E-T Truck Survey - Hawthorne Blvd - PVDW to Rhone Dr - 10-12-07

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					        Truck Traffic              STREET: S/B HAWTHORNE BLVD                                         LIMITS: PVDW- RHONE DR
    Engineering Survey
                                   DATE: 10-04-07                               ENGINEER: JACK RYDELL                 SIGNATURE:
City of Rancho Palos Verdes
                                                                                                                     Los Verdes Dr                   Rh
      S    SCHOOL                                                                                                                                        eD

                                                                                                                   Alta Vista                     Dupre Dr

 R1        R-1 STOP SIGN

                                                      Palos Verdes Drive West

                                                                                                                  Robert Ryan

 40        R-2 SPEED LIMIT                                                               R1                       Park            P

                                        N                                                                                            r
   P       PARK                                                                                                                  on D
                                        n.t.s.                                     45                                     Vall
      G    CROSSING GUARD                                                                                                                    45
                                                                                   Via Capri

      S    SCHOOL CROSSWALK                                                                                                                         Turn-Out
                                                                                                                                      e Bl
           CROSSWALK                                                                    City Hall                        Haw
DISTANCE                           1.8 miles
ALIGNMENT                          Consistent downgrade ranging from 2-9%, steepest between Dupree Dr and City Hall. Horizontal curves.
PARKING RESTRICTIONS               No Parking Any Time on both sides. No Stopping Any Time at Via Rivera on w/s.
STREET WIDTH                       30’ – 32’ per barrel
NO. OF LANES AND MEDIAN            Two lanes and bike lane in each direction; raised median with median barriers at Vallon Dr and b/t City Hall and Via Rivera; numerous turn pockets.
                                   Concrete curb and gutter on both side. Sidewalk on w/s 300’ n/o Vallon Dr to north limit. Sidewalk on w/s 70’ n/o Via Rivera and 370’ n/o Via
                                   Capri to PVDW. Sidewalk on w/s 300’ s/o of Vallon Dr.
FRONTING DEVELOPMENT               Backup residential both side; Civic and education on e/s n/o City Hall. Commercial at s/e corner of PVDW. Multi-residential n/o Via Rivera and n/o
                                   Los Verdes Dr.
AVERAGE DAILY TRAFFIC              15,156
SPEED CHECK DATA (DATE/LOC)        Various dates and times between 9/11/07 and 10/4/07 – s/o Vallon Dr
          AVERAGE TRUCK SPEED: 24 MPH                                            CRITICAL TRUCK SPEED: 32 MPH                                          TRUCK 10 MILE PACE: 21-30 MPH

2-YEAR ACCIDENT DATA THRU 8-07                                                                NO. W/SPEEDING: 0                                                        HBD, DRUNK, H&R: 0

                       TOTAL MIDBLOCK TRUCK ACC: 2                                                                      PREDOMINATE TRUCK ACCIDENT TYPE: LOST CONTROL

                     EXISTING TRUCK SPEED ZONE - NONE                                                                           PROPOSED TRUCK SPEED ZONE – 25 MPH

COMMENTS                                                                                                          See Reverse Side
        Truck Traffic          STREET: HAWTHORNE BLVD                LIMITS: PVDW - RHONE DR
    Engineering Survey
                                                                PROPOSED TRUCK SPEED ZONE – 25 MPH
City of Rancho Palos Verdes


Section 22407 of the California Vehicle Code (CVC) allows local agencies to reduce the speed limit for trucks on downgrades based
on the finding of an Engineering and Traffic Survey. This survey was initiated by a recent serious accident involving a commercial
vehicle losing control in the southbound direction of Hawthorne Boulevard within the subject limits. The California Manual of
Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD), which is authorized by the CVC as the legal procedure for establishing speed zones,
specifies the requirements of an Engineering and Traffic Survey for truck speed zones on descending grades in Section 2B.13. Of
specific interest is the following statement, found on page 2B-15 of the September, 2006 version of the California MUTCD:

       “To establish a downhill truck speed limit, a physical profile showing length and gradient and a downhill speed profile
       for three or more axle commercial vehicles with a gross rating of 4,536 kg (10,000 lbs.) or more will be provided.”

This segment of roadway is generally characterized by two travel lanes and a bike lane in each direction. Between the subject limits,
the vertical downgrade to the south ranges from 2% to 9%. There are traffic signals located at Dupree Drive, Vallon Drive and Palos
Verdes Drive West. The subject roadway section is heavily used by bicyclists creating the potential for significant conflict with
vehicles traveling at relatively high speeds. Additionally, the horizontal and vertical curves in the alignment limit visibility for
vehicles exiting side streets and driveways at several intersecting roadways, Ryan Park, City Hall and the commercial development
near Palos Verdes Drive West.

Radar measurements of 3-axle and more commercial vehicles revealed an 85 th percentile speed of 32 mph and a 10-mile pace of
21-30 mph. The 85th percentile speed suggests a truck speed limit of 30 mph would be appropriate. However Robert Ryan Park,
located on the west side of Hawthorne Boulevard near Dupree Drive, creates the potential for significant pedestrian and bicycle
conflict with vehicles. CVC Section 627 specifies that pedestrian and bicyclist safety be considered when determining a speed limit.
Furthermore, The California MUTCD states:

       “Posted speeds should be on the low side of the scale, generally within the pace of loaded commercial vehicles.”

Considering these factors it is appropriate to apply a 5 mph reduction from the 85th percentile speed in order to establish a reasonable
and safe truck speed limit on this descending grade portion of Hawthorne Boulevard. Therefore, it is recommended that a 25 mph
truck speed zone be established for the southbound direction of Hawthorne Boulevard between Palos Verdes Drive West and Rhone

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