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•   The peak
•   the peak town
•   The RiPley's BeliRiPley's Believe it or not Odditorium
•   The Madame Tussauds Hong Kong
•   The Peak Explorer Motion Simulator
•   restaurant
•   the peak tram
•   The trams charge surface
•   the old trams
                The peak  The peak is the highest
                          peak,it is 554 metre
                          elevation.It is be situated
                          in hong kong island
                          southwest part. And it is
                          hong kong symbol .ln the
                          evening, you can see the
                          whole hong kong
                          beautiful view and you
                          will know hong kong
                          nighttime view is very
                          colourfuL ,so it became
The hong kong nighttime
                          four of words nighttime
       The peak town
                The peak tower is on the the
                peak.It has seven floor.On this
                building top has a semicircle
                shape.It is very big and
                spacious.This place has some
                very strange museum.,for
                example [RiPley 's BeliRiPley 's
                Believe it or not
                Odditorium ],[Madame Tussauds
                Hong Kong] .And this place has a
                theater[Peak Explorer Motion
                Simulator], a restaurant [marche ]
The peak town   and some souvenirs shops,so the
                peak tower real very richly
                colorfuland bustling the peak
                tower with noise and excitement.
  The RiPley 's BeliRiPley 's Believe
        it or not Odditorium
                    The RiPley 's BeliRiPley 's Believe it or not
                    Odditorium is in the peak tower in the
                    secord ,third floors. Branch of the world's
                    leading museum chain Ripley's Believe It
                    or Not! is located in The Peak Tower and
                    is one of the city's most popular
                    entertainment and leisure attractions.
                    Occupying over 7,500 square feet with
                    11 uniquely themed galleries, the Hong
                    Kong museum is the largest in Asia. It
                    features over 450 exhibits and artifacts
                    collected from the farthest corners of the
 The RiPley 's
                    world. As you step into the amazing
 BeliRiPley 's
                    museum meet the ghost of
Believe it or not
                    RobertRipley ..
.witness peculiar physical abilities and tricks of
nature ... discover the secrets of lost civilisations
and examine primitive tribal customs - these are just
some of the incredulous experiences you may
encounter while visiting this unusual museum. For
more than 80 years, has been the world's foremost
source of the extraordinary and the bizarre -
"curiodities " so amazing they defy belief. It will make
you very happy .

      Opening hours:10:00 am - 10:00
pm daily Regular admission fee:HK$90
(Adult)HK$50 (Child age 11 or below /
Senior age 65 or over)
     The Madame Tussauds Hong Kong

                              The Madame
                        Tussauds Hong Kong is in
                        the peak tower secord floor
                        and it is the first Asia
                        extension of the world-
                        famous London wax
                        portraits exhibition, which
                        allows you to come face to
                        face with incredibly realistic
                        wax likenesses of 100 of the
The one of state star   world's most famous
Stand next to kung-fu superstar Jackie Chan, shake
hands with Chinese president Jiang Zemin or sing
along with The Beatles.It's the closest most people
will ever get to the real thing. Visitors are allowed to
be photographed with the portraits, so it's a fun way
to get up close and personal with your favourite
celebrities from the worlds.
At last,it can make you to expand your knowledge.
Opening hours:
Daily 10:00 am - 10:00 pm (last admission)
Regular admission fee:
HK$95 (Adult)
HK$55 (Child / Full-time student / Senior)
  The Peak Explorer Motion Simulator
                        The Peak Explorer Motion
                        Simulator is in the peak
                        tower sixth will
                        enjoy an exciting journey
                        into a different time and
                        place in the Explorer Motion
                        Simulator.An exciting motion
                        ride, that pulls no punches as
                        it takes off for a trip beyond
                        your magination to new and
                        wild fronties.
The people are seeing
the exciting film
The 36-seat motion simulator is the first in Hong Kong to have
individual seating allowing full axis movement. High definition
video projection and surround sound offers a cinema quality
feel. The Peak Explorer program features exciting double
feature rides, which willwhich will keep the adrenalin flowing!
    It is not a general theater,so it is became a popular.
theamter!GO Here!
opening hours:
10:00 am - 10:00 pm daily
Regular admission fee:
HK$62 (Adult)
HK$35 (Child age 11 or below / Senior age 65 or over)
In the peak tower has a lot of different restaurant,for
example chinese food[EatNoodlee],japanese food
[Japanese-style pancakes]and some restaurant,their food
also have a lot of different style and very delicious.
      The japanese-style pancakes have become one of
the most popular snacks and desserts in Hong Kong.
However, they are served at only a few locations, with Ice
-Queen Pancake being one of Hong Kong's best.

  EatNoodlee                    japanese-style pancakes
                     The peak tram
The Peak Tram, Hong Kong's famous funicular railway is
the city's most popular tourist attraction. It carried its first
passengers in 1888 and has, over the last century, served as
one of the city's most vital transport links.
The Peak Tram runs every day, including Sundays and
public holidays, between 7:00 am and 12:00 midnight. The
tram departs every 15 minutes. For information on Peak
Tram fares and operating hours, please click on the Fares
and Hours section.
               The trams charge surface
Fares and Hours
              Single           Return    Intermediate   Monthly
              Journey          Journey   Stations       Ticket

 Adult         HK$20           HK$30     HK$18          HK$400

               HK$6            HK$9      HK$5           HK$85*

 Citizen2       HK$7           HK$14      HK$7           Not
    3 - 11 years old
    Over 65 years old
  * Also applies to students
        The old trams

 1921               1926

1948        1959           1989
   How to go the peak?
You can go to opposite the St.John church take
the peak tram or go to Star Ferry Pier
Edinburgh public square to take the minutes
bus 15c to the peak .
I hope you will go there and wish for you feel

        The end!

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