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					Using the Vendor to sell your photos & artwork Start with a copyable/modable/transferable version of each photo. Make a copy of each photo that the next owner may not copy or modify. For each photo, create a prim, textured with the photo, and edit the prim. In contents tab, place the following: "Give all contents to anyone" script The photo you're selling. Remember exactly how the photo is titled -- even upper/lowercase is important. ContentsTab GhostshipPrim.bmp ¨ Next, go to General Tab. In Name, put the name of the photo, exactly as it appeared in the Contents Tab, and then follow the name with a comma and your price. GeneralTab GhostshipPrim.bmp ¨ At the bottom of the General Tab, make sure Modify & Copy are unchecked, because u don't want people passing around copies of your 200L artwork. Next is the simplest part -- putting it all into the vendor. Any time you're working with the vendor, if it asks if it can take money from you, always say yes. Edit the vendor, but this time just go to the Contents Tab. Open your inventory window, and from your inventory, drag two things for every photo you want the vendor to sell: The photo that the vendor will use for display only -- the photo you're not selling in other words. The prim containing the photo you are selling. VendorContents.bmp ¨ Then close the edit window, answer yes when the vendor asks about taking money from you, let it do it's resetting, and click through a

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