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									                                                                          GEC Extra Curricular Activities and Sports List- Term 1
                  Recess                      Teacher/Location           Lunchtime                         Teacher, Location           Afterschool                     Teacher, Location
Monday            Year 12 Executive           HE Dining room, Ms.        Concert/Stage band                PAC Theatre, Mr. Carter/    VCE High Achievers Club-Will    Library, Ms. Brancatella, Ms.
                                              Brancetellas                                                 Mr. Weekes                  commence Term 2                 Tasiopoulos
                                                                         Comic Club                        Library, Ms Eyre
                                                                         Games group                     Library
                                                                         Percussion Ensemble             PAC Dance, Mr. Voogd
Tuesday                                                                  Chess Club                      Library                       Homework Help                   Library
Wednesday                                                                Gecko Magazine                  To be announced
                                                                         Guitar Ensemble                 PAC Theatre, Mr. Westlake
                                                                         Weightlifting Club              Weightlifting room, Ms.
                                                                         Book club once a month          Conference room, Ms. Eyre &
                                                                         Radio Club                      Room 103, Mr. Weekes
Thursday                                                                 Beginner Concert/Stage          PAC Theatre, Ms. Keane        Homework Help                   Library
                                                                         (Starting date to be
                                                                         announced)                                                    Running Club                    Meet outside the canteen, Ms.
                                                                         Trivial Pursuit-                Library, Ms. Eyre                                             Brown and
                                                                          Last Thurs. of month                                                                         Ms. Baragwanath
                                                                         Weightlifting club              Weightlifting room, Ms
                                                                         Games Group                     Library
                                                                         Chess Competition               Library, Ms. Eyre
                                                                         String Ensemble                 PAC Dance, Ms. Dunn
                                                                         Sustainability Club (Meeting    Room 3, Ms. Deal and Ms.
                                                                         dates to be announced)          Allan
                                                                         French Club                     Room 3, Madame Loveena
Friday                                                                   Book Club                       Library, Ms. Douglas          Futsal Training                 Gym, Mr. Siriamphone & Mr.
                                                                                                                                                                       Mulligan and Mr. Hamer-Smith
                                                                         Comic Club                      Library, Ms. Eyre
                                                                         Choir                           PAC Theatre Mr. Mack & Ms.    Robotics- by invitation only-
                                                                                                         Keane                         see Mr. Ebert                   Room 208, Mr. Ebert
                                                                         Games Group                     Library-
                                                                         Weightlifting Club              Weightlifting room, Ms.
                                                                         Jewish Network                  To be announced

Note: Sports practise sessions will be advised on the Student bulletin

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