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									             NLMS Cheer Try-Out Information 2014-2015
CD Dance Music for Try Outs

A cd of the dance music may be purchased on Monday, March 17, 2014, for $2.00 at
the cheer clinic.
Candidate/Parent Meeting              March 17, 2014               5:00 p.m.

Please make plans to attend with your parent/guardian. We will meet in the NLMS main gymnasium.
Cheer constitution packets must be signed by a parent/guardian at this meeting.

                              NLMS Try-Out Clinic Schedule

               March 17, March 18, March 19 & March 21, 2014
Please wear shorts, tennis/cheer shoes, and t shirts for clinic. Please bring a water bottle. Hair must
be in a ponytail or pulled back from face. The candidate will not be allowed to participate without the
proper clothing or required paperwork submission. The candidate must follow dress code for official
try-out attire. The candidate needs to have all items with her at school. No cell phones, cameras,
or any type of electronic device will be allowed out during try-outs or clinic. All personal
items will be locked in the girl’s locker room.

Monday 3/17, Tuesday3/18, Wednesday 3/19

2:45 p.m. – 5:00 p.m. Clinic Rotations

Wednesday 3/19 Mock Try-Outs & Gymnastics Judging

Thursday 3/20- Practice at home.

(No practice for cheer @NLMS.)

Friday 3/21 Official Private Try-Outs                 2:45 p.m. - until completed

Official Try-Out Attire: Please wear a red, white, or black solid color t-shirt with no logos or imprints
of any kind on the shirt and a pair of solid red or black shorts for try-outs. Compression short in white
or black may be worn under shorts. Hair must be pulled back or completely off of the face. Ponytail
holder or ribbon of your personal choice may be in hair for try-outs. Candidates will be allowed to call for
a ride home after try-outs are completed on Friday.
NAME _____________________________________                                        Current Grade Level _______

1st Period Teacher _____________________________

                                                          NLMS CHEER

                       Application for Cheerleading Try-Outs 2014-2015
My child, ___________________________________________, has my permission to participate in the cheerleader try-
outs at Nichols Lawson Middle School. I understand that she must abide by the rules and regulations set forth by the
advisor and the principal of Nichols Lawson Middle School.

I understand that this form must be returned with a copy of first semester grades by MARCH 5,
2014, by 3:30 p.m. to the main office desk of Nichols Lawson Middle School or my child will not
be able to try-out. Please print the grade report from the STI home module.

I understand that my child needs to attend practices and tryout sessions, or she may not be considered for a
cheerleading position. I certify that she is physically fit and able to participate in strenuous physical activity.

I understand that my daughter will be evaluated by qualified judges. I agree to abide by the decision of the judges.

I understand that by the very nature of the activity, cheerleading and gymnastics carry a risk of physical injury. No
matter how careful the participant and coach are, how many spotters are used, and what landing surface is used, the risk
of minor as well as catastrophic injury cannot be eliminated. I understand the risks involved and I will not hold Nichols
Lawson Middle School or any of its personnel responsible in the case of accident or injury that occurs as a result of try-

Parent/Guardian Signature__________________________________________

                           Date _____________________________________________

                           Cell Phone Number_________________________________

                           Home Phone Number________________________________

I am interested in being a cheerleader at Nichols Lawson Middle School. I understand the risks stated above. If elected, I promise to
abide by the rules and regulations set forth by the advisor and principal at Nichols Lawson Middle School. I promise to cooperate and
follow instructions of the cheerleading advisor. I am aware of the rules and guidelines pertaining to cheerleader try-outs and agree to
abide fully.

                  Student Signature:_________________________________________


NLMS Grade for the 2014-2015 School Year ____________

Please attach grades from first semester of the current academic school year. Please list any
physical or heath-related limitations concerning your child.

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