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									                          Hong Kong Tours- The True Sight of Nature's Beauty

                                                                              Tourists will fall in love with this
                                                                              wondrous land due to the amazing scenic
                                                                              beauty and the ambiance of the city.
                                                                              Hong Kong, located on the southern coast
                                                                              of China is visited by millions of tourists
                                                                              from every nook and corner of this world.

                                                                              The presence of south China sea by
                                                                              which the entire land is enclosed restores
                                                                              the beauty of the place partially. No
                                                                              matter whether you want to enjoy with
                                                                              your family and friends or seek seclusion
                                                                              by getting lost into the scenic beauty of
                                                                              nature, Hong Kong is the perfect
                                                                              destination that has everything for your
                                                                              delight. For entertainment, you can visit
                                                                              famous hubs like Disneyland and colorful
                                                                              shopping markets.

Relax at the enchanting island of Lantau which is almost double the area of Hongkong but still it possess only 80,000
population. More than half of the island is designed as a country park. According to the archaeologists, this island
was inhabited for 3000 years before the arrival of Han Chinese.

Once you arrive at this place, the tour guides will take you to the most happening attraction i.e. the Avenue of Stars.
It is the prime location where several movie starts have dedicated themselves towards Hong Kong movie industry.
The avenue also comprises of some amazing sculptures, movie industry milestones and a fabulous view of the Hong
Kong's skyline. The car journey from Tuang Chang to Ngong Ping is awe-inspiring as you can get the glimpse of
South China sea's most exotic natural beauties including the Lantau North Country Park and the Giant Buddha. Thus,
for sightseeing this journey can be soul stirring.

After this you can visit the Tai O- a fishing village also known as “the Venice of the East”. The village offers a
glimpse into Hong Kong's past and provides a striking contrast with the modern city.

In order to get a close view of the Buddhist culture in Hong Kong, visit Po Lin Monastery popularly known as the
Buddhist Kingdom in the south. Here you can get an incredible view of the bronze seated Buddha.

Disneyland in Hong Kong is the best place for entertainment of the kids and also of the elder members of the family.
The Mystic Point in Disneyland is an exclusive attraction for complete fun. Here, visitors can ride in his latest
invention, the ‘Mystic Magneto-Electric Carriage’, to view Lord Henry's acquisition from around the world. There
are other areas like Grizzly Gulch and Toy Story Land.

If you like to experience the spectacular view of this enormous landscape, you need to contact the best tour
operators in India and book a tour package that includes all must visit destinations in Hong Kong. Hong Kong
tours are provided from different centers like Chennai, Delhi, Kolkata and many others.
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