Spreaders                        Deep Applications
                   TRENCH PLATE® RENTAL CO                                                   Toll free: 800-821-4478
        TPR First In Service
                                                 SteeL trench Box                                  2
   Our customers safely meet their deadlines
   using our knowledge and abilities to
   maximize productivity and safety.

                                                                                                 Steel Trench Box
   Optional features:

   ►   Fall Protection Guard Rails
   ►   Wheel Kit
   ►   Box Walkway
   ►   Pulling Tongue
   ►   Grade Plate

   Save time & man hours using a Grade Plate.    Guard Rails

   When laying pipe in a shield simply dump
   crushed rock in front of the grade plate,
   attach the excavator to the pull bar and
   move the shield forward. The rock will
   flow under the grade plate and set the pipe

                                                 Grade Plate

                                                               Steel Box Walkway

    Steel Box                                                  Pulling Tongue
E-mail:                                                TRENCH PLATE® RENTAL CO
      3                  steeL trench Box                                           TPR First In Service

                                             Box Size     Pipe Clearance   Approx. Lbs.
                                               4’ x 10’          21”           2,600
                                               6’ x 10’          41”           3,700
Steel Trench Box

                                               8’ x 10’          64”           5,500
                                              10’ x 10’          85”           5,700
                                               4’ x 12’          21”           3,450
                                               6’ x 12’          41”           4,650
                                               8’ x 12’          64”           5,350
                                              10’ x 12’          85”           7,300
                                               4’ x 16’          21”           4,800
                                               6’ x 16’          41”           6,450
                                               8’ x 16’          64”           8,000
                                              10’ x 16’          85”           6,650
                                               4’ x 20’          21”           5,750
                                               6’ x 20’          41”           6,850
                                               8’ x 20’          64”           9,500
                                              10’ x 20’          85”          12,000
                                               4’ x 24’          21”           8,000
                                               6’ x 24’          41”           9,000
                                               8’ x 24’          64”          12,000
                                              10’ x 24’          85”          14,600
                                               4’ x 28’          21”           8,250
                                               6’ x 28’          41”           9,700
                                               8’ x 28’          64”          14,250
                                              10’ x 28’          85”          17,250
                                               4’ x 32’          21”          15,200
                                               6’ x 32’          41”          17,600
                                              10’ x 32’          85”          21,000
                                      5” X 5” Square Spreaders             25 lbs. per foot
                                      8” Round Spreaders                   50 lbs. per foot

                              Custom Sizes and Modifications Available     Specifications May Vary

                   TRENCH PLATE® RENTAL CO                                                    Toll free: 800-821-4478
        TPR First In Service
                                        Light Duty steeL Box                                     4
 Light Duty Steel Boxes are Ideal for utility contractors and municipalities
 who use rubber-tired backhoes.

                                                                                              Light Duty Steel Box
                               Light Duty Steel Box
                  Size           PSF     Depth in C-60 Soil   Approx. Lbs.
                4’ x 14’        1500           25 ft.            3,060
                6’ x 14’        1500           25 ft.            4,290
                4’ x 16’        1140           19 ft.            3,400
                6’ x 16’        1140           19 ft.            4,845
                4’ x 18’         936           16 ft.            3,735

                6’ x 18’         936           16 ft.            5,285

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      5                    aLuMinuM Quik-Box®                       By   Quik-shor®
                                                                                       TPR First In Service

                         Aluminum Quik-Boxes
                         are manufactured by Quik-Shor® and
                         make the perfect box for smaller
                         projects where only a small excavator
Aluminum Quik-Box®

                         or rubber-tire backhoe is available.

                         Quik-Boxes are able to safely shore up
                         to 20 foot in depth and easily provide
                         for cross connections by use of the
                         side doors.

                         ► Steel   telescoping sleeves

                         ► Return   springs protected by
                            steel sleeves

                         ► Light  weight / Can be moved and
                            installed by a rubber-tire backhoe

                         ► Easily   positioned

                         ► Can  be set up for three or four
                            sided applications

                         ► Boxes    are stackable for greater

                                                                  Variable Width

                       Four Sided Configuration                   Optional Wheel Kit
                     TRENCH PLATE® RENTAL CO                                                    Toll free: 800-821-4478
        TPR First In Service
                                        aLuMinuM Quik-Box®                              By   Quik-shor®

                                                                                                                  Aluminum Quik Box®
                                               Aluminum Quik-Box®
                           Size                  PSF          Depth in C-60 Soil   Approx. Lbs.
                           6’ x 6’               2000                33 ft.           1,400
                           6’ x 8’               1400                23 ft.           1,500
                           8’ x 8’               1250                21 ft.           1,600
                          6’ x 10’                890                15 ft.           1,700
                          8’ x 10’               1150                19 ft.           1,900
                          6’ x 12’                940                16 ft.           1,900
                          8’ x 12’                850                14 ft.           2,000
                          6’ x 16’                782                13 ft.           2,600
                                             3 Strut
                     10’ x 10’         Configuration 1140
                                                                     19 ft.           2,800

                      PSF rating varies based on configuration, see tabulated data

           Hydraulic Strut Sizes                        Power Pump make the
                                                        installation and removal
          29” - 43”                  47” - 77”
                                                        of Hydraulic Boxes and

          35” - 53”                  53” - 89”          Shores faster.
          41” - 62”                  75” - 117”
              Extensions Available

E-mail:                                                                 TRENCH PLATE® RENTAL CO
       7                     aLuMinuM BuiLD a Box                                 TPR First In Service

                         Pickup truck transportable, units can be transported
                         in a pick-up truck or van making deliveries quick and
Aluminum Build A Box

                         Hand assembled, can be assembled in minutes to
                         2, 3, or 4-sided shields.

                         Flexibility of configurations allows design changes to
                         meet each job requirement.

                         3 way corner end post accommodates either
                         adjustable struts or panels; allowing for unlimited
                         box designs.

                         Bottom panels may be omitted for tee connection or
                         cross utilities.

                         Tongue and groove panels provide interlocking
                         self-alignment for simple, secure assembly.

                         Wheel kits are available.

                       TRENCH PLATE® RENTAL CO                                             Toll free: 800-821-4478
        TPR First In Service
                                              ManhoLe Box          By   Quik-shor®            8

                                                                                             Manhole Box
               Box Size            Door Size       Style       Approx. Lbs.
          4’H x 8’L x 8’W                        Single Wall      1,920
          8’H x 8’L x 8’W         27”H x 36”W    Single Wall      3,210

               Box Size            Door Size       Style       Approx. Lbs.
          4’H x 8’L x 8’W                       Double Wall       2,492
          8’H x 8’L x 8’W         40”H x 40”W   Double Wall       4,838
          4’H x 10’L x 10’W                     Double Wall       3,350
          6’H x 10’L x 10’W       48”H x 48”W   Double Wall       4,499
          8’H x 10’L x 10’W       48”H x 48”W   Double Wall       6,033

    ► High     strength steel construction.
    ► Easy  connecting pins and
       keepers for quick stacking.
    ► Large 48” doors allow cross

       connection of larger pipe.
    ► Spring      assisted door latches.
    ► Box    interiors are painted white
       to illuminate the working area.
    ► Depths  of over 25 feet in C-Soil

E-mail:                                            TRENCH PLATE® RENTAL CO
       9                      two Piece ManhoLe Box                                By   Quik-shor®
                                                                                               TPR First In Service
Two Piece Manhole Box

                             Two Piece Manhole Boxes allow greater versatility for excavation size, and
                             variable end openings for larger connections. They can be used with spreaders up
                             to eight feet long, creating end openings that are up to 8’ wide and 6’ tall or up to 8’
                             tall with the use of legs.

                                         Box Size            Double Wall        Door Size         Approx. Lbs.
                                     4’H x 8’L x 8’W              2”                                   1,915
                                     4’H x 10’L x 10’W            3”           48”H x 48”W             2,488
                                     6’H x 10’L x 10’W            3”           48”H x 48”W             3,608
                                     8’H x 10’L x 10’W            3”           48”H x 48”W             4,674
                                     4’H x 12’L x 12’W            3”           48”H x 48”W             2,904
                                     6’H x 12’L x 12’W            3”           48”H x 48”W             4,221
                                     8’H x 12’L x 12’W            3”           48”H x 48”W             5,485

                               ► Large    48” doors on the solid wall.

                               ► Boxes    are stackable for greater depth.

                        TRENCH PLATE® RENTAL CO                                                         Toll free: 800-821-4478
                          ManhoLe Box - rounDs & hyDrauLic
        TPR First In Service
 ► Steel Round Manhole
  Manhole rounds are specially
  designed to protect personnel during

                                                                                     Steel Round Manhole -Hydraulic
  manhole installations, line taps, valve
  placements and spot repairs. Their
  cylindrical construction incorporates
  high-strength corrugated steel walls.

  Adjustable leg supports provide field
  adjustment of bottom clearance for
  incoming utilities, accommodating up
  to 52 inch diameters when utilizing the
                                               Steel Round Manhole
  Light enough for handling with a
                                               Size        Approx. Lbs.
  rubber-tired backhoe, and easily
  stacked for varying depths.               4’H x 8.5’ D      1,200
                                            8’H x 8.5’ D      1,700
  Quick-connect pins and keepers enable
  rapid interlock of stacked Manhole        4’H x 10’ D       1,500
  rounds.                                   4’H x 10’ D       3,100

   ► Hydraulic Manhole Box

          Hydraulic Manhole Box
             Size          Approx. Lbs.
         4’H x 8’ D            1,200
         8’H x 8’ D            2,000

  Boxes expand hydraulically to allow

  adjustments for excavation and
  manhole size.

  Boxes can be stacked and multiple
  boxes can be placed in the
  excavation as a unit.

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   11                           VerticaL aLuMinuM shoring                                  By   Quik-shor®
                                                                                                  TPR First In Service

                              Pre-Assembled, Pre-Engineered vertical systems are quick and easy. Because they are
                              light weight most shores can be handled by a single person, thus providing increased
                              productivity. The fact is, in most situations, you can shore a trench as fast as your
                              excavator can open the trench.
Vertical Aluminum Shoring

                              All of this can be accomplished from above ground, keeping workers out of
                              unprotected trenches.

                                               Rail Lengths
                                     2’, 3½’, 5’, 7’, 9’, 12’, 16’, 20’, 24’

                                              Cylinder Sizes
                                                  17” - 27”
                                                  22” - 36”
                                                  28” - 46”
                                                  34” - 55”
                                                  46” - 82”
                                                  68” - 110”

                              Above ground installation provides job

                              Cylinder Extension Kits.

                              Over- sleeve protection for Cylinders.

                              Finger Guards to eliminate hand and finger

                              Rock Guards to improve productivity and
                              reduce shore damage.

                              Light weight construction offers increased       Hydraulic manifolds are available on
                              production due to ease of handling.              12’, 16’, 20’ and 24’ rail lengths.
                              Easily transported.                              All Quik-Shores are available
                                                                               mounted with plywood.
                              Portable hand pump and power pump use
                              biodegradable shoring fluid.                     Plywood has handles for ease of use
                                                                               and reinforced corners for strength and
                              Installation and removal tools.                  durability.

                            TRENCH PLATE® RENTAL CO                                                       Toll free: 800-821-4478
        TPR First In Service
                            high cLearance shoring                     By   Quik-shor®           12
   Ideal for those BIG PIPE projects.

   4 foot 11 inch clearance from the bottom of rail.

   Up to 6 foot 11 inch of clearance in A or B soils.

                                                                                                 High Clearance Shoring
   High Clearance Shores are a must on your projects where clearance is a factor.

                      Rail Lengths
                      8’, 10’, 12’, 16’

                    Cylinder Sizes
                          17” - 27”
                          22” - 36”
                          28” - 46”
                          34” - 55”
                          46” - 82”
                          68” - 110”

  ► Light Duty High Clearance

     Five feet tall Light Duty High Clearance Shores
     were designed for larger pipe / conduit, in
     shallow trenches.

                    Cylinder Sizes

                          17” - 27”
                          22” - 36”
                          28” - 46”
                          34” - 55”
                          46” - 82”

E-mail:                                                TRENCH PLATE® RENTAL CO
       13                                  Quik-PuMP® ● Power-PuMP®● rock & Finger guarDs        TPR First In Service

                                                                   ► Quik–Pump®
                                                                   An Auto Shifting 3 Stage Pump
Quik-Pump®• Power-Pump®• Rock & Finger

                                                                   Dramatically reduces (up to 60%) the
                                                                   number of strokes required to bring a
                                                                   shore to pressure.

                                                                   ► Power Pump
                                                                   2 Button Remote Hand Control
                                                                   Fold Down Handles
                                                                   Flat Proof Rubber Tires
                                                                   Maintenance Free Sealed AGM Battery & Charger
                                                                   Easy Clean Filter
                                                                   Low Power Consuming Motor on High Pressure Pump
                                                                   Hi-Impact Plastic Storage Box
                                                                   Balanced 2 Wheel Powder Coated Frame
                                                                   Quick Reference Guide

                                                                   ► Rock Guards
                                                                   A Quik-Shor exclusive. Developed to guard
                                                                   against back-fill (Rocks) becoming lodged
                                                                   behind the cylinder block.
                                                                   But also acts to provide protection against
                                                                   pinched fingers.

                                                                   ► Finger Guards
                                                                   Finger guards are designed to protect your
                                                                   employees from pinched fingers. These
                                                                   guards have proven themselves in millions
                                                                   of uses to assist in ensuring the safest work
                                                                   environment for your employees.

                                         TRENCH PLATE® RENTAL CO                                           Toll free: 800-821-4478
        TPR First In Service
                                         trench enD Brace               By   Quik-shor®           14

                                                                                                  Trench End Brace
    Utilizing components proven over years of use, Quik-Shor® has developed a close
    sheeting shore for the end of trenches.

    End Braces can be used in conjunction with any other shoring system from
    hydraulic shores to boxes.

    Trench End Braces can be kept up to 2’ from the bottom of excavations in A & B soils.

    Can be used to depths of 30’ and widths of up to 10’ depending on soil conditions.

                          Rail Lengths
                            4’, 6’, 8’, 10’

                          Cylinder Sizes
                             29” - 43”
                             35” - 53”
                             41” - 62”

                             47” - 77”
                             53” - 89”
                            75” - 117”

E-mail:                                                 TRENCH PLATE® RENTAL CO
     15                            DouBLe cyLinDer Power shore                                    By Quik-shor
                                                                                                 TPR First In Service

                                Double Cylinder Power Shore utilizes Two-2 inch diameter hydraulic cylinders.

                                Offering superior strength & versatility, Double Cylinder Power Shores can be used
                                in a wide range of shoring projects.
Double Cylinder Power Shore

                                    The double cylinder power shore allows
                                    a large horizontal and vertical spacing of
                                    shores against steel plates. Horizontal
                                    and vertical spacing can be as much as
                                    10 feet, depending on conditions.

                                    There is also a high clearance with
                                    these shores. The shores can be
                                    spaced up to 5 feet from the bottom of
                                    the trench.

                                    Double cylinder power shores were
                                    developed to work in conjunction with
                                    1” steel plate.

                                 ► Screw Jack
                                 Ball and socket joint at each brace
                                 allowing rapid adjustment.

                                 Shoe-face lugs grip planking firmly.

                                 Adaptable to any width trench by
                                 using varying lengths of standard

                              TRENCH PLATE® RENTAL CO                                                    Toll free: 800-821-4478
 3 inch steeL cyLinDer Power strut
        TPR First In Service
                                                                        By   Quik-shor®          16
 3 inch Steel Cylinder Power Strut is a versatile powerful shore. It can be used in
 conjunction with steel plate, sheeting, beams or timbers to create;

 2-way Waler Systems

                                                                                                 3 Inch Steel Cylinder Power Strut
 Huge Vertical Shoring Systems
 Cross Braces for Beam and Plate Systems
 The applications are endless

 Using a double acting steel cylinder for ease of use and strength.
 The strength and power of the 3 inch Steel Cylinder make it adaptable for many
 challenging projects in unstable soils.

                           3 inch Steel Cylinder Power Strut


 Beam Adapter                                   Timber Adapter
 for use with 2-way waler,                      for use with 2-way waler,
 large vertical shore and other applications    large vertical shore and other applications

E-mail:                                                TRENCH PLATE® RENTAL CO
 17               QuaDra Brace                      By   Quik-shor®
                                                                                    TPR First In Service

                                                                 Quadra Brace is an active shoring
                                                                 system. By applying pressure against
Quadra Brace

                                                                 4 sides of an excavation it allows open
                                                                 excavation for a variety of uses.

                  Quadra Brace is a 4-way Waler system which can create an open excavation as
                  small as 7’6” square / rectangular and up to 24’ square / rectangular. The system uses
                  3” steel cylinders and steel extensions to create a variety of sizes and configurations.
                  An extremely strong and versatile system for less stable soil conditions great for
                  vaults, pump stations, tanks or any excavation needing a fully open area without cross

                                                MAXIMUM DEPTH OD EXCAVATION (FEET)
                                                4 FT. O.C. VERT           3 FT. O.C. VERT
                                  (FT)             SPACING                   SPACING
                               MIN MAX      A-25 B-45 C-60 C-80       A-25 B-45 C-60 C-80
                                7      10    30    30      30   28     30    30      30   30
                                8      11    30    25      25   23     30    25      25   30
                                9      12    30    25      25   20     30    25      25   26
                               10      13    30    25      25   17     30    25      25   22
                               11      14    30    25      25   14     30    25      25   19
                               12      15    30    25      29   13     30    25      25   17
                               13      16    30    25      20   11     30    25      25   15
                               14      17    30    23      17   10     30    25      23   13
                               15      18    28    20      15    9     30    25      20   12
                               16      19    25    18      13    8     30    24      18   10
                               17      20    23    16      12    7     30    21      16    9
                               18      21    21    14      10    -     27    19      14    -
                               19      22    19    12       9    -     25    16      12    -
                               20      23    17    11       8    -     23    15      11    -
                               21      24    16    10       7    -     21    14      10    -

               TRENCH PLATE® RENTAL CO                                                      Toll free: 800-821-4478
        TPR First In Service
                                  horizontaL waLer                          By   Quik-shor®          18

                                                                                                     Horizontal Waler
    Horizontal Walers are another creative way to shore an excavation. These systems
    are adaptable for crossing utilities, with or without plywood or lagging for sheeting.

    An excellent light weight system.

    Provide more working space.

    All Walers can be installed from above

    Great for close sheeting job
    conditions.                                               Rail Lengths
    Portable hand pump uses                                     8’, 12’, 16’
    biodegradable shoring fluid.

    Over- sleeve protection for
    cylinders.                                               Cylinder Sizes

    Cylinder Extension Kits.                                    17” - 27”
                                                                22” - 36”
                                                                28” - 46”
    Also available with struts

    On 16’ walers no middle cylinder is                         34” - 55”
    needed.                                                     46” - 82”
    Struts meet over sleeve requirements in                     68” - 110”
    all soil conditions.

E-mail:                                                    TRENCH PLATE® RENTAL CO
    19                               h-PiLe & wiDe FLange BeaM                                    TPR First In Service

                                                                  Advantages of
                                                         H- Pile and Wide Flange Beams
                                  PILE AND PLATE                               SHEET PILE
H-Pile and Wide Flange Beams

                                  ADVANTAGES                                   ADVANTAGES

                                  ► Vibrations associated with driving         ► Piles are driven below base of
                                    sheet pile are eliminated.                  excavation and will serve as a cut off
                                                                                wall. Eliminates water flow into base
                                  ► Liquidation cost due to damaged             of excavation and bottom heave in
                                   piling is eliminated.                        soft clay and Bay Mud.

                                  ► After pile holes are drilled the H-Piles   ► Can be used in C-80 soil.
                                    and Plates can be installed with an
                                    excavator. Does not require a pile         ► Piles in place prior to excavation.
                                    driving crew.

                                  ► Pile and Plates can be removed by          DISADVANTAGES
                                                                               ► Creates excessive vibrations during
                                  ► Piles can straddle cross lines, and          pile driving.
                                   Plates can be used as sheeting
                                   above and below cross lines.                ► Sheet pile can easily become
                                                                                damaged. Approximately 20% of
                                  ► Pile size and cofferdam weight is the       sheet weight must be liquidated
                                   same for sheet pile systems or Beam          after the sheets are removed.
                                   and Plate systems.                           Liquidation charges are the
                                                                                contractor’s responsibility.
                                  ► Requires the placement of pieces.
                                                                               ► Requires pile driving crew, crane and
                                                                                 pile driver to install.
                                                                               ► Requires pile crew and equipment to
                                  ► Plates do not protect against in             remove.
                                   flow of water and bottom heave in
                                   soft mud.                                   ► Pile cannot be driven over the top of
                                                                                crossing utilities.
                                  ► Cannot do single wale or cantilever
                                   wall in soft mud.                           ► Pile size and cofferdam weight is the
                                                                                same for sheet pile or Beam and Plate
                                  ► Pile hole will not stay open in sand        system.
                                   and soft mud. Can be driven with
                                   Vibrohammer.                                ► Requires placement of a larger
                                                                                number of pieces than Pile and Plate.

                               TRENCH PLATE® RENTAL CO                                                     Toll free: 800-821-4478
        TPR First In Service
                                          h-PiLe & wiDe FLange BeaM                                20

                                                                                                   H-Pile & Wide Flange Beam
                          Beam Sizes              Vibrations associated with driving
                                                  sheet pile are eliminated.
                          10”, 12”, 14”
                                                  Liquidation cost due to damaged
                                                  piling is eliminated.

                                                  After pile holes are drilled the H-Piles
                                                  and Plates can be installed with an
                                                  excavator. Does not require a pile
                                                  driving crew.

                                                  Pile and Plates can be removed by an

                                                  Requires the placement of fewer pieces

E-mail:                                                  TRENCH PLATE® RENTAL CO
 21                       oVer-LaP sheeting                              By   Quik-shor®
                                                                                                  TPR First In Service

                       Strong, durable high
                       strength steel sheets.
                                                                                Over-Lap Sheeting
                       Ideal for use as shoring
Over-Lap Sheeting

                       and bulk heading ends of                       Model                Length         Approx. Lbs.
                       trench shields or anywhere
                       that locking sheet are not                  QS.OS-12.5-12            12’                  240
                       required.                                   QS.OS-12.5-14            14’                  630
                                                                   QS.OS-12.5-18            18’                  810
                       Overlap design allows
                       easy installation with less                 QS.OS-12.5-20            20’                  900

                                                                 Engineering Data
                                                          Area                       A= 13.78 in2
                                              Moment of Inertia (Per Sheet)          I= 24.62 in4
                                              Section Modulus (Per Sheet)             S= 12.5 in3
                                          Radius of Gyration (Per Sheet)              R= 1.33 in
                                                     Yield Strength                 FY= 50,000#/in2

                           Overlap Sheeting will require a site-specific engineered plan, prepared by a
                           Registered Professional Engineer.

                    TRENCH PLATE® RENTAL CO                                                               Toll free: 800-821-4478
                                                    sLiDe raiL systeM Slide
        TPR First In Service     Slide Rail Systems

                                                                                                   Slide Rail System
    Pipeline Application                          Pit Application

    Slide Rail Systems have proven to be a highly adaptable shoring system. With the
    ability to provide open pits and trench depths of up to 30 feet, and huge spans without
    the use of Walers.

    Save 30% TO 60% off conventional sheeting.

    Great for pipelines.

    Second to none in pit applications.

    Can be installed by a small crew and an excavator (No Drill Rig required).

    Flexibility of components– almost any size and configuration is possible.

    Utility crossings are easy to accommodate.

    Larger cantilever means large structures or pipe can be accommodated.

    Multiple operations can be performed simultaneously, creating greater

E-mail:                                                  TRENCH PLATE® RENTAL CO
   23                                sLiDe raiL - Pit aPPLication               TPR First In Service

                                                          Because of modular design many
                                                          configurations are possible.
Slide Rail - Pit Application

                                                          Easily installed by a small crew.

                                                          Easily configured for wide spans.

                                                          Cross members can be removed for
                                                          large tank or vault settings.

                                                                    Poor soil conditions are easily

                                                                    Meets all close sheeting

                                                                    Can be used for pier footings,
                                                                    bridge abutments and many
                                                                    other applications.

                               TRENCH PLATE® RENTAL CO                                   Toll free: 800-821-4478
                           sLiDe raiL - PiPeLine aPPLication
        TPR First In Service
                                     Meet close sheeting requirements.

                                     Allow for production installation of pipeline.

                                                                                               Slide Rail - Pipeline Application
                                     Multiple operations can be performed

                                     Poor soil conditions are no problem.

                                     Only requires a small Crew for
                                     installation and removal.

                                     Modular design allows many different

                                     Significant cost savings over other close
                                     sheeting systems.

                                     Crossing utilities are easily


E-mail:                                              TRENCH PLATE® RENTAL CO
 25                   trench PLate®                                                   TPR First In Service
Trench Plate®

                                   Trench Plate® Sizes
                         Size             Thickness       Weight Lbs.
                        4’ x 5’               ¾”             613         Temp. Manhole Rounds
                        4’ x 6’              1”              980
                                                                               Size                Lbs.
                        4’ x 8’              1”              1,307
                                                                               33”                 204
                        4’ x 10’             1”              1,634
                                                                               36”                  250
                        5’ x 10’             1”              2,042
                                                                               42”                  286
                        5’ x 15’             1”              3,063
                                                                               48”                  654
                        6’ x 8’              1”              1,960
                        6’ x 10’             1”              2,450
                        6’ x 12’             1”              2,940
                        6’ x 20’             1”              4,900                  Curb Plate
                        8’ x 10’             1”              3,267           Size       Thick           Lbs.
                        8’ x 12’             1”              3,921       3’ x 10’        1”            1,250
                        8’ x 15’             1”              4,901
                        8’ x 16’             1”              5,227
                        8’ x 20’             1”              6,534
                        6’ x 12’            1½”              4,411
                        8’ x 12’            1½”              5,880
                        8’ x 15’            1½”              7,351

                                                  ◄ SKID RESISTANT PLATE ►


                TRENCH PLATE® RENTAL CO                                                         Toll free: 800-821-4478
        TPR First In Service
                                                                    Rock PLate                          26

                                                                                                        Rock Plate
    Rock Plates are a
    low cost, portable
    system designed to be
    placed at the exits of
    construction sites.

             Rock Plates are designed to dislodge rocks and dirt from tire treads,
             diminishing the chances of rocks being thrown from tire treads.

             By flexing the vehicle tire treads, the Rock
             Plates dislodge rocks, asphalt, dirt and
             other debris from the vehicle treads before                   Rock Plate
             trucks leave your construction site.
                                                                 Size        Thick       Lbs.

             Using Rock Plates will reduce street               8’ x 10’      1”        3,750
             cleaning expense and water truck expense.


E-mail:                                                       TRENCH PLATE® RENTAL CO
    27                           triPoD ● winch ● harness                                                                       TPR First In Service

                              Fall Protection is a complicated issue and one of the most important faced by an employer or
                              site supervisor. With over 100,000 reported incidents per year, falls from heights almost always result
                              in serious injury.

                             ► 7-9’ Tri-Pod
Tripod • Winch • Harness

                             9 ft. aluminum tripod is lightweight and portable, easily set-up by one worker

                             Adjusts from 7 ft. to 9 ft. height and will span a 6-1/2 ft. diameter hole

                             Complete with safety chain to prevent movement and safety shoes with rubber soles for
                             flat surfaces and spiked edges for slippery surfaces.

                             Rated working load is 350 lbs. for work support and 310 lbs. for fall arrest, can withstand
                             up to 5,000 lbs. of vertical pull.

                             ► Sala Lift II Work Winch
                             Easy Operation; simply rotate the handle to raise or lower
                             Gear ratio is 6:1 with an average lifting speed of 12.75 ft/min.

                             Free-Wheel Mode; an operator activated free wheel mode allows the drum to rotate
                             and cable to pay-out freely

                             Built-In Fall Protection; The free-wheel mode has a built-in overspeed brake which
                             provides secondary fall protection and added security

                             Level Wind; the drum level wind mechanism aids in spooling the cable onto the drum
                             evenly and prevents slack line

                             ► Sealed SRL with Retrieval Winch
                             Stainless steel and cast aluminum housing for corrosion resistance

                             50 ft. 3/16” galvanized steel wire rope for durability.

                             Built in retrieval winch for raising/lowering load during emergencies with built-in shock
                             absorbing capabilities

                             Winch drive incorporates and overload device thus reducing the possibility of injury
                             should the worker become entangled during retrieval

                             ► Harness
                             Every DBI/SALA harness combines maximum comfort, freedom of movement and ease of
                             use without sacrificing safety. All harnesses are designed to securely retain you in case of a
                             fall and distribute the impact forces throughout your body.

                             Whether you wear a harness 4 hours a day or 14 hours a day, it needs to feel good and fit
                             right for optimum comfort, safety and productivity. DBI/SALA harnesses are designed to fit
                             you - no matter what your size or shape!

                                                                         We rent what you need to protect your workers.
                                               In addition, we sell a full line of Fall Protection Equipment from industry leading Manufacturers

                           TRENCH PLATE® RENTAL CO                                                                                          Toll free: 800-821-4478
        TPR First In Service
                                        conFineD sPace DeFinitions                                                 28
             OSHA’s confined space regulations defines the following terms.

    ► Confined Space
    OSHA defines a confined space as any space in which the following three conditions exist concurrently:

                                                                                                                   Confined Space Definitions
    1. The space is large enough and so configured that an employee can bodily enter
       and perform assigned work; and,
    2. The space has limited or restricted means for entry or exit; and,
    3. The space is not designed for continuous employee occupancy.

    Examples of spaces which qualify as confined spaces under the OSHA definition include, but are not
    limited to: pipelines, storage tanks, vaults, vats, process vessels, catch basins, digesters, sewers,
    passageways, bins, boilers, pits, tank trucks, hoppers, tunnels, cargo holds, and excavations deeper
    than four feet.

    ► Permit-Required Confines Space
    A permit-required confined space is any confined space that has one or more of the following

    1. The space contains, or has the potential to contain, a hazardous atmosphere;
    2. The space contains a material which has the potential for engulfing an entrant
    3. The space has an internal configuration such that an entrant could be trapped or asphyxiated by
       inwardly converging walls or by a floor which slopes downward and tapers to a smaller cross-
       section; or,
    4. The space contains any other recognized serious health or safety hazard.

    ► Non-Permit Confined Space
    A confined space that does not contain, or with respect to atmospheric hazards, have the potential to
    contain any hazard capable of causing death or serious physical harm.

    ► Hazardous Atmosphere
    An atmosphere is hazardous when it contains:

    1. < 19.5% oxygen (O2 deficient) or > 23.5% oxygen (O2 enriched);
    2. A flammable gas, vapor, or mist at a concentration greater than 10% of its LEL (Lower Explosive
    3. A toxic material at a concentration greater than its PEL (Permissible Exposure Limit);
    4. A combustible dust at a concentration greater than its LEL, which may be
       approximated as a condition in which the dust obscures vision at a distance of 5 feet or less; or
    5. Any other atmospheric condition which is IDLH (Immediately Dangerous to Life or Health)

    ► Immediately Dangerous to Life or Health (IDLH)
    IDLH means any condition that poses an immediate or delayed threat to life or that would cause
    irreversible adverse health effects or that would interfere with an individual’s ability to escape unaided
    from a permit space.

                                           Resource Information Only
                                       Refer to Specific Rules in your State

E-mail:                                                                  TRENCH PLATE® RENTAL CO
  29                         hazarDous atMosPhere                                                                        TPR First In Service

                        ► Testing the Confined Space Atmosphere
                                 Hazardous atmospheres are the leading cause of death in confined space work. In addition,
                        it’s estimated that inhalation causes 90% of all chemical injuries in general industry. Hazardous
Hazardous Atmosphere

                        atmospheres often do not exhibit any warning properties and so may not present themselves in any
                        way that an entrant can recognize though their physical senses. A hazardous atmosphere may be
                        colorless, odorless and tasteless and, with some contaminants, the health effects of overexposure may
                        not be felt right away. For these reasons it is essential that the confined space atmospheric conditions
                        be thoroughly assessed before the operation commences and continuously throughout the entry.
                        The entry supervisor is responsible for ensuring that a confined space atmosphere is tested before
                        anyone enters the space and that the results of the testing are appropriately recorded on the entry
                        permit. Entrants must be allowed to observe the pre-entry testing if they choose. The internal
                        atmosphere must be tested with a calibrated, direct-reading instrument for the following conditions in
                        the order given:

                        Oxygen content; Flammable gasses and vapors; and, Potential toxic air contaminants.

                        ► Applications for Gas Detectors
                        Oil and Gas                                Steel Mills                               Tank Cleaning and Vessel Inspections-
                        (Drilling and Production                   Confined Space Entry                      Confined Space Entry
                        Leak Detection                             General Worker Protection                 Hot Work Permits
                        Hot Work Permits                                                                     Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)
                        LPG Storage Areas                          Pulp and Paper                            Planned Maintenance-
                        Offshore and Onshore for Drilling -        Personal Protection                       Plant Turnarounds/Plant Shutdowns
                        Production – Service Rigs                  Vessel Entry and Inspection               Fire Brigade
                        Facility Turnarounds/Shutdowns             Leak Detection                            Leak Detection
                        Confined Space Entry                       Work Site Safety
                        Vessel Entry                               Confined Space Entry                      Fire Rescue
                        Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)                                                  Home CO Alarm Confirmation
                        Fire Brigade                               Construction                              Hazmat Response
                                                                   Trenching and Shoring                     Confined Space Entry Search and Rescue
                        Municipalities                             Underground Work                          Operations
                        (Dirty Water Treatment/Transmission &      Ventilation System                        Post Fire Inspection Safety
                        Clean Water Transmission)
                        Confined Space Entry                       Marine/Shipping                           Agriculture
                        Water/Sewer Manhole Entry                  Vessel Entry                              Grain Silo Entry
                        Sewage Treatment Facilities                Ship Hold Inspections                     Food Storage Elevators
                        Landfill Manhole Entry                     Hot Work Permits & Repair                 Regional Grower’s Commission
                                                                                                             Hog Barns
                        Utilities                                  Airlines
                        (Power Generation & Gas Distribution)      Tank Entry & Cleaning                     Industry in General
                        Confined Space Entry                       Wing Tank Inspections                     Military
                        Gas Leak Detection                         Fuel Storage                              Pharmaceuticals
                        Oil, Gas and Coal Fired Power Generation                                             Mining
                        Landfill Gas Generation                    Transportation                            Chemicals
                        Hot Work Permits                           Tractor Trailer Tank Cleaning
                        Turnarounds/Shut downs                     Railcar Inspection and Repair
                                                                   Terminal Storage Vessels                  Anywhere confined space entry
                        Telecom                                    Parking Garages                           is necessary
                        Underground Work in Cable                  Refineries and Petrochemical Facilities
                        Splicing and Installation
                        Controlled Environment Vault (CEV) Work
                        Man Hole Entry
                        Cable repair

                                                                       Resource Information Only
                                                                   Refer to Specific Rules in your State

                       TRENCH PLATE® RENTAL CO                                                                                      Toll free: 800-821-4478
        TPR First In Service
                                            PortaBLe gas Detector                                          30
    Portable Gas Detector Simultaneously monitors and displays 4 potential
    atmospheric hazards including oxygen, combustible gases and a range of toxic gases.

                                                                                                           Portable Gas Detector
    Rental Gas Detector Kits Include sampling pump, sampling probe, rechargeable and
    replaceable battery packs.
    All units are manufactured by one of the world leaders in Gas Detection.

                                                   ► Smaller and over 50% lighter than
                                                     competitive instruments.

                                                   ► Water-resistant design in an integral
                                                     concussion-proof enclosure.

                                                   ► Continuous LCD shows simultaneous
                                                     gas concentrations for four gases.

                                                   ► Integral motorized pump option for
                                                     remote sampling

                                                   ► Two power options: AA alkaline or
                                                     rechargeable hot-swappable battery

                                                   ► Provides 95dB alarm tone and two
                                                     bright wide-angled alarm bars.

                                                   ► Equipped with internal vibrating alarm
                                                     for high noise areas .

                                                   ► Four alarm levels: instantaneous Low
   Compact and lightweight
                                                     & High Alarm for all gases; TWA (time-
   Gas Alert 5 features audible, visual
                                                     weighted average) and STEL (Short-
   and vibrator alarms active in the
                                                     term exposure limit) for toxic gases.
   event of a low, high TWA or STEL
   alarm condition.
                                                   ► Full function self-test of: sensor,

                                                     battery and circuit integrity; and
                                                     audible/visual alarms.

                          TPR has many types of Gas Detector Kits for sale.
                                  Personal Single Gas and Multi Gas
                          Call us for a complete list of product and services.

E-mail:                                                          TRENCH PLATE® RENTAL CO
  31                          VentiLation eQuiPMent                                                                                            TPR First In Service

                           Forced Air Ventilation is the primary engineering control used to maintain safe
                           atmospheric conditions in confined spaces. The confined space should be
                           ventilated using the following guidelines:
Ventilation Equipment

                           1. Locate the blower a safe distance from the confined space;
                           2. Ensure that the air supply is not contaminated;
                           3. If ventilation equipment blocks or restricts access to the confined space,
                              precautions must be taken to provide entrants with respirable air for the time
                              necessary to exit the space (Note: Using a saddle vent is a good way to avoid
                              this problem altogether.) ;
                           4. If a flammable atmosphere exists or may develop, the ventilating equipment must
                              be properly bonded and grounded to prevent a static discharge;
                           5. Continuous ventilation should be maintained for the duration of the entry; and,
                           6. When ventilating to eliminate a hazardous atmosphere, the blower should be
                              run for a sufficient length of time. The atmosphere should then be re-tested to
                              determine if conditions are safe for entry.

                                                                            Confined SpaCe Ventilation purge time Chart - air exChange 7.5 timeS
                                                                                              EffEctivE BlowEr capacity - cfM

                                                                            300   400   500   600   700   800   900 1000 1100 1200 1300 1400 1500
                                                                      500    13    10     8     7     6     5      5        5         5         5         5         5         5
                                                                      600    15    12     9     8     7     6      5        5         5         5         5         5         5
                               Confined SpaCe Volume in CubiC feet

                                                                      700    18    14    11     9     8     7      6        6         5         5         5         5         5
                                                                      800    20    15    12    10     9     8      7        6         6         5         5         5         5
                                                                      900    23    17    14    12    10     9      8        7         7         6         6         5         5
                                                                     1000    25    19    15    13    11    10      9        8         7         7         6         6         5
                                                                     2000    50    38    30    25    22    19    17       15        14        13        12        11        10
                                                                     3000    75    57    45    38    33    29    25       23        21        19        18        17        15
                                                                     4000 100      75    60    50    43    38    34       30        28        25        24        21        20
                                                                     5000 125      94    75    63    54    47    42       38        35        32        29        27        25
                                                                     6000 150     113    90    75    65    57    50       45        41        38        35        33        30
                                                                     7000 175     132   105    88    75    66    59       53        48        44        41        38        35
                                                                     8000 200     150   120   100    86    75    67       60        55        50        47        43        40
                                                                     9000 225     169   135   113    97    85    75       68        62        57        52        49        45
                                                                     10000 250    188   150   125   108    94    84       75        69        63        58        54        50

                              1– Number in Table represents minutes of purge time required to completely exchange air 7.5 times. If duct is properly set-up to extend to the
                                 farthest corner away from the entrance this will be effective. If not, then the air in the farthest corner may not be exchanged unless there is a
                                 good churning action present.
                              2– If two blowers are used, add the two capacities, then proceed.
                              3– When toxic gases are encountered, increase purging time 50%.

                                                                                              Resource Information Only
                                                                                          Refer to Specific Rules in your State

                        TRENCH PLATE® RENTAL CO                                                                                                               Toll free: 800-821-4478
        TPR First In Service
                               DieseL & eLectric VentiLator                                         32
    ► Diesel Ventilator
    18” Inlet – Outlet

                                                                                                    Diesel & Electric Ventilator
    All Required OSHA Guards and

    Flashing Strobe Light when

    Fuel Requirements,
    5 Gal. For 8 hrs.

    12,000 CFM Ventilator

    Quiet and Economical

    Diesel Operated

    Aluminum Impeller
    (reduced explosion risk)

                  Custom designed Ventilation Equipment
     We have what it takes to provide fresh air for your employees, year after year.

    ► Electric Ventilator
    Electric Ventilator                                     490 CFM
    designed and manufactured                               12 Volt DC, 15 Amps
    to improve efficiency and                               40 lbs. 25’ Hose
    working conditions in various
    underground, confined, and                              553 CFM
    outdoor areas.                                          120 Volt AC, 3 Amps
                                                            40 lbs. 25’ Hose

E-mail:                                                   TRENCH PLATE® RENTAL CO
   33                             traFFic controL eQuiPMent                           TPR First In Service

                                                      Increase your safety with Trench Plate® Rental Co
Traffic Control Equipment

                                                      Our complete line of Traffic Control Equipment is
                                                      available for rent or purchase.

                                                      ► We   provide Traffic Control Plans.

                                                      ► Completeset up and tear down of
                                                        equipment on site.

                                                      Barricades, Type I and III
                                                      Light Towers
                                                      Message Boards
                                                      Solar Arrow Panels
                                                      Solar Message Boards
                                                      Flashing Beacon Lights
                                                      Construction Signs
                                                      Warning Signs
                                                      Sign Stands
                                                      3 Way Lights
                                                      Sand Bags
                                                      Caution Tape

                                                      Please call for a complete list of
                                                      products and services.

                            TRENCH PLATE® RENTAL CO                                            Toll free: 800-821-4478
        TPR First In Service
                               Beacon Light ● Message BoarD Traf-
    ►      Flashing Beacon Light
       Solar Recharged Flashing Yellow Beacon Light, can operate
       indefinitely when properly installed in most places.

                                                                                                         Beacon Light • Message Board
       ►   Halogen lamp for brighter light.
       ►   Over-Charge protection during bright days.
       ►   Low-Charge protection for maximum battery life.
       ►   Horizontal & vertical adjustments.
       ►   Lockable battery box, 12 Inch Lens.                           Height: 101” travel position
                                                                                138” extended

    ► Solar Arrow Panel
                                    The Solar Arrow Panel traffic controller is trailer
                                    mounted and has a self-contained solar power
                                    electronic charging system. It is designed to provide
                                    advance warning and directional information to
                                    assist in diverting and controlling traffic around
                                    construction or maintenance activities on or adjacent
                                    to the traveled roadway.

    ► Medium Message Board
              The Medium Solar Message board is designed to
              provide advance warning information in text and
              graphical formats. This unit is desirable in temporary
              situation and long term changeable message sign
              applications where space restrictions do not allow large
              panel message boards.

    ► Large Message Board
                                  The Large Solar Message Board is designed to provide
                                  advance warning information to oncoming drivers. This
                                  unit is highly reliable and easy to operate. Its rugged

                                  frame construction will provide you with years of
                                  service; and its state of art embedded microprocessor
                                  electronics makes it simple to operate and maintain.

E-mail:                                                        TRENCH PLATE® RENTAL CO
 35                 Light tower                                TPR First In Service

               Heavy-duty, trailer-mounted light
               towers feature a compact and narrow
Light Tower

               body design for easy transport - two
               abreast on a flatbed truck.

               Distinctive elliptical light fixtures allow
               light to travel directly to the work area for
               brighter illumination.

               Each light can be individually adjusted
               without tools. The 360-degree rotating
               mast allows for light adjustment while

                 Large capacity fuel tank allows for
                 68 hours of continuous lighting/run time.

               Four 2,000 lb. rated zinc-plated leveling
               jacks provide easy leveling and stability
               on uneven terrain and in windy
                Control panel features an elapsed hour
                meter and a convenient 120V GFCI
                receptacle with circuit breakers for
                additional power.

              TRENCH PLATE® RENTAL CO                                   Toll free: 800-821-4478
        TPR First In Service
                               k-raiL ● water FiLLeD Barrier                                       36
    ► K-Rail
 10 foot and 20 foot lengths of
 Concrete Barricade.

                                                                                                   K-Rail • Water Filled Barrier
 Used as temporary barrier in
 work zones.

 Any quantity delivered to your
 job site.

 Meets all state regulations.

    ► Water Filled Barrier
    Water Filled Barrier is an alternative to concrete K-Rail.

    Six Foot lengths, weight 170 lbs empty, and approximately 1,700 lbs full.

    The customer is responsible for filling and draining.

        Cost effective

        Fast deployment

        Highly visible

        Work zone protection

        Traffic channeling & control

        Lane delineation

        Crowd control

        Soil erosion control

E-mail:                                                  TRENCH PLATE® RENTAL CO
  37                            trench BriDge ● waLkway                                   TPR First In Service

                           ► Heavy Duty Trench
                            Trench bridges are designed to meet State requirements associated with workers
                            safely crossing trenches.
Trench Bridge • Walkway

                              Heavy Duty Trench Bridge
                                Width       Length Wt. Lbs.
                                   30”          8’        260
                                   30”         12’        385
                                   30”         16’        500
                                   30”         20’        600

                            ► Standard Duty Walkway
                             Walkways are designed to meet State requirements associated with workers safely
                             crossing trenches.

                                                                                Standard Duty Walkway
                                                                               Width     Length Wt. Lbs.
                                                                                  28”       8’           133
                                                                                  28”       12’          260
                                                                                  28”       16’          205

                           ► Portable Bridge
                                                     By   Quik-shor®

                            This Three Section Bridge easily bolts
                            together to create a 38 foot long and
                            17½ foot outside dimension bridge.

                            Bridge includes 3 foot 6 inch railings,
                            and is designed for 102,000 lbs. gross
                            carrying weight. Deck is diamond plate.

                          TRENCH PLATE® RENTAL CO                                                  Toll free: 800-821-4478
       DeFLection gauge ● MechanicaL PiPe PLug
         TPR First In Service

     ► Multi-Size Deflection Gauge

                                                                                                 Deflection Gauge • Mechanical Pipe Plug
    Deflection gauges are used to test
    pipes for obstructions; and detect any
    malformation of the pipe.

    This testing ensures that flexible pipe has
    been properly bedded and back-filled to
    give maximum performance.

                                                  Many sizes available for rent or sale

    ► Mechanical Pipe Plug

     ►    Lightweight Aluminum

     ►   Neoprene Sealing Ring

     ►    100% surface Contact

     ►   All Parts Replaceable
         4” thru 21”

     ►   (D&T) Ready For Pressure

    Mechanical Sewer Plugs save you time and water by eliminating back filling of lines
    when cleaning pipe. Used in underground construction, the plug keeps all foreign
    objects out of the line during excavation.

E-mail:                                                TRENCH PLATE® RENTAL CO
   39                              PiPe PLug & Leak Locators                             TPR First In Service

                              Durable rugged construction
                              Plug-It Products meet or
                              exceed industry standards.
Pipe Plug & Leak Locators

                              We stock Plugs from
                              3” to 48”
                                                                 BLOCKING PLUG

                              We custom design and build
                              to fit your requirements.

                               ►   Test Plugs
                               ►   Blocking Plugs
                                                                 LEAK LOCATOR           FLOW DIVERTER
                               ►   Flow Diverters                WITH TEST-THRU PORTS
                               ►   Mechanical Plugs
                               ►   Manhole Testing Equipment
                               ►   Flow Block “Weenie” Plugs
                               ►   Wash Balls
                                                               AIR TEST REEL

                               Many sizes and other
                               products are available for
                               rent and sale.                          “WEENIE” PLUG
                                                                     DUAL STAGE LONG
                                                                           TEST PLUG

                                            WASH BALL                     VACUUM TEST PLUG

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                     PiPe roLLer
        TPR First In Service
                                              By   Quik-shor®   ●   P iPe PuLLer                   40
  ► Pipe Roller                  By   Quik-shor®

                                                                                                   Pipe Roller • Pipe Puller
    Heavy Duty Pipe Roller
    Hard Rubber Roller Bearing Rollers
    4000 pound capacity per unit
    From 48” to 1 ½” Pipe Capacity

         This Pipe Roller features adjustable hard rubber coated Roller Bearing Rollers.
         The hard rubber is a big plus for field welding because the rubber absorbs small
         sand and grit for smoother rolling. Each roller unit is rated at 4000 pounds,
         (8000 for a two unit set-up). This Heavy Duty Pipe Roller can handle pipe up to
         48” and as smalls as 1-1/2”.

  ► Pipe Puller
    Remains stationary in the first pipe until the cables are extended and hooked to the
    end of the second pipe. A heavy-duty hydraulic cylinder draws the sections together
    minimizing grouting and pipe breakage.

         ►   Less Pipe Breakage

         ►   Safer, Tighter Joints

         ►   Reduces Job Costs

     Inside application;

     15 ton capacity

     42” -108”

     30 ton capacity
     72” -144”

     Remote control

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   41                          rock screen ● rock Box                                         By   Quik-shor®
                                                                                                        TPR First In Service

                            ► Rock Screen                        By   Quik-shor®
                              Rock Screens are designed for sifting rock and debris from soil on your jobsite.
Rock Screen • Rock Box

                                                                               Screens Size
                                                                                   2” Minus
                                                                                   4” Minus
                                                                                   6” Minus

                                                                                                            Other sizes
                                                                                                      available upon request

                            ► Rock Box                  By   Quik-shor®
                              Rock Boxes (Bedding Container) is designed with aggregate conservation in
                              mind. Bedding material is confined, eliminating loss of material, reducing traffic
                              congestions and safety problems associated with front end loader dumping from
                              the edge of the trench.

                                                   Capacity                    Size                   Wt. Lbs.
                                                   7 CU Yards             48” x 60” x 160”              5,600
                                                   9 CU Yards             48” x 64” x 181”              6,300
                                                   12 CU Yards            48” x 75” x 200”              7,400

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                                 coMPetent Person training                                        42
    “Competent person” means one who
    is capable of identifying existing and
    predictable hazards in the surroundings
    or working conditions which are

                                                                                                  Competent Person Training
    unsanitary, hazardous, or dangerous to
    employees, and who has authorization
    to take prompt corrective measures to
    eliminate them.

    Only a licensed contractor can
    measure the knowledge or ability of
    an employee and designate them as
    a competent person. This course
    provides understandings of the
    excavation standard and protective

    This program has been designed
    to provide your labor force with the
    classroom training which along with
    their field experience may enable them
    to become a “Competent Person” as
    defined by OSHA.

     To save lives in the trenches
     Develop familiarity with the
     Federal and State Standards
      associated with excavation safety.      ANNUALLY, 100 TO 400 PEOPLE ARE KILLED BY
                                                CAVE-INS., 1,000 TO 4,000 ARE INJURED.
                                                  DON’T LET THIS HAPPEN TO YOUR
    ► TOPICS DISCUSSED                                        EMPLOYEES
     OSHA General Requirements
     Requirements for protective
     Soil classification
     Selection of protective systems
     How to read tabulated data sheets

     Checklists / Resources

     Comprehensive manual (included)
     Word and picture slides

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  43                           trench rescue training                                         TPR First In Service

                             An intensive course designed to teach personnel involved with the rescue of
                             trapped victims.

                             This course has been presented to fire departments and other government
Trench Rescue Training

                             employees to help them to understand the OSHA Standards, and to protect
                             themselves and others during rescue attempts.

                             ► DAY ONE
                                    COMPETENT PERSON COURSE
                                    TOPICS DISCUSSED

                                                   OSHA general requirements
                                                   Requirements for protective systems
                                                   Soil classification
                                                   Selection of protective systems
                                                   How to read tabulated data sheets
                                                   Emergency rescue guide


                                            Comprehensive manual (included)
                                            Word and picture slides

                             ► DAY TWO
                                    TRENCH RESCUE TRAINING (HANDS ON)

                                                   Demonstrate proper installation of shoring systems
                                                   Hands on installation of shoring systems
                                                   Simulated trench rescue

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        TPR First In Service
                                                                   FLagger cLass                            44
    ► Flagger Training

                                                                                                            Flagger Class


    ► Use   of the MUTCD and other
        standard references.

    ► Determine   if signs and devices on a
        project meet the
        standards of MUTCD.

    ► Selection       of the proper Flagger

    ► Handling        traffic using a flag.

    ► Recognize           different types of drivers and how to deal with them.

    ► Set-up      and handle one-lane traffic on a two way road.

    ► Use     alternative methods to communicate with other flaggers.

    ► Set-up      and handle traffic on a haul road.

    ► Recognize           unique or special flagging situations and what considerations are

    ► Set-up      and handle nighttime flagging operations.

    ► Communicate            effectively with the public.

    ► Additional          Topics.

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   45                             teMPorary traFFic controL                    TPR First In Service
Temporary Traffic Control

                               Meanings of Symbols on
                             Typical Application Diagrams

                                                            Types of Tapers and Buffer Spaces

                            TRENCH PLATE® RENTAL CO                                    Toll free: 800-821-4478
        TPR First In Service
                               sLoPing & Benching ● shoring                                    46

                                                                                               Trench Plate® Rental Co
           Sloping & Benching                    Hydraulic Shoring
                                        Note: Always install shoring from the top down
                                                & remove from the bottom up.


E-mail:                                              TRENCH PLATE® RENTAL CO
                                                                            Trench Plate® Rental. Co
                                                                                   Corporate Office
                                                                               13217 Laureldale Ave.
                                                                                  Downey, CA 90242

         Trench Plate® Rental Co is in its third decade
         of providing quality equipment, service and solutions to the
         construction industry.

         No matter what your application, Trench Plate® Rental Co
         has the equipment and experience to satisfy your project
         requirements. We provide a full line of

         ► Excavation Shoring Equipment.

         ► Temporary Traffic Control Equipment. Traffic plans, set up and
         removal of traffic control equipment on your job site.

         ► Confined Space Entry Equipment, from portable gas detectors
         and ventilators to harnesses, tripods and winches.

         ► Training: we provide comprehensive demonstrations on the
         proper use of equipment and general OSHA Standards.

         Call toll free:
          Los Angeles        800-   821-4478   North S.F. Bay Area   800-   321-5550
          No. LA / Ventura   877-   246-4087   South S.F. Bay Area   877-   246-4086
          Orange County      800-   772-8004   Sacramento            800-   548-0688
          San Diego          866-   829-6906   Reno, NV              877-   809-6492
          San Brndno/Rvrsd   877-   246-4085   Las Vegas, NV         877-   809-6493
          Escondido          800-   350-7528   Houston, TX           866-   247-9449


                   FiRst in seRVice

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