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									Important questions for lesson “Tribute”

Briefly describe the partition scene in the lesson ‘The Tribute’(50-75

Imagine yourself to be the wife of Babuli. When you come to
know of the partition, you start planning as to how you are
going to spend the money. You decide to write your feelings
about the partition and your plans in your diary. Write your
note in about 150 words.

Explain: ‘Perhaps a tear trickled down his cheek’/ ‘I shivered
with the cold and my own ingratitude’.

In the "Tribute" after writing a note to his elder brother,
Babuli decides to write a letter to his wife to tell her about
his decision and the reasons for it.

Give two instances from the lesson ‘The Tribute’ to show
that Babuli regretted being ungrateful to his brother. Write
your answers in 50-75 words.

What changes did Babuli notice when he arrived at the ancestral

Explain, ‘a lot of cobwebs have settled around me’.

Babuli is a victim of escapism of modern life. Discuss.

Babuli’s mother as a silent observer of the partition writes a
letter to one of her friends.

A reporter of a daily listens to the entire happenings of Babuli’s
home. He writes an article on Babuli & his tribute to the elder
brother. Write the article.

Babuli’s diary depicting the day of partition.
Why does Babuli describe his elder brother as his land, ‘from
where I could harvest everything in life’?

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