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Firm offer form 2013 14


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									     Old Gold Soul Press
The Independent Publisher of the Works of Rashid Darden
                          Washington, DC
            www.oldgoldsoul.com | www.rashiddarden.com

                                FIRM OFFER

This is a FIRM OFFER form. This document is a worksheet for the sponsoring
organization that would like to bring Rashid Darden for a lecture, workshop,
or other appearance. It is also a binding agreement on your part, so be sure
that you are absolutely ready to move forward: your budget must be
approved and your proposed dates must be firm.

Should Rashid Darden accept this Firm Offer, it will be considered a
binding agreement and you are thus obligated to sign a contract and pay
a deposit of 50%.

Please use this form even if you are requesting a volunteer or pro
bono lecture.

Please fill out the following information in its entirety. Take as much space
as you need:

  1) Sponsoring Organization:

  2) Co-Sponsors, if any:

  3) Date of Event:

  4) Location of Event: (Please provide address, phone number, and

  5) Timeline of Events/Itinerary: (If exact times are to be determined,
     please provide an estimate)

  6) Speech Title/Topic you’d like Rashid Darden to address:

  7) Name of Function/Event:

  8) Audience: (Approximate number of attendees and who they are)
9) The Event is:
   ___Private ___Public
   Seating Capacity ___
   Ticket Prices ___

10)       Fee you are offering:

11)      Travel Expenses: Standard expenses include air or train fare,
  ground transportation in home and event city, meals, and incidentals.
  Travel will be arranged by Old Gold Soul Press and paid for by your

  Please indicate below what you are providing:

  ___   First Class Airfare for ___ (# of people)
  ___   Coach Airfare for ___ (#of people)
  ___   Business Class Train fare for ___ (# of people)
  ___   Coach Class Train fare for ___ (# of people)

  ___ Ground Transportation in Home and Event City

  ___ Hotel, Meals, and Incidentals for ___ (# of people) for ___ (# of

12)       Hotel Accommodations (if different from event venue)

13)     The name, title, company/organization, address, phone number,
  and email of the person who will be signing the contracts if the speaker
  should confirm:

14)       Media:

      a. Please specify if there is to be any public promotion/advertising,
         and if so, please give details:

      b. Media Requests: If applicable, please specify any requests for
         media interviews. (Example, if a campus or community
         newspaper would like an interview with Rashid Darden while he is
         with you.)

15)     BOOKS: Would you be interested in purchasing books in bulk in
  advance of the event? ___ Yes ____No ____ Undecided

  Can books be sold by Old Gold Soul Press at this event?
  ___ Yes ____No
     Can books be sold by the campus/local bookstore at this event?
     ___ Yes ____No

  16)        Additional information about your event/organization:

     Event Objective:

     Attire: Casual/Business Casual/Business/Formal

     Past speakers at this event:

     Additional speakers or performers participating at this event:

     Anything else you’d like Rashid Darden to know:

  17)         Check one:

          a. _____ We will prepare a contract based on this firm offer if
             Rashid accepts our terms.

          b. _____ We would like for Old God Soul Press to prepare a contract
             based on this firm offer if Rashid accepts our terms.

Please acknowledge that this offer is FIRM and that you are an authorized
signatory of the organization:



Authorized Signatory                                   Date

                              Sign this offer.
                              Date this offer.
                                 Scan it.

              Email it to bookings@oldgoldsoul.com.

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