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					Rush Associates Board
 IMPACT                              2011 -2013

      Robert E. Kimura, MD, director of neonatology at Rush, on the Associates’
      $200,000 gift to build a resuscitation room in the Renée Schine Crown Neo-
      natal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) and its impact on even the sickest newborns:

      “During the first five to ten minutes of life — the most critical period of time for
      the sickest newborns — there will be no compromise of personnel, equipment
      or supplies for these babies because the NICU resuscitation room is just a door
      away from the three obstetrical operating rooms.”

      Dino Rumoro, DO, chairperson of the Department of Emergency Medicine
      at Rush, on the Associates’ $100,000 gift to fund a child life specialist for two
      years in the Robert R. McCormick Foundation Center for Advanced
      Emergency Response:

      “This gift has changed the face of child life services in emergency medicine.”

      Annabelle Volgman, MD, the medical director of the Rush Heart Center for
      Women and a professor of medicine, on the Associates’ $25,000 gift to fund
      a unique collaboration between the Section of Cardiology and the Rush
      Alzheimer’s Disease Center:

      “This new collaboration will help improve our patients’ brain health by working
      closely with women who are at risk for memory problems due to Alzheimer’s
      and other causes of dementia. The Rush Heart Center for Women’s mission is
      to help women and their families live healthier lives through prevention and
      treatment of heart disease and stroke.”

      Brian Cole, MD, MBA, an orthopedic surgeon at Rush and a professor of
      orthopedics, on the Associates’ $25,000 gift to support the Rush Cartilage
      Restoration Center:

      “The ability to obtain funding for our PhDs and fellows to continue our re-
      search efforts has been particularly challenging over the past several years,
      and grants like this are imperative to assure that we can further our mission to
      perform translational research that directly benefits our patients.”
Paul Kent, MD, a pediatric oncologist at Rush and an assistant professor of pe-
diatrics, on the Associates’ $8,000 gift to underwrite a pediatric
oncology social work intern:

“The social work intern position and respite funded by the Rush Associates
Board allowed our unit to dedicate themselves to clinical work to ensure that
the 60 - 65 patients being cared for at any given time could receive chemother-
apy and treatment as quickly and easily as possible. At the same time, the social
work intern navigated patients through their diagnoses and the complex health
care system and helped patients — many of whom had significant financial
difficulties — with everything from transportation and child care at the appoint-
ments to filling out forms for scholarships and work leave to writing letters to
utility companies so that their electricity wasn’t shut off.”

Deepa Chand, MD, MHSA, a pediatric nephrologist at Rush and medical direc-
tor of the Rush Children’s Hospital Pediatric Dialysis Unit, on the Associates’
$2,500 gift to provide pediatric dialysis patients with a nutrition program:

“The Associates’ support in providing pediatric patients with necessities such as
warm meals before or during treatments makes a tremendous difference in the
level of care and compassion we provide.”

Terry Peterson, vice president of corporate and external affairs at Rush, on the
Associates’ $5,000 gift to the Rush school-based health center at Simpson
Academy for Young Women:

“The Rush Associates Board’s involvement at Simpson Academy will have a
tremendous impact on improving access to health and wellness programs while
providing respite and opportunities that help foster self-esteem.”

Stephanie C. Wang, MD, a primary care physician at Rush and director of the
Section of Global Health, on the Associates’ $5,000 gift to support Rush’s
efforts to help Haitian communities to establish and sustain public health and
medical services:

“The Associates’ support helps fund a Haitian physician who follows up with
patients and coordinates clinics when we are not in Haiti. This allows the Section
of Global Health to further our goal of assisting these communities to become
empowered and positioned to offer independent and sustainable care.”

Sharon Gates, senior director of multicultural affairs and community service at
Rush, on the Associates’ $5,000 gift to fund the First Annual Rush Pediatric On-
cology and Young Adult Survivor’s Celebration:

“The impact of the Associates' gift is far-reaching. The children and their families
were deeply moved by the experience. The entire event brought smiles to the
faces of the children and a second or two of relief to the minds of the parents as
their children laughed and had fun in a safe environment.”

                    Rush is a not-for-profit health care, education and research enterprise comprising Rush
                      University Medical Center, Rush University, Rush Oak Park Hospital and Rush Health.