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By: russ Weninger
FAq no. 1
“What are your thoughts on
  the Live-in Caregiver
FAq no. 1

For people who qualify under this program, it can be a good way of obtaining permanent
residency. However, sometimes live-in caregivers find themselves in employment
situations in which they are vulnerable to bad treatment from their employers.
FAq no. 1

There are supposed to be legal safeguards against this, but live-in caregivers are still
often victimized.
FAq no. 1

As well, the live-in caregiver program frequently separates the caregiver from his or her
family for an extended period of time. This can have the effect of breaking up families.
FAq no. 2
    “I have a lot of money, but would not
  currently qualify under the skilled worker
category or the Canadian experience class. As
   well, my English is poor. Are there any
 investor programs or other programs that I
      might use to qualify to permanent
FAq no. 2

From my perspective, the federal investor program is not a promising option. It is
constantly being revised, and the wait times can be staggering. There are typically only
brief windows during which the program is accepting new applicants.
FAq no. 2

If you have business experience and sufficient money, you may wish to apply under one of the provincial nominee
business programs. In most cases, you have to have several hundred thousand dollars in net worth and have to
have significant entrepreneurial, business ownership, or senior business management experience.
FAq no. 2

Another option, if you have the funds, may be to study ESL in Canada and then complete a degree or certificate
program here in Canada. After you complete the program you will likely be able to apply for a post-graduate work
permit, and eventually obtain permanent residency through the Canadian Experience Class or the skilled worker
program. However, this last strategy is more suited to younger applicants.
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