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Consultation on Strategic and Operational Plans

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What will be covered today
•   Why we are talking with you
•   The vision for health services in Stockport
•   The context and reason for change
•   The priorities for change
    –   Mental Health
    –   Health Literacy and Prevention
    –   Out of Hospital Care
    –   Unscheduled Care
    –   Elective Care
    –   Healthier Together (Hospital Reconfiguration)
• The next two years operational plans
Why are we talking with you today?

•   It is about your services
•   Our commitment to transparency
•   Your views and knowledge are important
•   Two year operational plans submitted 4th April
•   Influence on five-year plans for 20th June
•   Big consultation in July for Healthier Together
Health Services in Stockport Tomorrow
• Support to live healthier lifestyle
• A remodelled general practice– proactive and
  anticipatory with better access
• Person centred integrated care service in the
• Locality based provision
• Smaller higher quality hospital services
• Better access to mental health services for
  children and adults
Health Services in Stockport Now
• Health Outcomes are about average, but…
  – Cancer greatly improved
  – Flu among best in country
  – Big inequalities divide
• Over Hospitalisation
  – High Admissions
  – Long length of stay
• Poor Performance in A&E
• Good Quality Primary Care
• Stretched Community and Mental Health Services
Financial Context
• Stockport CCG’s budget is £350m
 Very limited growth in health funding
 Pressure on social care
 £16m short of target

                                         • Ageing Population
                                         • Medical Advances
                                         • Inflation
• Result - c£100m gap across health and social care
What the public have said already
• Strong support for more integrated health & social care
  enabling people to stay at home including at end of life or
  with dementia
• Desire for better access to primary care with more services
  available locally
• A willingness to use technology and information to improve
  services and safety
• A desire for better mental health services and improved
  mental wellbeing including support for carers and a better
  transition from children to adult services
• Better compliance with NICE guidance – e.g. IVF, epilepsy
Priorities: Mental Health
• National Context:
  – Parity of esteem, dementia and IAPT
• Our response
  –   Improved Access to Psychological Therapies
  –   Children & Adolescent Mental Health 0-25
  –   Dementia – Mental Health Liaison & EOL
  –   Attention Deficit Disorder & Autism
• But, same expectation on efficiency as all
Priorities: Health Literacy and Prevention
• National Policy
  – Health Outcomes, Reduce years of Life Lost
• Our Response
  – Health & social care workforce better equipped
  – Early Identification
     •   Hypertension
     •   Atrial Fibrillation
     •   COPD
     •   Cancer
Priorities: Out of Hospital Care
• National Context:
  – Integrated Care & Primary Care at Scale
• Our Response
  – Adult Integrated Team (Health & Social Care)
  – People Powered Health
  – Remodelling General Practice
     • Better response to acute need
     • Greater focus on Long-Term Conditions
  – Proactive Care Home Support
Priorities: Unscheduled Care

• National Policy
  – Reduce admissions, meet targets
• Our response
  –   See Previous section
  –   Reformed Front-End
  –   New role for ambulance services
  –   Stronger rapid response type services in community
Priorities: Elective Care

• National Policy
  – 30% more efficient
• Our Response
  – Improve referral practice through peer review in both
    primary & secondary care
  – Tighten thresholds for some surgical procedures
     • Weight Loss and smoking cessation
  – Reduce follow-up procedures
  – Not introducing additional triage centres
Priorities: IM&T

• Integration of records
   – Single record
• Digital services to the population
   – Access to your own records
   – Apps
• Supporting people remotely
  • Video consultation
  • Tele-medicine and Tele-care
Priorities: GM Acute Sector Reform

• Addressing variation in quality & sustainability
• Twenty clinical congresses involved
• Single services to be shared across hospitals
• Specialist and District General Hospital teams
  one and same
• Plan specific detailed proposals for consultation
  in July.
 Major Reforms Across Greater Manchester
                 10 local models of integrated health & social care


Association of
                            Healthier         Primary                 NHS England
                            Together           Care                    + local CCG
Next steps
• Operational plan submitted 4th April
• On-going public conversation and work on vision
  and 5 year plan until end of May
• Publication of 5 year health strategy 20th June
• Questions and feedback
  –   What sounds good?
  –   What would you like more information on?
  –   What do you think we have missed?
  –   What causes anxiety or concern?

  – What sounds good?
  – What would you like more information or
   detail on?
  – What do you think we have missed?
  – What causes anxiety or concern?
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