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                                 November 7, 2012

     Members Present:                            Sharon Lowry
     Shane Turner                                Sherrie Padilla
     Maria Clinton                               Pam Ford
     Ed Beyer                                    Cynthia Hoover
     Kim Fite                                    Liette Bohler
     Jill Zimmerman                              Charlotte Forte-Parnell (for Karen Cowell)

1. Minutes of the October 3, 2012, meeting approved with the following changes: 1) Abstentions
   were based on a preference to wait for additional information on funding. 2 )The Clerical
   Assistant III position taken forward as an Informational Only item should reflect “Palmdale”
   instead of “IRES.

2. It was moved and seconded to amend the agenda as follows: Add one Financial Aid Specialist
   under Bog Fee Waiver Administration Restricted Fund and add two Financial Aid Technician II
   positions under District Funded requests. Nine were in agreement, two opposed. Ms. Clinton
   opposed the amendment based on previous discussion that there would be no late adds to the

3. Hiring Requests – District Funded

   Academic Affairs Specialist: Ms. Lowry reviewed the justification for replacing this position.
   Recommendation: Nine in favor of moving the position forward, two abstentions. No rationale
   was given for the abstentions.

   Vice President Human Resources: Shane Turner briefly reviewed the justification for replacing
   this position. Recommendation: Eleven in favor of moving the position forward.

   Financial Aid Technician II (two positions): Sherrie Padilla reviewed the justification to change
   the Department’s two existing open Clerical II positions to Financial Aid Technician II positions.
   As manager of the area, she believes the representative duties and required skill set are more
   appropriately classified as Financial Aid II technicians. The difference in these two positions
   (Salary Grade 9 vs Salary Grade 16) will result in an additional expenditure of $23,374.78, for a
   total expenditure of $131,698.06 for the two Financial Aid Technician II’s. Ms. Padilla is
   requesting that the District fund these two positions, along with the three positions that will be
   funded by the Bog Fee Waiver Restricted Fund. Lengthy discussion followed. One primary
                                                                              Strategic Planning & Budget Council
                                                                               Budget and Finance Subcommittee
                                                                                               November 7, 2012

        concern voiced by Sharon Lowry is that the Department of Education might also question how a
        Director processing over $55 million dollars in aid through the financial aid office, can also hold
        down the position of Interim Director of EOPS. It was moved and seconded to move one
        Financial Aid Technician II position forward. 3 ayes, 2 noes, 4 abstentions. Reason for
        abstention: 100% compliance for Director’s position has not been addressed.

        Hiring Requests – Non-District Funded/Informational Only

        Bog Fee Waiver Administration Restricted Fund:
        Financial Aid Technicians II (two positions)
        Financial Aid Specialist

        Auxiliary Services Fund:
        Accounting Technician
        Accounting Assistant III

Procedural Question: Why are informational items brought to this body when our approval is not
required? Answer: The SPBC has tasked this body to review and discuss requests for expenditures in
order to make informed recommendations to the SPBC. Even though some items are categorical and
approval is not required, tangential issues may arise. We should address all pertinent questions in order to
minimize discussion at the full meeting.

Meeting adjourned.


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