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Eng_bizhubProC6500_ICP_List by hedongchenchen


									Monet ICP LIST                                                                    Konica Minolta Confidential
                                                                                                HQ uses only                                                            2006.11.8

Board Name                 S/N        fuse Number   Fuse Type                       Destination to supply               Symptom

                                                                                    OACB、IPB serial connection
                                      ICP1          1206SFF300FM/32-2   5V1                                             Machine does not startup.
                                                                                    IC、Controller I/F circuit、MCB
OverAll control board      A03UH010   ICP2          ICP-S1.8            12V         Not used                            -
                                      ICP3          ICP-S1.8            5V2         Not used                            -
                                      ICP4          microSMD075F-2      5V1         KM standard copy vendor             -
                                      ICP1          ICP-S1.8            5V2         CCD board                           SC67-08
                                      ICP2          ICP-S1.0            12V         CCD board                           SC67-08
Image processing board     A03UH020
                                      ICP3          1206SFF500FM/32-2   12V         CCD board, LD drive board           SC47-25
                                      ICP4          ICP-S2.3            5V1         Controller connection               SCC1-01
                                      ICP3          1206SFF300FM/32-2   5V          Y-HDD                               SCD0-E8(HDD abnormality)
Memory control board       A03UH020   ICP5          1206SFF500FM/32-2   3.3V        MCB,OACB,IPB                        Display does not startup.
                                      ICP6          1206SFF300FM/32-2   5V          M-HDD                               SCD0-E4(HDD abnormality)
                                      ICP8          1206SFF300FM/32-2   5V          C-HDD                               SCD0-E2(HDD abnormality)
                                      ICP10         1206SFF300FM/32-2   5V          K-HDD                               SCD0-E1(HDD abnormality)
                                      ICP1          ICP-S1.2            5V          Coin vender(serial)                 SC50-11(Could not connect coin vender)
                                      ICP2          1206SFF300FM/32-2   24V1        PWR cooling FAN                     SC53-01
                                      ICP3          ICP-S1.0            24V1        Tacking FAN                         SC03-02
                                      ICP4          SMD150/33-2         24V1        Copy vender serial                  SC50-11(Could not connect coin vender)
                                                                                                                        SC41-01~04(polygon motor abnormality)
                                                                                    Developer cooling FAN
                                                                                                                        SC23-04(Developer cooling FAN)
                                      ICP5          1206SFF300FM/32-2   24V1        Write Unit cooling FAN 
                                                                                                                        SC03-01(Ozone FAN)
                                                                                    Ozone FAN 
                                                                                                                        SC43-01(Write Unit cooling FAN)
                                      ICP6          ICP-S0.5            12V         IDC sensor                          SC28-41(sensor base correction error)
                                      ICP7          1206SFF300FM/32-2   24V1        IPB cooling FAN                     SC53-02(IPB cooling FAN)
                                                                                    Tray3 feed clutch
                                                                                                                        SC02-03(Tray3 lift abnormality)
                                      ICP8          ICP-S0.5            24V2        Tray3 paper feed clutch
                                                                                                                        J13-01(Tray3 NF sensor) 
                                                                                    Tray3 feed solenoid
                                                                                    Tray1,2,3 up motor
                                      ICP9          1206SFF300FM/32-2   24V2                                            SC02-01、SC02-02、SC02-03
                                                                                    Tray driverIC supply
                                      ICP10         ICP-S0.5            24V1        Drum cooling FAN                     SC23-02
                                      ICP13         ICP-S1.2            24V4        PCL                                  SC24-01~04
                                      ICP14         SMD075-2            24V4        Key counter                          Key counter abnormality
                                      ICP15         ICP-S1.0            12V         TCR sensor                           SC24-11~14
                                                                                                                         SC03-01(Ozon fan abnormality)
                                                                                    Fixing cooling fan
                                                                                                                         SC03-04(Paper exit cooling fan abnormality)
                                                                                    Odor FAN
                                      ICP16         1206SFF300FM/32-2   24V1                                             SC03-05(Deodorization fan abnormality)
                                                                                    Fixing belt emission FAN
                                                                                                                         SC33-01(Fusing ventilation fan abnormality)
                                                                                    Paper exit cooling FAN
Printer control board      A03UH030                                                                                      SC33-02(Fusing belt cooling fan abnormality)
                                                                                    Total counter                        Total counter does not work (both)
                                                                                    Separation claw SD                   Separation claw does not function (drum wrapping jam)
                                      ICP17         ICP-S1.0            24V4
                                                                                    Color registration sensor shutter SD SC45-20、SC45-21、SC45-22(color registration error)
                                                                                    IDC sensor shutter SD                SC28-41(sensor base correction error)
                                      ICP18         miniSMDC020         TRAY_24V    Tray2 up motor                       SC02-02(Tray2 lift abnormality)
                                      ICP19         miniSMDC020         TRAY_24V    Tray3 up motor                       SC02-03(Tray2 lift abnormality)
                                                                                                                         SC45-02(Laser correction motor abnormality(M))
                                      ICP20         1206SFF300FM/32-2   24V4        Write unit correction motor drive MC SC45-03(Laser correction motor abnormality(C))
                                                                                                                         SC45-20(Color registration correction aborted)
                                                                                                                         SC45-01(Laser correction motor abnormality(Y))
                                      ICP21         1206SFF300FM/32-2   24V4        Write unit correction motor drive YK SC45-04(Laser correction motor abnormality(K))
                                                                                                                         SC45-20(Color registration correction aborted)
                                      ICP22         ICP-S1.0            12V         All12V                               SC50-01(12V DC abnormality)
                                      ICP23         1206SFF300FM/32-2   5V          All 5V                               SCC1-02(Printer control communication abnormality)
                                      ICP24         miniSMDC020         TRAY_24V    Tray1 up motor                       SC02-01(Tray1 lift abnormality)
                                                                                                                         SC02-01(Tray1 lift abnormality)
                                                                                    Tray1&2 feed clutch
                                                                                                                         J11-01(Tray1 NF sensor) 
                                      ICP25         ICP-S1.0            24V2        Tray1&2 paper feed clutch
                                                                                                                         SC02-02(Tray2 lift abnormality)
                                                                                    Tray1&2 feed solenoid
                                                                                                                         J12-01(Tray2 NF sensor) 
                                      ICP27         1206SFF300FM/32-2   24V         All 24V                              SC50-02(24V DC abnormality)
                                      ICP28         ICP-S1.0            24V2        Middle conveyance CL1                J17-05、J17-06(Tray1 can be fed normaly)
                                      ICP31         1206SFF400FM/32-2   24V         All 24V                              SC50-02(24V DC abnormality)
                                      ICP32         1206SFF400FM/32-2   24V1        All 24V                              SC50-02(24V DC abnormality)
                                      ICP33         SMD075-2            24V1        Patlight 24V-1                       Patlight does not light.
                                      ICP1          DC35VP11CT2000      24V2                                             C31-03(2nd transfer pressing/releasing abnormality)
                                                                                    Supply power to 2nd transfer release motor
                                      ICP2          DC35VP11CT2500      24V2        ADU reverse motor power supply       J92-01
                                      ICP3          DC35VP11CT2500      24V2        Loop motor power supply              J17-01
                                      ICP4          DC35VP11CT2500      24V2        Reverse motor power supply           J32-06
                                      ICP5          DC35VP11CT2500      24V2        Registration motor power supply      J31-01
                                      ICP6          DC35VP11CT2500      24V1        Fusing lower roller cooling FAN      C33-03(Fusing fan /Lw)
                                      ICP7          ICP-S1.0            24V1        ADU cooling FAN                      C03-03(ADU cooling fan abnormality)
                                                                                    ADU, Paper exit SD
Conveyance drive board     A03UH050   ICP8          DC35VP11CT2000      24V1        ADU pre registration CL              J32-02(※duplex only)
                                                                                    ADU middle conveyance CL1,2,3
                                                                                    Bypass SD and CL, middle
                                      ICP9          ICP-S1.0            24V1                                             J17-08
                                                                                    conveyance CL2,3
                                      ICP10         DC35VP11CT2500      24V2        ADU loop motor power supply          J92-01
                                      ICP11         miniSMDC020         24V1        Bypass up/down motor                 J10-01(Bypass feed JAM)
                                      ICP12         ICP-S1.0            12V         All 12V                              C50-05(Conveyance drive board 12V)
                                      ICP13         DC35VP11CT5000      24V         All 24V                              C50-03(Conveyance drive board 24V)
                                      ICP14         ICP-S1.0            5V          All 5V                               C31-02(fusing pressing/releasing motorabnormality)
                                      ICP1          ICP-S2.3            24V2        All 24V                              SC22-22(Toner supply abnormality)
                                      ICP2          ICP-S1.0            24V2        Toner supply motor C, K              SC22-22(Toner supply abnormality)
                                      ICP3          ICP-S1.0            24V2        Toner supply motor Y, M              SC22-22(Toner supply abnormality)
Toner supply drive board   A03UH060
                                      ICP4          ICP-S1.0            5V          All 5V                               SC22-22(Toner supply abnormality)
                                      ICP5          ICP-S1.0            24V2        Y,M,C,K clutch                       SC22-22(Toner supply abnormality)
                                      ICP6          ICP-S0.7            24V2        Charging intake fan (M48)            SC23-01
                                      ICP1          ICP-S0.5            5V          All 5V                               SC61-01(Scanner abnormality)
Scanner drive board        A03UH070   ICP2          ICP-S2.3            24V1        All 24V                              SC61-01(Scanner abnormality)
                                      ICP3          ICP-S0.7            24V1        Fan motor                            SC63-01(Scanner fan abnormality)
                               ICP1   ICP-S1.0         5V     All 5V
Drum drive board   65AA-9082                                                                    SC22-11,12,13,14(Drum motor abnormality)
                               ICP2   ICP-S2.3         24V1   Drum motor 24V
                               ICP2   DC35VP11CT5000   12V3   12V of CCD and LD                 SC67-08(AOC/AGC adjustment abnormality)
I/F board          A03UH100
                               ICP3   DC35VP11CT5000   24V1   Regulator circuit
                               ICP1   ICP-S1.0         12V    12V of CCD board
CCD board          -                                                                            SC67-08(AOC/AGC adjustment abnormality)
                               ICP2   ICP-S1.8         5V     5V of CCD board
                               ICP1   DC35VP11CT2500   24V2   reverse motor 24V                 J32-04, and so on(Paper exit)
                               ICP2   DC35VP11CT2500   24V2   Paper exit motor 24V              C02-13(Paper exit abnormality)
                               ICP3   ICP-S1.0TN       5V2    motor driving 5V                  C22-21(Transfer belt unit abnormality)
AC drive board     A03UH520                                   1st transfer pressing/releasing
                               ICP4   ICP-S1.8TN       24V2                                     C22-21(Transfer belt unit abnormality)
                                                              motor 24V
                               ICP5   ICP-S1.0TN       24V1   Main relay 24V                    SC39-11(Fusing sensor abnormality)
                               ICP6   ICP-S1.0TN       5V     PTRC 5V                           SC39-11(Fusing sensor abnormality)
PF-601   ICP LIST                                                       Konica Minolta Confidential
                                                                                      HQ uses only

Board Name          S/N        fuse Number   Fuse Type                    Destination to supply              Symptom

                                                                                                               C03-16(PFUTray1 Dehumidifier fan/1,/2 abnormality)
                               ICP1          DC35VP11CT2500   24V1        Tray1,2 Dehumidifier fan
                                                                                                               C03-17(PFUTray2 Dehumidifier fan/1,/2 abnormality)
                                                                          Tray1 Paper feed asist fan/Rr11,/    C03-10(PFUTray1 Paper feed asist fan/Rr11 abnormality)
                                                                          Rr12                                 C03-11(PFUTray1 Paper feed asist fan/Rr12 abnormality)
                               ICP2          DC35VP11CT2500   24V1
                                                                          Tray2 Paper feed asist fan/Rr11,/    C03-14(PFUTray2 Paper feed asist fan/Rr11 abnormality)
                                                                          Rr12                                 C03-15(PFUTray2 Paper feed asist fan/Rr12 abnormality)
                                                                                                               C03-8(PFUTray1 Paper feed asist fan/Fr11 abnormality)
                                                                          Tray1 Paper feed asist fan/Fr11,Fr12 C03-9(PFUTray1 Paper feed asist fan/Fr12 abnormality)
                               ICP3          DC35VP11CT2500   24V1
                                                                          Tray2 Paper feed asist fan/Fr11,Fr12 C03-12(PFUTray2 Paper feed asist fan/Fr11 abnormality)
                                                                                                               C03-13(PFUTray2 Paper feed asist fan/Fr11 abnormality)
                                                                          Tray1feed clutch
                                                                          Tray1 reverse clutch
                               ICP4          ICP-S1.0TN       24V2-1                                           J16-01
                                                                          Tray1 pick-up solenoid
                                                                          Tray1 shutter solenoid
                                                                          Tray2 feed clutch
PFU drive board     A03XH010
                                                                          Tray2 reverse clutch
                               ICP5          ICP-S1.0TN       24V2-1                                           J16-02
                                                                          Tray2 pick-up solenoid
                                                                          Tray2 shutter solenoid
                               ICP6          ICP-S0.7TN       24V2-1      Conveyance clutch1,2,3               J16-03、J16-04
                                                                          Conveyance clutch4,5
                               ICP7          ICP-S0.7TN       24V2-1                                           J16-06
                                                                          Pre registration clutch
                               ICP8          ICP-S0.7TN       24V2-1      Tray1,2 lock solenoid                can't open the PF front door
                               ICP9          DC35VP11CT5000   24V1        All 24V                              C04-06(PFU24V abnormality)
                               ICP11         ICP-S0.7TN       12V         All 12V                              C04-05(PFU12V abnormality)
                               ICP12         ICP-S1.8         5V          All 5V                               C00-01(PFU/LCT connection abnormality)
                               ICP13         DC35VP11CT2500   24V2        All 24V                              C04-03(PFU24V2-1 abnormality)
                               ICP14         DC35VP11CT2500   24V2        All 24V                              C04-04(PFU24V2-2 abnormality)
                               ICP15         RXE              24V2-3      Tray1 up/down motor                  C02-09(blow the fuse of PFU Tray1 up/down motor)
                               ICP16         RXE              24V2-3      Tray2 up/down motor                  C02-12(blow the fuse of PFU Tray2 up/down motor)
                               ICP17         DC35VP11CT2500   24V1        PFU Dehumidifier fan 1,2             C03-18(PFU Dehumidifier fan1,2 abnormality)
LU-202   ICP LIST                                                       Konica Minolta Confidential
                                                                                      HQ uses only

Board Name          S/N        fuse Number   Fuse Type                    Destination to supply       Symptom

                               ICP1          ICP-S2.3TN       24V         All 24V                     C04-01(LU 24VDC abnormality)
                               ICP2          RXEF160-2        24V         All 24V                     C04-01(LU 24VDC abnormality)
                               ICP3          ICP-S0.5TN       12V         All 12V                     C04-02(LU 12VDC abnormality)
                               ICP4          ICP-S1.0TN       5V          All 5V                      C00-01(LU/PFU connection abnormality)
                                                                          feed clutch
                               ICP5          ICP-S1.0TN       24V1        pick-up solenoid            J15-01
LU drive board      A03WH010
                                                                          shutter solenoid
                                                                                                      C03-06(LU Paper feed assist fan/1 abnormality)
                                                                                                      C03-07(LU Paper feed assist fan/2 abnormality)
                                                                          Paper feed assist fan
                               ICP6          DC35VP11CT2500   24V2                                    C03-20(LU Dehumidifier fan /1 abnormality)
                                                                          Dehumidifier fan
                                                                                                      C03-21(LU Dehumidifier fan /2 abnormality)
HT-503   ICP LIST                                                   Konica Minolta Confidential
                                                                                  HQ uses only

Board Name          S/N        fuse Number   Fuse Type                Destination to supply       Symptom

                               ICP1          ICP-S0.5TN   24V2        HT heater relay 24V         SC04-13、SC04-14
AC drive board /2   A041H010
                               ICP2          ICP-S0.5TN   5V          HT heater SSR supply 5V     SC04-13、SC04-14

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